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Образуйте новые слова методом конверсии и поясните их значение

Объясните значение приставок (префиксов).

I. Объясните значение интернациональных префиксов и переведите слова.

1. co-author, co-worker, co-operation. 2. antiparticle, antipathy, antidote. 8. decode, degenerate, dehydrate, depopulate, 4. extravagant, extracellular, extraordinary. 5, ex-president, ex-king, exchange, export. 6. prefabri­cate, predecessor, predestine, prearrange. 7. supernatu­ral, superstructure, superhard. 8. transform, transplant, translocate. 9. ultradense, ultramodern, ultra-short.

II. Переведите предложения, содержащие слова с интернациональными префиксами.

1. The knob should beturned anticlockwise. 2, All the measures must be well co-ordinated. 8. The branch of industry will be decentralized. 4. Ecological problems arc extra-territorial, they are, in fact, global. 5. To avoid corrosion the steam must be preheated. 6. The contract brought the company superprofits. 7. The transcontinen­tal flight took them 11 hours. 8. The device operates in ultra-violet light. 9. The commission was headed by the Ex-President. 10. When exposed to sun rays the substence decomposes.

III. Определите, какие значения предают словам префиксы в нижеследующих словосочетаниях.

unpredictable event to recharge a battery

prewrapped food to misunderstand the meaning

over – acidity of the tissue unexpected results

to disaprove the suggestion to misinterprete the idea

subserface layers irresistable desire

IV. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на значение префикса и корня:

1. Some waste products after recycling treatment can be reused. 2. The signal came at irregular intervals. 3, Things were left in disorder. 4. You should neither overestimate nor underestimate the phenomenon. 5. The­re is significant interdependence between both events. 6. Producers who make unwanted products or operate inefficiently will incur losses. 7. The device is provided with interchangeable parts. 8. The outdoor noise distrac­ted his attention. 9. In the traffic accident the tram wagon was derailed. 10. The weather has been invariably fine this week.

Определите значения, передаваемые суффиксами.

V. Образуйте имена существительные от глаголов при помощи суффикса -er, -or –ist и объясните, какое значение имеют эти существительные.

receive compose invent drive burn found

walk eat compress turn contain accumulate

paint weld run roll mix transmit

speak out operate read regulate special


VI. Образуйте прилагательные при помощи различных суффиксов (-ful, - less,

-able, -ible, -al, -ial, -ive) и переведите их на русский язык:

beauty, experiment, create, profession, extend, thank, reflect, hope, change, form, doubt, convert, resist, nation, attract, function, fundament, care, prevent, demonstrate, office, break, aim,use, shape, compare, classic, music, desire, industry.

VII. Определите корни подчеркнутых слов и новые значения, которые придали им префиксы и суффиксы, переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. A water washable adhesive can by easily removed. 2. Giving an injection you should use a disposable syringe. 3. An express elevator takes you to the 107th floor in a minute and a half. 4. Many New-Yorkers vi­sited the exhibition. 5. The problem has been studied by Dr. Bell and coworkers. 6. You'll have to re-exami­ne the device. 7. The car must be refuelled. 8. The situation is unexplainable. 9. What you say sounds illo­gical. 10. Special measures have been taken to provide extra-safety of the reactor.

VIII. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Hе tried to outshout the noise. 2. The circuitry of the electronic device is excellent. 3. These are reusable materials. 4. The moon was once molten or semimolten. 5. What has been done can’t be undone. 6. She was a slow walker. 7. Medical researchers have found eviden­ce of the disease. 8. The manuscript is no longer rea­dable. 9. They have renewed the machinery. 10. The device is considered to be repairable.

Образуйте новые слова методом конверсии и поясните их значение.

IX. Образуйте глаголы от имен существительных, переведите их на русский язык, значение глаголов, образованных от выделенных слов, посмотрите по словарю:

aid air alloy paper control cover form

hand guard cause rest stamp trap

X. Определите, от какой части речи образовались следующие слова, переведите их на русский язык:

a shake-up, to quiet, to point, to register, to soldier, to pump, to slow (down), a make-up, to face.

XI. Укажите, какие слова образованы путем конверсии. Переведите предложения.

1. No toxic fallout has been recorded. 2. It was ne­cessary to remotor the vehicle. 8. The light was focused with a lens. 4. It was impossible to doctor the device. 5. It took them an hour to empty the container. 6. The chemical make-up of a star can be determined by the light it emits. 7. He stamped the envelope and went to post the letter. 8. Special training is required to handle the device. 9. They decided to back the minority, 10. You'll benefit a lot if you sign the contract.

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