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Basis Principles of Friendship

Section 1 Warming-up

Complete the following list using your own ideas. Dwell upon them.

Benefits of friendship:

1) emotional support;

2) a pleasant company to spend one’s time with;

3) an interlocutor to talk to;

4) ….

5) ….

6) …..

7) …..

8) …..

9) ….

1.2 For many people it’s quite problematic to find new friends. Read the tips below, do you find them useful? Add some more recommendations of your own.

1. Spend more time around people.

2. Initiate a get-together.

3. Be very persistent and determined, talk non-stop when you get acquainted with someone you want to make friends with.

4. Flatter and pay complements to people to produce a good impression on them.

Do your best to accept every invitation.

Meet friends through different website.

7. Become genuinely interested in other people.

8. Smile and keep an eye contact.

9. Be honest and always tell truth straight to the face.

10. Try to be original and extravagant in your clothes, manners, ideas. This way you will make yourself conspicuous.

1.3 Read the text bellow describing the ways how people can get acquainted with new people or make new friends. What do you think about them? Write a similar passage expressing your ideas.

Section 2 Reading

Can you think of principles true friendship is based on. Make up a list of then and give your commentaries. Now read the materials bellow and say whether your ideas coincide with those expressed in the text.

Friendship is a two-way street. The responsibility of true friendship cannot lie heavier on one side than the other. You cannot keep receiving without giving. You cannot keep giving without receiving. If there is no balance, the friendship won’t last long. Meet in the middle. Initially at the start of a friendship you may see yourself or someone else investing more into the friendship, but eventually it will need to balance out. There needs to be a balance so that each person feels free to share, enjoy, and be themselves as they both have the same amount of “stock” in the relationship. If there is no balance you are likely to drift apart.

Loyalty provides and instills trust in a relationship. Once loyalty has been proven, trust is given to the other person. Once you have sacrificed something in order to stay loyal to the friendship, a deeper connection appears between friends.

Honesty is needed for several reasons. First of all, you cannot build any sort of relationship on lies. Honesty is also needed in times when “tough love” is needed. As a true friend, you are in a position to help steer the direction of your friends’ life, and being honest about certain decisions your friend is making can help him or her avoid many problems in life.

Common interests
You can have friends that have different political beliefs, religious beliefs, different interests, but a true friend has a common ground that you respect and therefore you want to give this person a higher position of influence in your life. You believe in what they believe. They have values you appreciate and want to have in your own life. Common interests can also be certain hobbies you have, like volunteering, sports, music, travelling, or whatever. If one of you wants to spend most of their time cooking at home and adventuring in the kitchen, and the other much prefers to go out and be around people, it can become a point of tension between you.

True friendship isn’t established overnight. Time is needed to get to know each other, create memories, and share life experiences which all draw friends closer to each other and create a closer bond. Both people involved need to want to invest time to see each other, do activities together, drinking coffee, talking, travelling, shopping, getting to know their family etc. to get to understand your friend. The more time you spend together and get to know each other the more you appreciate your friendship.

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