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Exercise 1. Find the right ending of the sentences

1. The city of Oxford is like London because…

a) it is large and beautiful.

b) it is old historical and it is on the river Thames.

c) many books are written about it.

2. We say that Oxford is old and historical because…

a) a lot of writers wrote about it.

b) there is a university there.

c) it has existed more than a thousand years.

3. The entrance examinations are…

a) easy.

b) difficult.

c) not difficult.

4. The academic year in England has…

a) two terms.

b) three terms.

c) four terms.

5. If a student fails in an examination…

a) he is allowed to take it again, but only two reexaminations are allowed.

b) he is not allowed to take it again.

c) the student is allowed to take as many reexaminations as he wants.

6. The student come to the tutor…

a) to choose necessary kind of sport.

b) to discuss different questions connected with other students.

c) to discuss different questions connected with his studies.

7. The students of oxford usually spend the mornings…

a) going in for sport.

b) studying.

c) going for a walk with their tutor.



Exercise 2. Agree or disagree with the following statements.

1. The city of Oxford is old, international and it is situated on the river Severn.

2. The University was founded in 1978.

3. Oxford University consists of 28 colleges.

4. Every year more than one thousand students enter the Oxford University.

5. The academic year in England has four terms.

6. The University has a tutorial system of education.

7. The examinations take place at the beginning of each term.

8. The students of Oxford may attend lectures without their gowns.

9. The working hours for students are from 1 to 5 o’clock.

10.Almost all students go in for some kind of sport.


Exercise 3. Put the following sentences into the right order according to the text.

1. The academic year in England has three terms.

2. It is necessary to work hard to become a student of the Oxford University.

3. The students at Oxford spend much time studying.

4. The city of Oxford is old, international and beautiful.

5. Examinations take place at the end of each term.

6. Every year more than one thousand students enter the Oxford University.

7. The University of Oxford has a tutorial system of education.

IX. Practice

Exercise 1. Compare KSTU with the University of Oxford.

Exercise 2. Read and act the dialogue.

Student A: Let me Introduce myself. I’m A…, a first-year student at KSTU.

Student B: How do you do A? I’m glad to meet you. My name is B. You see, I’m a first year student too, at Oxford University.

St.A: What faculty do you study at?

St B: I’m a student of the Slavonic faculty. And you? What faculty do you study at?

St A: I study at the faculty of Economics.

St B: So you are a future economist. And how many faculties are there at the University, I wonder?

St A: There are 7 faculties, where more than 7 thousand students study. And, as far as I know, Oxford University is very old. When was it founded?

St B: Yes, Oxford University is one of the oldest Universities in the world. It was founded in 1247. But it is famous not only because it is very old. There is a very high level of teaching here. The best teachers work at Oxford.

St A: Our teachers are also highly qualified. Among them there are 31 doctors of science, professors, 144 candidates of science, about 20 academicians.

Exercise 2. Make up your own dialogues on the following situations:

Situation 1: You want to enter KSTU next year. Ask the first-year student of KSTU about the students’ life at the University. Express your surprise about some facts. Use the following words and word combinations: ( to attend lectures; to study general and special subjects; to write yearly project; to imply; out-of-class activities.).

Situation 2: You visited the Oxford University. Answer the questions of your friend about Oxford. Object some incorrect statements. Use the following words and word combinations: ( to be founded; to be situated; to last; to allow; to fall in an examination; a tutor; a student’s working day; to spend.).

X. Reading

Exercise 1. Look through the Text C about the educational system of Great Britain. Be ready to answer the following questions:

1. What are the main types of British schools?

2. What is the difference between them?

3. When is secondary education compulsory for children?

4. What is the waiting list for?

5. What examinations have British pupils at16?

6. What kind of education do the British need to enter a University?

7. What are the oldest British Universities?

8. What is a usual structure of a typical British University?

9. What degrees can a person receive after graduation from a British University?

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