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Упражнение 13. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на перевод атрибутивной группы

1. Sweeds have one of the lowest take-home pay envelopes in the Western world.

2. New York mayor announced a program to tackle a quality-of-life problem.

3. A typical system includes a boiler, a network of pipes, a feed, an expansion tank, a radiators, and a hot water storage system.

4. A thermostat located in the boiler caused the gas control valve to shut off when the water temperature reaches the pre-set level.

5. Bicycles frame designers share many aims with aircraft engineers.

6. The shop-till-you-drop mentality of the eighties lades away in the United States.

7. Laser beams can be used for drilling diamonds, cutting complex shapes in materials from plastic to steel, for spot welding and for surfacing techniques, such as hardening aircraft engine turbine blades.

8. A controlled input voltage is supplied to the strain gauge from a battery-powered circuit.

9. In a typical four-stroke engine, when the piston descends, the air inlet valve opens and a mixture of air and petrol is sucked in through a carburetor.

10. This prototype wave-power plant was constructed by building a concrete water column across a natural gully on the shoreline.

11. The generator is a wound rotor induction motor, which acts as a generator when it is turning at speeds greater than 1,500 rtm.

12. Workers use handheld computing devices to collect data at a customer site.

13. A 40-year-old-engineer-turned-venture-capitalist has founded four promising enterprises.

14. Then comes Winston Churchill with his hundred-horse-power mind and 'what can I do'.

15. The combustion chamber pressure in the engine is very high.

16. To minimize the effect of variable collector contact resistance the voltmeter resistance must be high at least 1000 ohms per volt.

17. From the system designer's viewpoint the use of a standard unit offers additional advantage.

18. The regulator of this kind adjust synchronous machine excitation by a altering the exciter field circuit resistance to change the exciter armature voltage.

Упражнение 14. Переведите текст, выделяя ряды разного типа.

System identification has arisen in different areas of application where the system model is completely unspecified but one wants to predict the system response, to regulate the system, or to simulate the system. The only data available are a sequence of known input and a sequence of noise corrupted output. The intermediate objective is to specify a model which agrees with the statistical data. To perform system identification requires three steps: structure determination, parameter identification, and model verification. Before solving the parameter identification problem, one would address the problem of identifiability of parameters. With an assumed structure, is it ever possible to identify the unknown parameters by extracting information from deterministic input and stochastic output data? The capability of answering this question will facilitate the selection of an appropriate model structure. Clearly, one would not select a model structure whose parameters cannot be identified. Thus the question of parameters identifiability is central in the procedures for system identification.

Упражнение 15. Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на приложение.

1. The French company, Vitus, glues the tubes together using the same techniques as those used for connecting aircraft components.

2. The designer, Franc Kik, formerly worked in aerospace.

3. Currie Munce, director of IBM's Advanced HDD Technology Storage Systems Division, has one avowed goal.

5. Dr. Jones, head of international research, told the meeting- organized to express academic concern about the Atkins diet - that there wasn't a shred of evidence to suggest that the diet worked.

6. John Blair Engineering, part of the Nelson House Group, is a UK and International Leader in power and process engineering.

7. Pushkin, the great Russian poet, died in 1837.

8. Hamlet, the immortal tragedy by Shakespeare, was written in the first years of the 17th century.

9. Pericles, a comedy by Shakespeare, is hardly ever staged.

10. Professor Petrov, director of the Medical Institute, is going to deliver a lecture.

11. The brainchild of Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba, Bluetooth is a microwave high-speed wireless link system that's designed to work with portable equipment.


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