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Read the poem. Think what could possibly make the author write this poem. Describe the possible situation


To a False Friend

by Thomas Hood

Our hands have met, but not our hearts

Our hands will never meet again.

Friends – if we have ever been,

Friends – we cannot now remain.

I only know I loved you once,

I only know I loved in vain.

Our hands have met, but not our hearts

Our hands will never meet again.

Section 2 Reading

2.1 Usually people have more than one friend as one friend can’t fulfill every friendship function. Psychologists differentiate between different types of friends and friendships. Read their descriptions below and find a suitable name for each type.


The Risk Taker

2. The Knight In Shining Armor

Influential Friends

BFFs (Best Friends For Life)

Gossip Queens

Technical Experts

The Life Coach

a) This is an individual who always manages to bail you out of any trouble. So it could be an impending credit card bill or being stuck in a jail, this one will always come to your rescue. They do things for you unconditionally without expecting any returns. They are usually the ones whom you can depend on completely, and tell everything to. They won’t judge you, even if you confide the biggest secrets of your life to them.

b) These friends know a lot about the stuff you may not know about. Computers, car parts, etc, are their forte. Everyone needs this category of friends to make complicated gadgets seem simple. Many a time, they research for the best phone in the market for you before you purchase one. Most technological complications seem simple because of them.

c) Everyone should have this kind of friends if they want to learn the latest gossip in college or locality. They chat all the time and will discuss various topics with you from who is dating whom, to the worst fashion disasters. They will provide any story with caustic comment and juicy details, they are your daily or weekly dose of laughter at the cost of other’s misery! They love to discuss failures, breakups, scandals and more. You will never feel bored with them!

d) Everyone craves to have a friend like this. They are the ones who get you the best deals and discounts, which can make a lot of other people jealous. They may be working in a big firm and enjoying certain privileges, and thus can be generous to friends. Who would not want a booked table in an overcrowded club or exclusive VIP seats for the biggest sporting game?

e) It doesn’t really matter how often we talk to these individuals but when we do connect, without fail, they reinvigorate us. Their pep talks make us feel more hopeful about ourselves and our future. Through their example they make us more eager to achieve our goals or just keep tackling our problems everyday. Talking to such people is like recharging our emotional battery.

f) We all need an adventurous friend who introduces us to new ideas, philosophies, and activities that we fear to explore on our own. Such friends broaden our minds, break our stereotypes and make us less conservative. They help us become less intimidated and more excited about getting new experience. Our life needs change and we need such friends!

g) This section of friends would never split away from each other. Right from coordinating clothes to choosing a stream of studying, they do everything together. You share joys and sorrows of daily life with them and keep no secrets from each other. They are the first people you think about when you make plans. They give the best hugs in the world! They are the shoulder to cry on, because you know that they truly care about you.

Language Work

Find English equivalents for the following words and word-combinations.

Помочь выбраться из затруднительной ситуации, спасать, ожидать что-либо в ответ, судить, доверять самые большие секреты, сильная сторона, сложные приспособления, узнать последние сплетни, болтать, язвительный комментарий, пикантные подробности, ценою чего-либо, сильно желать, завидовать, пользоваться привилегиями, оживить (придать силы), приободряющий разговор, достигать цели, справляться с проблемами, знакомить с новыми идеями, исследовать самостоятельно, расширять кругозор, разбивать стереотипы, получать новый опыт, расставаться, поплакаться в жилетку.

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