IV. Questions and Topics for Discussion


1. Why was Kitty interested in meeting the Manchu woman? Why did the Manchu woman and the place seem unreal to her? What observations did Kitty make during this visit? Comment upon Waddingtons words on the way back.

2. Discuss the nuns attitude to Kitty when they learned she was with child. What did Kitty seek in their company? What did faith mean to Kitty? What was the only thing that counted in life according to the philosophy of the Mother Superior?

3. What was Kittys state of mind after her new life experience? How did she regard her infidelity now? Speak about the change in her attitude to Townsend and Walter.

4. How did Kitty take the news that Walter had been taken ill? In what state did she find Walter when she came to see the last of him? Comment on Kittys attempts to give him peace of mind and their effect. Why couldnt Kitty understand Walters last words?



Part 8

Chapters LXIV-LXXIV (pp. 187 213)


I. Active Vocabulary.


- immortal (189)

- to be cheated (190)

- eternal (191)

- to get infected (192)

- a martyr (193)

- to sympathize with smb (193)

- to impose smth upon smb (194)

- to reason with smb (195)

- to be conscious of smth (196)

- to appreciate smth (196)

- to be reluctant (196)

- to have compassion for smb (198)

- to do smb a favour (205)

- to take smb by surprise (206)

- a lady of consequence (213)


a) Find the sentences with these words and reproduce the situations.


II. Paraphrase.


1. Im sure that a little work will keep you from brooding. (193)

2. because I thought occupation would distract your mind. (194)

3. I wish he could have minded his own business. (195)

4. She had to exercise some self-control in order not to answer sharply. (196)

5. that even the saints liked to have their own way. (196)

6. that nobody in the world cared two straws whether she was alive or not. (196)

7. she had a feeling thathe had his tongue in his cheek. (202)

8. I know I can do nothing to make up for your terrible loss. (207)

9. he must have hoped with all his heart that he would never set eyes on her again. (208)

10. she wondered how she could ever have been taken in by it. (211)

11. Of course she was skillfully pulling their legs: the dirty dog. (213)


III. Comment or explain.


1. To all of them (nuns) this world is really and truly a place of exile. Life is a cross which they willingly bear (190)

2. I wonder if it matters that what they have aimed at is|
illusion. (191)

3. He is concerned only with his own small share. (191)

4. Mighty is he who conquers himself. (192)

5. Walter died a martyr to science and to his duty. (193)

6. Walter died of a broken heart. (193)

7. She wanted to see whether there was left in the Superior any of the weakness of humanity. (197)

8. the only thing that counts is the love of duty; When love and duty are one, then grace is in you (200)

9. it seemed incredible to Kitty that she and Walter had taken part in that strange and unreal dance. (201)

10. you make all the rest of us look so dreadfully cheap and second-rate. (207)



IV. Questions and Topics for Discussion.


1. What was Kittys state of mind during Walters burial and what did she feel after it?

2. Why did Mother Superior find it necessary that Kitty should leave Mei-tan-fu? Why was Kitty reluctant to do so? How did the nuns express their gratitude to Kitty? How did Kitty treat the nuns, their work and their way of life? What weak point did she find in their philosophy? Comment upon Waddingtons words about the meaning of human life?

3. What were Kittys thoughts and feelings on her way to Hong Kong? What did she appreciate most of all in her newly-acquired freedom?

4. Who was Kitty met by in Hong Kong? What motives prompted Dorothy to offer Kitty hospitality? Why was Kitty reluctant to accept Dorothys invitation? How did the community of the Colony treat Kitty on her arrival?

5. What feelings did Kitty experience when she met Charlie? What did he look like? Comment on his manner during Kittys stay. Find proof that he did not quite share his wifes respect for Kitty?

6. Kittys way of life at the Townsends. What made her recall Mei-tan-fu every now and then?


Part 9

Chapters LXXV-LXXX


I. Active Vocabulary.


- amiable (213)

- to keep smb company (214)

- to foresee (215)

- at all costs (220)

- recollection (221)

- to recollect

- odds and ends (221)

- to detain (222)

- to be broadminded (224)

- disgust (225)

- to condemn smb (226)

- to be provided for (226)

- to endure smth (229)

- to make claims on smb (235)


a) Find the sentences with these words and reproduce the situations.


II. Paraphrase.


1. I think you are rather hard on me. (214)

2. I should never have had a moments peace if wed bolted. (215)

3. I feel head over heels in love with you. (215)

4. that we were going to get into such a devil of a scrape. (215)

5. Her mind was vacant. (219)

6. She didnt know what had come over her. (219)

7. he had found some one eager to take on the lease. (221)

8. When they were small the parents doted on them. (227)

9. I want her to take life like a free man and make a better job of

10. You mustnt be down-hearted. (237)

11. She shouldnt know what the future had in store for her. (237)


III. Comment or explain.


1. What the eye doesnt see the heart doesnt grieve for. (215)

2. We were dashed uncomfortable in the frying-pan, but we should have been a damned worse off in the fire. (215)

3. Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. (216)

4. he had never counted in the house and had been taken for granted, the bread-winner (233)

5. My heart sinks when I think how weve battened on you all our lives Wont you let me try to make up a little for all Ive failed to do in the past. (235)

6. Im not the Kitty I was when I went away.

7. Im going to bring up my daughter so that shes free and can stand on her own feet. (226)

8. The past was finished; let the dead bury their dead. (237)




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