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Now match English expressions with their Russian equivalents


Types of Friends

Section 1 Warming-up

1.1 According to the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle “Man is by nature a social animal” which means that all of us can live only in society in constant interaction with other people. Each day we socialize with dozens of people and some of them become our friends. Study the words bellow, explain their meanings, compare their meanings with the meaning of the word “friend”. Formulate your own understanding of the terms “friend” and “friendship”.

WORDS: a companion, a partner, a peer, a neighbour, a girlfriend, an acquaintance, a colleague, a mate, a pen pal, comrade, associate, co-worker, keypal .

1.2 Person’s character is the major factor we take into account while choosing our friends. Each of us possesses positive traits as well as negative ones. Study the words below and place them in the chart. Add 5 more words of your own to each column. Provide these words with nouns of the same root and antomyns.

negative qualities positive qualities

WORDS: selfish, devoted, caring, flexible, envious, modest, stingy, enthusiastic, grateful, aloof, indifferent, tolerant, optimistic, generous, lazy, irresponsible, self-centered, unreliable, loyal, polite, outgoing, cooperative, shy, fussy, honest, sincere, thoughtful, critical, bossy, independent, witty, conservative, punctual, passionate, chatty, imaginative, depressive, sympathetic, candid, cheerful, hot-tempered, dull, quarrelsome, persistent, arrogant, helpful, respectful.

ü Describe one of your group-mates using 5 of these adjectives, let other students guess the name of the student.

ü Work in pairs. Make up 5-7 questions for you partner to find out what qualities he/she has. Report your findings in class.

e.g. Do you like to give orders and instructions and control everything? (bossy)

Now match English expressions with their Russian equivalents.

a) to share joys and sorrows 1) предавать
b) to be on the same wave length 2) протянуть руку помощи в беде
c) to betray 3) доверять и уважать друг друга
d) to put up with one’s faults and imperfections 4) постоянно ссориться
e) to have complete confidence in 5) успокоить и приободрить кого-либо
f) to trust and respect each other 6) делиться горем и радостями
g) to pour out one’s heart to 7) разболтать секреты
h) to speak behind one’s back / gossip 8) находить недостатки у кого-либо
i) to sympathize and encourage each other 9) мириться с недостатками и несовершенством
j) to quarrel all the time 10) иметь чувство превосходства по отношению к кому-либо
k) to let smd down 11) пальцем не пошевелить чтобы помочь
l) to comfort and to cheer smb up 12) пожертвовать всем ради кого-либо
m) to give a helping hand when hard times come 13) игнорировать чьи-либо проблемы
n) to blurt out one’s secrets 14) быть «на одной волне»
o) to keep one’s word 15) иметь взаимопонимание и взаимоуважение
p) to sacrifice everything for the sake of sbd 16) прощать и принимать извинения
q) to devote all one’s time to 17) говорить за спиной / сплетничать
r) not to stir a finger to help 18) дать ценный совет
s) to give valuable advice 19) иметь полное доверие к
t) to neglect one’s problems 20) лгать и обманывать
u) to forgive and accept apology 21) подводить кого-либо
v) to have mutual respect and understanding 22) сочувствовать и воодушевлять друг друга
w) to find faults with smd 23) важничать и смотреть сверху вниз на кого-либо
x) to have a feeling of superiority towards smd 24) посвящать все свое время
y) to tell lies and deceive 25) изливать душу
z) to put on airs and look down on smd 26) держать слово

ü Now make up sentences describing people’s qualities and their typical behavior.

e.g. Generous people sacrifice everything for the sake of their friends.

Irresponsible people often don’t keep their word and neglect their friends’ problems.

ü Express your opinion about people’s qualities and their behavior using the patterns below.

1. I can’t but admire people who are… who always….

2. I hate when…

3. I highly respect those who…

4. I can’t stand …. When I meet such people I always try to…

5. What I value most in my friends is their ability to…

6. I feel disappointed when I meet people who..

7. People who are… always irritate me.

8. People who are… set me a good example to follow.

9. I prefer to deal with people who…

10. What I really like about my friend is his / her… He/ she always …

11. I lose my temper when I meet people who..

12. I feel sorry for people who are…


1.4 Now give a precise description of a true friend? Are your friends of the kind?

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