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In our Research centre PANTENE PRO-V we devote all our efforts to creation of the best for the health of your hair and in that way for your appearance.


Test PANTENE PRO-V and you will be easily convinced. Should you have any questions about our new products PANTENE PRO-V for hair-care, we are always in.








Dear Madam/Sir,


Europe is not only limited to the European Community. At this time completely new perspective and chances present themselves for your own country. Your company will also have to meet new challenges.


We paved the way years ago with




for all European exporting industries. In this publication, all nations and economic blocks participate in lively competition.

Be aware of the international circulation of our directory and support your sales activities by using ABC EUROP PRODUCTION EUROPEX. Act today on requirements you will have to face and prepare yourself for future conditions.


Enclosed is our order form with two alternative propositions. Choose the size of your advertisement and the number of classifications under which you want to specifically attract your buyers. Make your decision by returning the signed order form.


Yours sincerely,


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Dear Sirs,


On unpacking the tea delivered to us we found that its quality is much under that of the samples received.


The enclosed specimens taken from the sample and the goods actually received will enable you to see that our complaint is justified.


We are ready to take over the whole lot with a discount of 10%.


We ask you to prompt reply, otherwise we would have to send the whole lot back.


Yours faithfully,




Dear Sirs,


As we informed you in our telephone message we installed the dust filters for unloading chemical products, which we bought.


The measurements taken by the environmental protection service showed that the dust content in the air of the station was 20% above the norm.


In this connection we are ordering an expert examination and would like to have your point of view on the above.


We remain


yours faithfully,




Claim your delivery of


When unpacking the consignment of goods delivered by you we found that out of 6 cartons 3 cartons proved to be damaged. They seem to have been packed while the painting was still wet, and the tissue paper stuck to them.


We ask you for instructions. Should we send the cartons back? In the affirmative answer we would ask you to draw a credit note.


Yours faithfully,



Dear Sirs,


We refer to the recent second trial delivery of 2 containers, on which there was a serious shortage of product, as per attached official neutral weight notes.


You will see that the actual quantity discharged from the tanks was 35,000 kgs. And therefore have we have been over-charged for 4,560 kgs., and we should be grateful if you would deduct the net amount due, $1,800 from your next invoice to us.


We would ask you to take this question of weight up most strongly with your supply works, since it is not simply a question of weight loss but also the fact that we incur extra freights because we pay on the declared weight and calculate our hire costs on the basis of 20 tons per container, and therefore we have lost several hundred dollars in freights and excess hire charges. It is essential that necessary steps are taken to eliminate such short weights in future.


Yours faithfully,





Dear Sirs,


Re: Candlesticks your delivery of


Today, when I received the consignment of goods sent by you, I was greatly disappointed. I specifically underlined that I was ordering candlesticks with ball joints. However you have delivered ordinary stationary candlesticks which I have in my warehouse in sufficient quantity.


We hold you responsible for our losses for which we expect compensation. Enclosed you will find a copy of the invoice. The difference between the list price and the price we paid amounts to plus VAT. I would ask you to credit the above-mentioned sum to us.


The consignment of stationary candlesticks is at your disposal. Your representative can pick it up.


Yours faithfully,





Dear Sirs,


According to the Contract of Sale you were to deliver 200 t of chemical products at the price of per t.


In spite of numerous oral and written reminders you have not fulfilled your contractual obligations.


We are giving you herewith the final date 01 October, 200 to execute the Contract.


If the goods are not delivered by this date, we shall have to claim in legal form compensation for the purchase of products to cover the deliveries you failed to make.


Yours faithfully,



. , .




Dear Sirs,


Referring to our Contract of we are sending herewith our Invoice No.. We ask you to transfer to our account with the Deutsche Bank the sum


Yours faithfully,







Dear Customer,


We have not received the amount .. due to us. You must have overlooked the date of payment. We ask you to remit the above-mentioned sum till 25 September, 200 If in the meantime payment has already been made, consider this letter void.


Yours faithfully,



Stock company





Dear Sirs,


To our regret, we are still waiting for our Invoice No to be paid. You have not respond to our 1st Reminder. Once again we are sending you a copy of the Invoice and ask you to transfer the amount of the Invoice to us as soon as possible.


You, eventually, understand that if we do not hear from you, well have to go the way which is usual in such cases.


Yours faithfully,





Dear Sirs,


We have sent two reminders to you concerning outstanding payment of our Invoice No . However both times you ignored our letters. We have to insist on your paying off your debt by 15 May, 200. If payment is not effected by that date we shall have to take legal action.


Yours faithfully,




Last reminder,


Dear Sir,


We refer to your letter of 04 March, 200.. and would like to notify you as follows:


Our Invoice No. has not been paid in full: the amount is still outstanding.


We have fulfilled our contractual obligations duly and completely. You certainly understand it.


You are given now the final date till 31 December, 200. At the latest. If this period proves useless, we shall resort to legal action.


Yours faithfully,




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Dear Sirs,


Re: Your telex of 16 October, 200.


We are quite surprised by the receipt of your telex. We could not understand how such a huge variation in size and selection could occur, as reported by your tannery.


Please instruct your tannery to withhold the goods in original packing for joint inspection.


We are arranging to send our representative as early as possible.


Yours faithfully,



Dear Sirs,


As requested during our telephone conversation, we are sending you a sample from the consignment against which a claim has been lodged. Numerous tests carried out by independent laboratories have shown the value of 45%. The required value is at least 47%.


We ask you to test the sample and will be looking to your evaluation of the results.


Yours faithfully,






Dear Sirs,





As can be seen from the schedule of shipments made against the present Contract three containers were shipped significantly outside the November/December contract period. We have to say however that the delays were caused by the shortage of containers at that time and by the shortage of vessel space to carry the loaded containers. Furthermore, the final container was delayed as a result of industrial action at the port about which we advised you in the telex.


Naturally we regret the delays in shipment but we must point out that we have no control over supply of containers to our factories and similarly we cannot influence the shipment of the goods when they are finally collected from us. On the other hand we do consider that the bulk of this contract was delivered according to schedule and we can confirm that as far as production is concerned every effort is taken to ensure that quality and delivery standards are kept at the highest level.


In view of our above comments we trust that you will agree to withdraw your penalty claim on this occasion.


Yours faithfully,





Dear Sirs,


Re: your order No.

Thank you again for your above mentioned order. We have just learned from our technical service that the equipment which was to be completed by the 29th calendar week, can be delivered only at the end of August.


Our suppliers are taking a holiday and they will not be able to complete the equipment for delivery before the holiday period. We regret to have to inform you about the new delivery date but in the circumstances we do not see how we can be helpful.


Yours faithfully,





Dear Sirs,


Referring to our letter of the 10th October 200 when we notified you that due to the strike by the Miners earlier in the year which resulted in a three-day-week, many of the deliveries of articles which we are using on the above Contract, are only starting to be delivered to our Works.


We have completed and tested eight machines, which rather than upset your production entirely, we would be prepared to dispatch immediately.


Would you therefore notify us if you wish us to dispatch the completed machines which we have available to avoid further delay.


We are sending this letter by Registered Mail, in accordance with the Contract Conditions.


Yours faithfully,





Dear Sirs,


Re: Our Order No..

Your delivery ofInvoice No.


You have delivered us the Russian edition of the book The Cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin.


Payment for editing was calculated at the rate of . . However, since the rouble rate at present is we accordingly have made alterations in the Invoice.


Enclosed you will find a photocopy.


We would ask you to pass this information to your Accounting department.


Yours faithfully,







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