1. When there are forces pulling or pushing a body that body must always be in equilibrium.

2. The individual forces acting on an airplane in flight are generally replaced by the resultant force.

3. When rubbing a glass rod with a piece of silk, you develop a large difference of potential.

4. Two bodies being placed in contact with each other, the temperature of the hot body falls, while that of the cold one rises.

5. Class A insulation is the most common in industrial equipment, class and class being used rather seldom.

6. When inspecting relays great precaution should be taken not to touch the relay itself but only to watch its operation.

7. The critical point is that point on the course which under existing conditions is equally distant from the point of departure and desired destination.

8. Having defined two units of power, the horsepower and the kilowatt, we may use these to define two new units of work, the horsepower-hour and the kilowatt-hour.

9. An altimeter contains a vacuum box of corrugated metal, one side of the box being fixed, while the other side presses against a spring bar which is able through a system of levers to move the indicator needle.

10. In order to make calculations of power when using alternating current, some definite current and voltage values must be chosen.

11. Operating characteristics of high-vacuum tubes are usually given in graphical form, the plate-characteristic curves being the most common.

12. Members of the delegations were given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the scientific research being carried on in the Soviet Union in the peaceful uses of atomic energy, and with functioning nuclear reactors ana accelerators of elementary particles.

13. The great majority of transformers are built with iron cores, the outstanding exception being air-core transformers for use at high frequencies beyond the audio range.

14. Owing to wind effects, an aircraft travelling on a course of, say, 0.40 is not necessarily travelling over the ground in that direction, because it may be blown sideways and drift away from the course.

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1. When subjected to alternating magnetization, the loop is traversed once for every cycle of the current, and so the energy wasted per second is proportional to the frequency.

2. The gas mixture produced by the carburetor is of no value unless it is ignited, and gas ignited quickly produces more force if first compressed.

3. Relays, if improperly designed or cared for, may give far more trouble than any other part of the electrical and radio circuits.

4. The forces of wing ribs applied to the spar are concentrated.

5. This process is carried out until the small cylinder is brought up to its proper pressure as determined by a gauge.

6. The booster is usually a coil which has a vibrating contactor and produces high voltage when connected to a battery.

7. The voltage induced in a winding located in a magnetic field was investigated experimentally by Faraday.

8. If the network has several voltage sources, each branch current is composed of several component currents, each component produced by one of the individual voltage sources.

9. Poles of two fixed magnets placed together, the magnets may move apart, when released, but the energy represented is a return of part of the energy originally required to bring them together.

10. The work of an air-speed indicator is based on the difference between the pressure exerted by moving air and the pressure which is at a standstill.

11. When reading a map an airman must be able to interpret the map from the landsman's point of view; he must understand the conventional signs that are the special knowledge of the seaman; and he must recognize those things as they appear to him when seen from an aircraft travelling at high speed through great range of altitude.

12. The charged particles gradually pick up speed, revolving in a closed curve along a circular vacuum chamber in the magnetic field of a giant electromagnet. 13. The motor designed according to the scheme discussed above, the speed of rotation of the armature is proportional to the rate at which energy passes through the meter to the consumer.


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