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Ex. 41. Answer the questions

1. Where is Fantasia?

2. What are doctors in Fantasia paid for?

3. Who is paid on the same lines as doctors?

4. Why don’t Members of the Fantasian Parliament get a salary?

5. How are teachers paid?

6. How does the Fantasian government support families?

7. What kind of jobs are at the top of the Fantasian wages scale?

8. What jobs are poorest paid in Fantasia?

9. Do you think the system of payment in Fantasia is fair? Why?





An intriguing book World paychecks: who makes what, where and why, makes some interesting international comparisons. In Japan, for example, teachers earn far less than factory workers, but in Denmark they are near the top of the wages scale. A New York rubbish collector makes three times as much as an Indian army general. A German bus driver gets double the pay packet of a British bus driver. In China some university teachers earn as much as government ministers, but Chinese newspaper and television journalists are the most poorly paid ones in the world. And so on.

In part, says the writer, this is because of the law of supply and demand. New York rubbish collectors are well paid because it is hard to find enough people who want to do the job, and in India generals do badly because everyone (well, almost everyone) wants to be a general. But other facts – whether having a certain job makes you famous, for example – also make a difference.

It may interest you to know that the President of the United States earns three times what the Prime Minister of Britain does, but that the Prime Ministers of India and China get only about £40 a week. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

One of the other interesting bits of information in the book is that Britain pays its civil servants (the people who are paid to help the government run things like the tax system and the post office) more than America and most of Europe. Don't ask me who decides these things: no one asked for my opinion.

(from an article by William Davis in Punch)


Ex. 42. Work in pairs. Discuss the following:


1. True or false: in Denmark, factory workers earn more than teachers.

2. Who earns more, an Indian army general or a New York rubbish collector?

3. If a British bus driver earns £500 a month, how much does a German bus driver earn?

4. Who earns more in China, university teachers or journalists?

5. True or false: civil servants work in the services.

6. What has changed since the article by William Davis was published in Punch?



Pre-reading task:

1) Which job has the highest salary in this country? In your country? Which job has the lowest salary? Why?

2) Do you know any people who made a midlife career change? Why did they change careers?

3) Is it easy or hard to change careers? Explain your answer.



(Review of What Colour is Your Parachute?).

After Barbara Kleppinger


You are out of work.

You hate your job.

You aren’t satisfied with your career.

You are looking for your first job. Where do you start?

You’ll probably send your résumé to a lot of companies. You might answer newspaper want ads. Or you might go to employment agencies. But experts say you won’t have much luck. People find jobs only five to fifteen percent of the time when they use these methods. So, what can we change? Bolles is an expert in the field of job hunting. He has helped thousands of people find jobs and careers. This book is different from other job hunting manuals. Bolles doesn’t help you to find just another job. Instead, he helps you find your ideal job: a job that fits who you are, a job that is satisfying to you. What kind of job is ideal for you? If you don’t know the answer, Bolles says, you can’t find your ideal job. You need to have a clear picture in your mind of the job you want. The book has many exercises to help you draw this picture.

Bolles says that you must think about three things :

1) Your skills. What do you like to do? What do you do well? Do you like talking? Helping people? Teaching? Reading and writing? Using computers? Working with your hands? Bolles asks you to think about all your skills, not only “work skills”. For example, a mother of four children is probably good at managing people (children). She may be a good manager.

2) Job setting. Where do you like to work? Do you like to work outside? At home? In an office? Alone or with others? What kind of people do you like to work with?

3) Job rewards. How much money do you need? How much money do you want? What else do you want from a job? What would make you feel good about a job?

After Bolles helps you decide on your real job, he gives you specific, useful advice on how to find the job. His exercises teach you how to find companies and how to introduce youself. The chapter on job interviews is full of useful information and suggestions. For example, most pepole go to interviews asking themselves the question ‘How do I get the company to hire me?” Bolles thinks this is the wrong question. Instead, he wants you to ask yourself, “Do I really want to work for the company?”

There two small problems with the book. First, Bolles writes too much! He explains his ideas over and over again. Second, there is no space to write the answers to the exercises. But these are small problems. What Colour is Your Parachute? is the best job hunting manual available today.

What Colour is Your Parachute? was written in 1970. But the information is updated every year. So, if you are looking for a job, or if you have a job but want a new one, remember: Don’t just send out copies of your résumé. Don’t just answer want ads. And don’t wait for friends to get you a job. Instead, buy this book and do the job hunt the right way.


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