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Exercise 5. Try to find out the way to certain places. Use the words given below. Do as in the model

- Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the railway station from the center of the town. - Yes, you can get on trolley-bus №1 and get off at the last bus station .



Expressions: go straight ahead, second turning, turn to the right, on your left, quite a distance from here, round the corner, take a route-bus, a taxi, walk along the street, cross the square, use the subway.

Exercise 6. Speak on the topic “Kherson”, the regional centre of the south of Ukraine”. Use the chart.




Exercise 7. Make up dialogues about Kherson using the chart

Exercise 8. Role-play

Situation 1.Suppose you are a guide. Tell the tourists about the most interesting places of interest of interest in Kherson. Answer their questions.

Situation 2.Your friend from Poltava has come to Kherson. He wants to enter one of our Universities. He is also interested in industry where he can work after the graduation. Advise him the university worthly to enter and industry developed in our region.



It may seem surprising but the British have fewer holidays than many other countries. Some of them are named Bank Holidays due to the fact that on those days the banks are closed.

In England and Wales they comprise at present five bank holidays (New Year's Day, Easter Monday, spring and late summer holidays at the end of May and August respectively, and Boxing Day); they also have two common holidays (Good Friday, Christmas Day). In Scotland and Northern Ireland they have six bank holidays, plus two other public holidays. The particular dates of the bank holidays are fixed annually.

January , 1

New Year's Day

It is a bank holiday though many Britons do not celebrate on New Year's Eve. In Scotland New Year's Eve is called Hogmanay and is an occasion for joyous celebration. In London Scottish people gather on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral and sing "Auld Lang Syne" at midnight.

April, 3


The word Easter owes its name and many of its customs to a pageant festival hold eostre which is the name of the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring time. Every spring European peoples celebrated the festival to honour the awakening of new life in nature.

Christians related the rising of the sun to the resurrection of Jesus and their old spiritual rebirth. This "holy" day is celebrated in many countries of the world.

Spring and Summer Bank Holidays

The Summer Bank Holiday is the most popular holiday, because it comes at a time when children are not at school. Many families try to go away to the seaside or the country as they may indeed have done at Easter or in Spring.

November, 11.

Remembrance Day

This day is observed throughout the Commonwealth and dates back to November 11, 1918 when all fighting in the First World War ended. It now commemorates British soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave their lives in the two World Wars. Special services are held and wreaths are laid at the Cenotaph, a war memorial at Whitehall, where thousands of Londoners observe the two-minute silence and participate in the remembrance ceremony. Similar ceremonies are held throughout the country.

December, 25.


In England Christmas is the most important of all the bank holidays of the year. It is celebrated much the same way as in the United States of America. On December 26, the Boxing Day, traditionally people give each other Christmas presents, which used to come in boxes. It is a very pleasant custom indeed.

* *

London remains one of the world's strongholds of pageantry much of which is centred on traditional observances connected with the Royal family. They are always attracting large crowds of spectators, native Londoners as well as foreign visitors. Here are two of them.


Trooping the Colour

This Ceremony is held on the Sovereign's official birthday in June. This is the most colourful of all London's annual events, a pageantry of rare splendour with the Queen riding side-saddled on a highly trained horse. On Horse Guards' Parade in Whitehall the Queen inspects the Brigade of Guards, dressed in ceremonial uniforms. Then comes the Trooping ceremony, followed by the March past of the Guards to the music of the bands. Specially noted should be the precision drill of the regiments.

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