There are different opinions about conflicts, some of them are given below. Read them out and discuss

1. A conflict is a devastating experience for any person.

2. A conflict is an integral part of social life. It helps to sort out problems in friendship and give a fresh start to it.

3. Conflicts always damage friendship and hurt friends feelings.

4. Its better to avoid conflicts in friendship if you dont want to end up breaking up with your friend.

5. True friendship has no room for conflicts.

6. Conflicts in friendship are natural, they give you a chance to understand your friends needs and improve your relationships.

7. Conflicts reveal real traits and attitudes of your friend, they uncover the whole truth about your relations.

Section 2 Reading

Read the article from a youth magazine and pick out the ways how to deal with difficulties in friendship.

Falling Out

Even the best of friends argue. Its natural - especially during your teenage years when both of you are coping with all kinds of changes. If you do fall out, its better to talk about whats upsetting you rather than let bad feeling build up. If you can talk things through and finish the fight with a laugh, then no harm is done. Its only when you take away resentment or bottle up anger from an argument that your friendship is damaged.

Try to put forward your viewpoint in a calm and rational way if you are annoyed about something, let your friend know. In the same way, if youre in the wrong, admit it never be too stubborn to back down when youre at fault. What would you rather lose, an argument or a friend?

Best friends often spend hours on end talking about boys or girls . Before either of you at the dating stage, this can be brilliant fun - but when one of you actually has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, it can be a different story. When you start seeing a new boy or a new girl, its natural to think and talk about him or her a lot, but remember, you friend may not find him / her as fascinating as you do! Dont push your friend into second place because of your boyfriend or girlfriend. If your friend feels she or he has been ditched, she / he will be hurt and just might not be waiting patiently to fill the gap when Big Romance has fizzled out. If you are the ione feeling left out, then talk to your friend and explain how you are feeling. Dont press your friend for loads of juicy details about the relationship. If he/ she wants to talk, fine but this may be the one time where friends dont want to share everything.

A friendship that only has room for two people can be a bit overpowering. If you see other girls or boys as a threat to your relationship, then things re strong and healthy to start with. Dont cling to your best friend if you are possessive and jealous, you may end up driving him/her away.

A good relationship can be shared with others without either of you being threatened - if youre really close, then no outsider will be able to break you up. If the worst happens and you lose your best friend to someone else, then the chances are the two of you were drifting apart anyway. Try not to blame anyone if you can stand friendly with everyone concerned therell be much less hurt around.

However close youve been to someone in the past, theres no guarantee that things will stay that way forever. During your teens, you are changing all the time your interests, opinions and attitudes can all change, and the things you once enjoyed may seem childish. Friendship dont always last through teenage years its inevitable that some friendships will drift apart.

Watching a friend change into someone you may not even like can be very hard. If you notice that a friendship is drifting, then dont ignore it, say so you may be able to work together at staying close. If you cant salvage things, then try to part on good terms. Hating someone because they have changed is a waste of time OK, sometimes youll end up hurt, but dont waste energy in feeling bitter.

Friendship can falter when one person moves away but if youre determined, you can stay close. Letters, mails, phone calls and cards all help to show you still care, so that when you meet up again you can pick up where you left off. You gather new friends all the time as you go through life, and its just natural to let some go. If your friendship is strong enough, though, it can survive. Friends forever? If you want to, and if you work at it, you can be.


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