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Read Rules of Friendship written in the Russian language, translate then into English and say if they are worth following


Section 3 Writing and Discussion

3.1 There are people who have problems in building relations with other people which they can’t solve by themselves. Can you imagine what sort of problems they may have?

Some magazines have a special advice column to publish letters of those people who send in problems to the magazine. Agony aunts (agony uncles) answer these letter and give people professional psychological recommendations how to act in this or that situation. Work as an agony aunt (uncle) choose one person and write him or her a response letter with your recommendations . But before study the letters paying special attention to the words in italics and answer the questions:

1. What problem does each of the people have?

2. Is it a really serious problem?

3. What does he/she do about it?

4. How does each feel about it?

5. Who is to blame in the situation?

6. What can each of them do to solve the problem?


Some people say losing a best friend can be just as devastating or even worse than breaking up with a partner, for me it is just as bad. My best friend and I have always been very very close. We did everything together, texted or called each other straight away if anything at all happened, hung out all the time just laying around doing nothing, helped each other in difficult situations.

Over the last few months it's just started to die and I have no idea what happened. All contact from her side started to become less and less and now it's nothing. No texts, no calls, nothing. I do make an effort, I often initiate conversations, but she doesn't do the same for me anymore. It's frustrating being in a one-sided friendship when I'm used to it being both of us making equal effort.

I realize that people change and drift apart, it's just really hard to accept that I'm probably losing someone who was such a big part of my life. Does anyone have any tips on how to get through it, or even how I might be able to save the friendship?


I have had a friend since I was very young. We used to hang out all of the time, and for a while, we were best friends. Well, as life goes on, people move apart. I believe that is what happening here. She is dating now a very "popular" guy and has left me in the dust. She only calls me when her boyfriend is not available. I'm just at a loss what to do. Part of me just says leave her, but the other part wants to do something to rekindle the friendship.



I'm an early-middle aged guy and looking back on my life, I've noticed that I've never really kept or had any close friends. I have no problem meeting people and interacting on a superficial level, but it seems after a while I either annoy people, or other people really annoy me and I can't be around them. Because of this, my close friend count is about 0. There are a few people that I've known for several years (5-10 years) and I may see them every couple of months for lunch, etc. But, looking through Facebook, I see old high school people who seem to keep in touch with other high school people after all of these years. With me, I'm friends with a bunch of them on Facebook, but I don't hang out with any of them, not a single one. Hope to get helpful advice how to improve my social life and be like other people.


Naturally, I'm distrustful towards most people, I've been disappointed so many times by people I considered my friend, and usually it makes me mad when people aren't honest with me. Last night I had a long conversation with my Mom about "not going out" and "making friends" like my brother does. I told her I keep distance from most people and don’t make friends because I am afraid that they will again betray me. I'm tired of dealing with fake people and I'd rather focus on my education and getting into my career. Do you think I have taken the right decision?



My best friend is my sister. She's my only sibling and I think we've always shared this concept of "you're all I've got." We nip any and all fights in the bud because we realize nothing is worth it. Sure we had some quarrels as kids, but my sister and I have always been best friends. I can't imagine my life without her. Is it OK to have a close relative as a best friend or should I try to build friendship with someone else who is not a member of my family?

Translate the following.

Настоящая дружба – это улица с двухсторонним движением. Она базируется на понимании, верности и честности. Для друзей важно иметь общие интересы, они сохраняют друзей вместе. Иногда друзья имеют разные ценности, и это вызывает напряжение в отношения. Несомненно, каждый хочет иметь верного, искреннего, готового придти на помощь друга, на которого всегда можно положиться. Но, каждому, также стоит подумать, что он может дать взамен. Если нет равновесия в дружбе, рано или поздно друзья расстанутся, потому что один будет чувствовать себя обманутым и обиженным. Цените своих друзей, проводите с ними больше времени, подавляйте в зародыше зависть или желание доминировать, и тогда узы вашей дружбы будут крепнуть, а дружба продлится долго.

Section 4 Listening

4.1 Benefits of friendship are numerous but now you can add one more to the list. Scientists have found out that friendship can prolong people’s life. Listen to the fragment and do the tasks below. But fist do the vocabulary exercise - synonym match.

SYNONYM MATCH: Match the following synonyms:

a. report beneficial
b. ties questioned
c. interviewed husband or wife
d. suggest checked
e. positive yearly
f. measured study
g. monitored indicate
h. annually group
i. network relations

4.2Listen to the article and mark these sentences are true (T) or false (F):

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