IV. Questions and Topics for Discussion. 1. Speak about the convent, its history, the role it played in the life of the city


1. Speak about the convent, its history, the role it played in the life of the city.

2. What kind of woman was the Mother Superior? What was the most striking thing about her? What did Kitty learn about the nuns and their work? Find proof that the nuns had sacrificed their lives for other people. What was Waddingtons opinion of the Mother Superior and the nuns? What was the difference between the Protestant missionaries and the nuns?

3. Speak about the people and the things that struck Kitty at the convent. Why did she make up her mind to offer her help to the nuns? What work was she set to do there? How did she take its repulsive sides? What made Kitty realize that she was still a casual stranger to the nuns. What did she learn about her husband? Did it make her form another opinion of him?

4. Comment on Kitty and Walters conversation about their future and past. What was Kittys new view on her adultery? What was their in their conversation that exasperated Walter most? Find proof that Kitty treated her adultery much lighter than Walter did.

5. What was it in the human heart that made you despise a man because he loved you?


Part 6

Chapters L-LVII (pp. 138 164)


I. Active Vocabulary.


- conviction (138)

- at heart (139)

- an ancestor (140)

- to be related (142)

- to distract ones mind (143)

- to forbid (143)

- to flush (145)

- to attach importance to smth (147)

- to abandon smth (148)

- to put up with smth/smb (148)

- to compose oneself (151)

- to burst into tears (151)

- to collect ones thoughts (154)

- to gain time (155)

- to pity smb (158)


a) Reproduce the situations and the exact sentences with these words.


II. Paraphrase.


1. Kitty stood in no fear of her (139)

2. when I think now of the pranks I used to play.

3. so that your heart went out to her. (139)

4. and she loves him to distraction. (142)

5. She began to regain her spirits. (143)

6. since she threw everything to the winds to be with me. (148)

7. He will be overwhelmed with joy. (153)

8. but her mind was a blank (154)

9. It was stupid of me, but what with one thing and another. (155)

10. and it always gave her a catch at the heart. (158)

11. But she bore him no ill will for it. (161)

12. which had prevented her from giving herself the benefit of the doubt. (162)

13. I know no one who cares a row of pins if Im alive or dead. (163)


III. Comment or explain.


1. The moment they arrived they began to save the poor little unwanted girls from the baby-tower (141)

2. I have no experience of the plural, he replied. Mine is only in the singular. (149)

3. It doesnt seem to be a long way to Harrington Garden, she smiled. (149)

4. She could count on him never to throw the past in her teeth. (156)

5. Surely what troubled him most was the wound to his
vanity (162)

6. I shouldnt have thought you were the sort of person to put yourself out for a few stuffy nuns and a parcel of Chinese
brats. (163)


IV. Questions and Topics for Discussion.


1. Speak about Sister St. Joseph. What made her different from nuns? What did Kitty and Sister St. Joseph mostly talk about? What did Kitty learn from her about the Mother Superior? Why did she feel a wall between herself and the nuns? In what way did Kittys work in the Convent help her find a new sense in life?

2. Compare what Sister St. Joseph told Kitty about Waddingtons private life with what he told Kitty himself. How does it characterize him?

3. Speak on Kittys reaction to finding that she was at last free from Townsend. What helped her to regain her heart? Why did she think that Walter would never forgive her?

4. What made Kitty realize that she was with child? What was her reaction? Compare it with what the nuns felt about it. How did Walter take the news? What were the signs indicating that Walters attitude to her somehow changed after the talk? Why did Walter insist on Kittys leaving Mei-tan-fu?

5. What did Walter tell Kitty about his aim in having brought her to Mei-tan-fu? Do you think him vindictive? Prove your point.

6. Discuss the change in Kittys personality brought about by her life in Mei-tan-fu. Find proof that the change wasnt profound.



Part 7

Chapters LVIII-LXIII (pp. 164 187)


I. Active Vocabulary.


- to shake hands (164)

- to have affection for smb (167)

- at all costs (170)

- to be content (172)

- to bid farewell (173)

- to repent (173)

- to be detained (175)

- to survive (176)

- to make amends for smth (177)

- to overwork (180)

- to resist

- resistance

- to have mercy on smb (186)

- delirium (186)


a) Find the sentences with these words and reproduce the situations.


II. Paraphrase.


1. She had an elegance which made Kitty feel all thumbs. (166)

2. The Manchu laughed but once. (167)

3. I dont know the first thing about you. (167)

4. she felt that this alone could give him peace of mind. (170)

5. some unexpected occurrence might throw him off his
. (171)

6. for Walter coming home late, in order not to disturb her, took pains to be quiet. (178)

7. Try and keep a tight hold on your nerves. (181)

8. This is a pretty kettle of fish (183)


III. Comment or explain.


1. They (the hands) suggested the breeding of uncounted
centuries. 165)

2. As if a woman ever loved a man for his virtue. (167)

3. One day, firmly convinced that a heretic could know nothing of such matters, she told Kitty of the Annunciation. (169)

4. A well-bred woman does nothing which shall make people talk of her. (173)

5. men often have a deeper feeling for their daughters than they ever have for their sons. (174)

6. There is one way to win hearts and that is to make oneself like unto those of whom one would be loved. (175)

7. The dog it was that died. (186)




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