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Assignment 6. Form one sentence of each pair using the Absolute Participle Construction


1) Atoms split in the reactor. Heat is developed.

2) There are many different sources of energy. Coal is the most important of them.

3) Atomic energy replaces the present sources of energy. We shall get more energy in the future.

4) The reactor produces energy in the form of heat. Heat is developed owing to the splitting of atoms in the reactor.

5) A nuclear power-station is like any other power station. The coal burning furnace is replaced by a nuclear reactor.


Assignment 7. Fill in the gaps with the words and expressions from the text.


1) By the way, there are so many atoms in the drop of water that if one could … one atom a second, day and night, it would take one hundred milliard years.

2) Man has learned to … atoms in order to get great … of energy.

3) It is quite possible that … and other … may be … by atomic energy.

4) The … … will possibly be one of the … “furnaces” producing atomic energy.

5) So, we see that a … … … is like any other power station but the familiar coal-burning furnace is replaced by a nuclear one.

6) One may mention that the station in question was … … … two years earlier than the British one.

7) We may mention another important achievement, the first nuclear … where … energy is transformed directly into electric energy.

8) Speaking of the peaceful uses of atomic energy in our country, it is also necessary to mention the … Lenin.

Assignment 8. Fill in the blanks with prepositions:


1) Electricity plays an important part ... everyday life.

2 It is difficult to imagine now how people could do ... electricity.

3) As my friend lives near the University he usually goes there ... foot.

4) One form ... energy can be changed ... another form.

5) Only a little part ... solar energy is used directly ... present.

6) Soviet scientists and engineers have made a great contribution ... nuclear engineering.

7) Water falling … its raised position changes potential energy … kinetic energy.

8) The Beloyarskaya nuclear power station … the Urals may serve as another example … the peaceful use … atomic energy.

9) The machine installation … our icebreaker is … a steam-turbine type, the steam being produced … three reactors and six steam generators.

10) In Russia great attention is paid … the peaceful use … atomic energy, its importance growing … year … year.


Assignment 9. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the words need and turn.


1) Modern civilization needs more and more electricity.

2) You needn’t go to the laboratory today.

3) The energy needs in industry are increasing day by day.

4) There is no need to use kerosine lamps today.

5) What do we need electric energy for?

6) The Earth turns round the Sun.

7) Cold turns water into ice.

8) The sun in its turn turns ice into water.

9) The turbines are turned by steam, gas and water.

10) In their turn turbines turn generators.

11) The teacher says: “It is your turn to read.”

12) When you enter a dark room, turn the light on and leaving it turn the light off.

13) It is possible to turn solar energy into electric energy owing to semiconductors.



Assignment 10. Answer the following questions:

1) What fuel is our basic source of energy?

2) What may coal be replaced by in future?

3) What can you say about the nuclear reactor? How does it work?

4) What is the difference between a power station and a nuclear power station?

5) When and where was the first industrial nuclear power station constructed?

6) What is another example of the peaceful use of atomic energy?

7) What successes have Soviet scientists and engineers achieved for the first time in the world?

8) What installations produce steam in the icebreaker “Lenin”?

9) Do you know any other industries where atomic energy is used?



Assignment 11. Define the following words according to the model given below.


Model: The motor is a device transforming electric energy into mechanical energy.


energy, battery, kinetic energy, nuclear reactor, potential energy.



Assignment 12. Ask your groupmate the following questions. Let him/her answer them.


1) if it is possible to see a single drop of water in the sea;

2) if the steam generator of a nuclear reactor contains water;

3) if Man has learned to split atoms;

4) if atomic energy finds any new application in industry;

5) if the Soviet Union constructed the first nuclear power plant in the world.

Assignment 13. Speak on:


1) The operation of a nuclear reactor.

2) The first industrial nuclear power station.

3) The peaceful uses of atomic energy.


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