Complete the sentences with an appropriate verb form so that they are true for you

1 I have no intention of__________________________ .

2 I wish I had the power__________________________ .

3 I often have difficulty__________________________ .

4 I really should make more effort _________________ .

5 My______ (family member) has a tendency.

6 I (dont) regret my decision.


Module 1: Person, culture, education and science. 5-6, 3.

Consumer society.



Waste, squander and fritter away have similar meanings.

Squander suggests that you use money in a very irresponsible way and lose it all.

Fritter away suggests that you waste money over the period of time spending small amounts on useless things, untill there is none left.

Settle is more formall that pay off.

Run up suggests building up debts over a period of time.

Raise suggests gathering money from a number of sources, whereas obtain suggests getting it from one source.

Freely implies without worrying about it, lavishly implies on luxury things, havily means in large amounts.

1 The four items of vocabulary in each group collocate with the word or words in capitals. Underline the item which has a very different meaning to the other three:

1 waste / fritter away / set aside / squander MONEY

2 settle / run up / pay off / clear DEBTS

3 raise / obtain / donate / get MONEY

4 SPEND MONEY freely / lavishly / heavily / wisely

2 Discuss the questions:

Are you careful with money or do you fritter it away? What do you spend it on mainly?

Do you prefer to pay by cash or credit card? Why?

If you ran up large debts, how would you go about trying to pay them off?

3 Pre-reading task:Everyone has done something they shouldnt, and then thought: Oh, what an idiot I am, says Karyn Bosnak in the reading text. Her mistake was connected with money. What might it have been?

4 Read the text, ignoring the gaps, and answer these questions:

What was Karyn Bosnaks novel solution to her debt problem and what gave her the idea?

Do you consider her a beggar or an entertainer? Why?

5 Read the text again and complete the gaps i-8 with the correct sentence beginnings a-h. In the example, l g, notice how the word they after the gap in they were unforgivable refers back to Karyn Bosnaks actions.

a The Hollywood version of her story

b When her identity was finally revealed

Her website, www.savekaryn.com, went live in the summer of 2002

d Her story is a cautionary tale, morality tale and fairy tale

e Bosnak sees herself as a kind of symbol

f In a desperate attempt at cost-cutting, she

g Karyn Bosnaks actions were rather irresponsible

h The plan worked

I didnt just say: give me the gough

When shopaholic Karyn Bosnak found herself $20,000 in debt, she came up with a novel solution to her problem.

(1) _g_ : some might say they were unforgivable. The silly girl spent herself into $20,000 worth of debt buying Gucci purses and Prada shoes and then, like some street beggar, asked total strangers to bail her out. Amazingly, that is exactly what they did. But in her defence, her idea of setting up an internet site to plead for charity was a stroke of genius and she executed the idea with both enthusiasm and humour. She never forced her benefactors to hand over any money. One doesnt know whether to applaud or cut up her credit cards.

(2) ___ all rolled into one and is told in her bestselling memoir, Save Karyn: A True-Life Shopaholics Journey to Debt and Back. Ploughing through its 400 pages, one cant help but wonder whether the author is having us on. But meeting Bosnak, you realize that her story is no joke. With her, what you see is what you get and what you get is a guileless ingénue, no more and no less.

(3)___ , she explains, portrays Bosnak as a wide-eyed, small town hick. In reality, she is anything but: brought up in an upper-middle class Chicago family, she moved to New York in the summer of 2000, and ended up working in the tough world of a television court show. This was no empty-headed bimbo arriving, defenceless, in the Naked City; none the less, something in her snapped. Burberry coats, Gucci sunglasses, pedicures, manicures, panic- stricken clothes-buying binges; these were all part of her road to ruin. She says she felt immature, lonely and intimidated by her new surroundings. I was in over my head and I didnt really know what I was doing, she says. So her excesses in the stores were just the fruit of her insecurity? Well, not quite. I like cute things and I went crazy.

(4) ___ moved out of Manhattan and relocated across the river to cheaper Brooklyn. At one stage, she became unemployed. I was a month away from declaring bankruptcy, she recalls, and I thought: This sucks. I could see the end coming. Then she remembered a notice that her flatmate had spotted, pinned 45 outside a supermarket, which begged for $7,000 and contained a row of phone numbers. It was then that the seed of her idea germinated.

(5)___. Hello! My name is Karyn, Im really nice and Im asking for your help! it announced. Bottom line is that I have this huge credit card debt and I need $20,000 to pay it off. All I need is $1 from 20,000 people, or $2 from 10,000 people, or $5 from 4,000 people you get the picture. So if you have an extra buck or two, please send it my way. Together, we can banish credit card debt from my life. Whats in it for you, you ask? the plea 55 went on. Ill be honest ... nothing is really in it for you. But I do believe in karma.

(6)___. Word-of-mouth notoriety and inclusion of the website on a national papers list of hot sites really did save Karyn. It took 20 weeks but, eventually, donations from complete strangers, as large as $500 and as small as one cent, along with Bosnaks sale of her own clothes, CDs and furniture on eBay, raised the $20,000 she needed to return to the black. She also received countless gifts and stacks of abusive emails.

(7) ___, you could hardly pick up an American newspaper or turn on the television without bumping into the unlikely internet pioneer. Hers was the most successful, if not the first, instance of cyber panhandling. But she takes offence at being called a beggar. It wasnt as if the website had only one page and said: Thats it, give me the dough, she says. I worked for hours on 70 it every single night. It was funny. People gave me money not because they felt sorry for me, but because they had a chuckle. She was an entertainer, she says, paid for making others laugh.

(8)____ . We have all been Karyns in our lives. We just didnt know that the condition had a name or a face. Everyone has bought something they couldnt afford, she says. Everyone has done something they shouldnt, and then diought: Oh, what an idiot I am.


1 Retell the text and discuss the questions:

Do you ever give money to beggars, buskers or charities?

How do you decide who to give to and how much to give them?

Do you know of any other unusual uses of the internet?

Module 1: Person, culture, education and science. 7-8, 4.




Acid rain is rain mixed with sulphuric, nitric and other acids formed by gases released into the atmosphere when the fossil fuels are burned (factory smoke, cars). Acid rain is considered responsible for damaging forests and corps, and is particularly harmful to fish and acqatic life in rivers and lakes.

Environment the surroundings and external conditions tha affect the growth and development of living things.

Global warming- a gradual warming of the earths surface temperature reportedly caused by the emission of gases that trap the suns heat in the earths atmosphere. The burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases form a blanket around the earth (similar to the walls of a greenhouse), holding heat and raising temperatures on the gorund. Climate change is believed to be linked to global warming.

Carbon dioxide (CO2): a colorless, odourless, non-poisonous gas that is a normal part of the air. It is absorbed by plants and exhaled by humans and animals. Burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, wood) increases carbon dioxide. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

Pollution- contamination of the air, water or soil with substances that can cause harm to human health or the environment.

Recycling- the process of minimizing waste by recovering materials and transforming them into new products.

1 Read, translate and retell the text adding your own information:


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