Listen again and insert suitable words into the gaps

A new health report says that having good friends __ ___ ___ ___ helps you live longer. The report also says that having ____ ______ may be more important than having close ______ ____. Researchers interviewed 1,500 Australians over the age of 70 about their social and family ties. The results _______ ____ people with close friendships were 22 per cent more likely to live longer. The researchers said this is because of the ________ ______ on the body of social activity and recreation.

The researchers ________ ____ from an Australian study, which began in 1992. The 10-year-long study ________ ___ behavioral, economic, environmental and social factors ________ ___ _____ of 70-year-olds. The senior citizens were monitored annually for four years and then at ____-______ _________. The team found that those with the strongest network of friends were ____ ______ __ die by the end of the ten-year period. This was true even when the senior citizen ____ __ _____. The message is to _____ __ ______ if you want to live longer.

Express your opinion answering the following questions.

1. Do you agree with the study that friends are more important than family to help you live longer?

2. Would you rather be surrounded by friends or family at 70?

3. Do you think friendships between 70-year-olds are stronger than those between younger friends?

4. Do the old people you know have wonderful friendships?

5. What activities do you think youll be doing in your seventies?


Falling Out

Section 1 Warming-up

1.1Its only natural that sometimes even best friends argue and even quarrel. Conflicts are unavoidable in close relationships. Can you behave in the right way in the conflict situations? Do the quiz and check.


1. You get barged by someone in the queue, how do you respond?

a) I let it go
b) I address the person politely and try to get them to see my point of view
c) I lose control and react aggressively

2. Someone steps on your trainers, what do you do?

a) Nothing
b) Inform the person and ask them to be mindful
c) Start shouting and throw a punch

3. Someone comes into your room without asking, what do you do?

a) Leave it and dont complain
b) Explain the importance of your own space and request that they ask before coming in next time
c) Start shouting at the intruder or complain loudly

4. A police officer stops and searches you. What do you do?

a) Provide the information required and feel irritated but dont say anything
b) Co-operate politely but ask why am I being stopped
c) Start mouthing off at the injustice

5. Someone eats your food. What do you do?

a) Go hungry in silence
b) Look for the person and ask them to give you money for what they ate
c) Seek revenge, complain and eat everyone elses food

6. You hear your mate has been talking about you behind your back. What do you do?

a) I feel upset but continue as usual
b) Put to your friend what you have heard
c) Dislike the friend and tell them you cant believe what theyve done

7. You believe your teacher has marked you down. What do you do?

a) Accept the grade and feel upset
b) Speak to the teacher. Ask them to go through the paper with you and explain why you got the mark you got
c) Confront the teacher, demand why they are always giving you bad grades, ask them if they have a problem with you

8. There is someone playing their music too loud on the bus. What do you do?

a) Leave it, its not a big deal
b) Speak to the person, informing them its a public bus and ask them politely if theyd turn it down
c) Increase the volume on your music

9. Two of your friends have a big argument and it has started to become physical what do you do?

a) Nothing. Avoid it. Walk away
b) Decide whether you judge it safe to intervene. If you do intervene remain neutral and try to calm down both sides so they can talk about it rationally
c) Pick a side and egg on the fight

10. You hear that your friend is going to go fight what do you do?

a) Worry quietly to youself and remain absent
b) Contact them and explore consequences with them
c) Spread the word

If you answered mostly a) you are the silent one.
Its good you stay out of trouble but you may be bottling things up and need to practice being assertive in some situations or your mates may start seeing you as a wet blanket who can be pushed around. Arguments and discussions arent always negative and handled the right way can lead to positive change.

If you answered mostly b) you are the sorter.
You are good at asserting yourself and helpful when its needed. Be careful not to be a have a go hero in a conflict you are out of your depth in. Dont be afraid to walk away if needs must.

If you answered mostly c) you are the shouter.
Youre certainly confident and confront situations head on. However these confrontations may be leading to more harmful consequences for yourself and others. Practice getting your point across without offending or hurting people.


intruder - a person who enters a building, grounds, etc., without permission

mouth off - to give an opinion, speak emotionally or complain, often without much care or consideration

spread the word to tell a lot of people about smth

assertive - confident and direct in claiming one's rights or putting forward one's views

have a go hero a person who intervenes, often at personal risk, to stop a troublemaker, hooligan, a criminal

out of your depth - you're in a situation that you don't have the experience to handle, or the knowledge to understand.

Do you agree with the description youve read about yourself? What dont you like about your behavior in a conflict? What would you like to change?


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