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для студентів напряму підготовки 6.020101 – культурологія

З англійської мови ЗО

Name __________________________________________________

Group _________________________________________________



1. Translate the sentences, using modal verbs:

  1. Он не смог сдать последний экзамен, он заболел - He failed to take his final exam, he fell ill
  2. Можно задать тебе вопрос? – Да, но боюсь, я не смогу на него ответить - Can I ask you a question? - Yes, but I'm afraid I won't be able to answer it
  3. Когда он приехал в Лондон, он смог совершить прогулку по Темзе на лодке. - When he arrived in London, he was able to walk along the Thames river boat.
  4. Не может быть, чтобы он пришел. - Cannot be that he will come
  5. Вы могли бы проконсультироваться с врачом, если бы были в городе. - You could consult your physician if you were in town
  6. Она, должно быть, читает эту книгу. - She must have read this book
  7. Она должна сделать рентген легких и сердца. - She should do an x-ray of lungs and heart
  8. Он, наверное, живет на юге. - He probably lives in the South
  9. Можно мне взглянуть мне на картину? - May I look me in the picture
  10. Нельзя пользоваться словарем во время контрольной работы. - You cannot use a dictionary during the audit work

Score:____ 20 points


2. Make a new sentence from the question in brackets (indirect question):

Example: (Where has Tom gone?) Do you know where Tom has gone?

1. 3. (What's the time?) I wonder what the time

2. 4. (What does this word mean?) I want to know what this world das mean

3. 6. (Is Sue going out tonight?) I don't know Sue is going out tonight

4. 8. (Where did I park the car?) I can't remember where I did park the car

5. 9. (Is there a bank near here?) Can you tell me is there a bank near here

6. (What do you want?) Tell me what do you want?

7. (Why didn't Kay come to the party?) I don't know way Kay didn’t to the party

8. (Do you have to pay to park here?) Do you know have pay to park here?

9. (Who is that woman?) I've no idea who that man is

10. (Did Ann receive my letter?) Do you know Ann did receive my letter

Score: _____ 20 points


3. Put the verb into the more suitable form, present perfect simple or continuous:

Example: Where have you been? Have you been playing (you/play) tennis?

1. Look! Somebody _______broke____________________________(break) that window.

2. You look tired. ____________you worked____________________________(you/work) hard?

3. '___You ever worked______________________________(you/ever/work) in a factory?' 'No, never.'

4. 'Jane is away on holiday.' 'Oh, is she? Where________she going_______________ (she/go)?

5. My brother is an actor. He ___has___ appeared___________________ (appear) in several films.

6. 'Sorry I'm late.' 'That's all right. _you don't waited long _____________________________(not/wait) long.'

7. 'Is it still raining?' 'No,it______stopped ______________________________(stop).'

8. I_____lost________ (lose) my address book. ___can you see______________ (you/see) it anywhere?

9. I__reading_______(read) the book you lent me but ___I'm not finished __________________(not/finish) it yet.

10. I______read__________________ (read) the book you lent me, so you can have it back now.

Score: _____ 20 points

the more suitable form

4. Fill the gaps with prepositions:

  1. What are you excited ___in___?
  2. I’m fed _up___ with this weather! Where’s the sunshine gone?
  3. Do you put_on__ until tomorrow what you could do today?
  4. She could be _on__love __of__ a pop star.
  5. There is nothing wrong __with__ him.
  6. He has a fondness __of___ classic Harley-Davidson.
  7. You are _in__ great danger if you don’t visit a doctor immediately.
  8. Why do you want to keep them __in___? They won’t do you any harm.
  9. _On___ the plus side, You will be able to see new works of the artist.
  10. I am relying _what__ you to help me. Don’t let me ____go___.

Score:______10 points


5. Idiomatic work – translate the expressions and put the verbs into the right tense form:

  1. They know that we hate them and __they will suspect_________(будут подозревать недоброе) if we try to be nice to them.
  2. Christine is so shy. She ___wouldn`t _hart a fly_______________________________ (и мухи не обидит)
  3. They are good friends. They used to_ _ talk forever __________________________(болтали целую вечность).
  4. Lee ____ loves you __________________(обожает тебя) – You know that.
  5. Put that back before Dad sees you and _he come out of herself__________________ (выйдет из себя).

Score:_____ 10 points


6. Translate the sentences into English.

1. Абстрактная живопись недоступна моему пониманию.

2. Сезанн начал серьёзно изучать технику и теорию импрессионизма у Писсарро.

3. Этот молодой художник очень талантлив.

4. Ван Гог является одним из родоначальников постим­прессионизма.

5. Этот художественный колледж готовит живописцев и дизайнеров.

6. Я нахожу, что его картины совершенно непонятны.

7. Французский художник Жорж Сера ввёл новую тех­нику, получившую название «пуантилизм».

8. «Талант — единственная новость, которая всегда нова.»

9. Все импрессионисты получили академическое обра­зование.

10. Выставка была организована по инициативе директо­ра музея.

Score:_____ 20 points


Score: 100 points

  1. Abstract painting I don't understand.
  2. Cezanne began to seriously study the techniques and theory of impressionism at Pissarro.
  3. This young artist very talented.
  4. Van Gogh is one of the founders of impressionism
  5. This art College prepares painters and designers
  6. I find that his paintings are completely incomprehensible.
  7. French artist Georges Seurat introduced a new technique called pointillism"
  8. "Talent is the only news that is always new.".
  9. All the Impressionists received an academic education
  10. The exhibition was organized on the initiative of the Director of the Museum.


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