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Choose one topic and make a dialogue. Work in pairs

Part I

Unit 1. International English.

1. Read and learn the following words and phrases:

a necessity – необходимость

an investment – инвестиция

an effort – усилие

a pain – боль

to feel confident – чувствовать себя уверенным

to improve – улучшать

to socialize – общаться

the increasing number – увеличивающееся количество

to ban – запрещать

to wave – размахивать, махать

an asset – ценный вклад

to take over – вступать во владение (вместо другого)

to be worth smth – заслуживать чего-либо, стоить чего-либо

tiny – крошечный, очень маленький

brain – ум, мозг

to complain about – жаловаться на


2. Find the synonyms to the words below:

1.to ban 2.to improve 3.to increase 4.to socialize 5.to feel confident 1.to be sure 2.to forbid 3.to communicate 4.to make better 5.to raise

3. Write the antonyms to the words below:

tiny to improve to increase confident an effort to ban

4. Choose the words from the box and insert them in the sentences. Change their forms if necessary:

to socialize a necessity to improve tiny to be worth to ban

1. I want …………… (1) my listening skills.

2. In particular, I need English for………… (2) with clients and colleagues.

3. Any foreign language …………… (3) to be learnt.

4. Learning English is ……….. (4) because I'm going to work for the international company.

5. The French Ministry of France, for instance, recently surprised the international business community by ………. (5) English terms like e-mail and Internet.

6. Scientists invented much electronic stuff: ……. (6) keys, implants, chips, screens.


Express your point of view on the importance of learning English. Use the new words.

Unit 2. Making contacts.

1. Read and learn the following words and phrases:

intention – намерение

sick feeling in the stomach – жуткое чувство в желудке

to catch up on the gossip – удаваться посплетничать

to rate – считаться

venue - место проведения конференции/место встречи

convention centre – зал заседаний/зал заключения договоров

banqueting facility – удобства для проведения банкета

golf tournament – турнир по гольфу

express checkout – контроль

spacious deluxe suit – просторные апартаменты класса люкс

spectacular view – захватывающий вид

laptop – портативный компьютер

internet access – выход в Интернет


Match up the words on the left with their definitions on the right.


1.suit 2.spectacular 3.laptop 4.gossip 5.venue 1.tittle-tattle, piece of scandal, untruthful talk about other people's actions and private lives 2.apartment, a room in a hotel 3.notebook 4.picturesque, attracting excited notice 5.a meeting place arranged for some purpose or activity


3. Find the synonyms to the words below:

1.to rate 2.intention 3.access 4.spacious 5.laptop 1.admission, admittance 2.to be considered 3.desire, wish 4.big 5.notebook

4. Choose the words from the box and insert them in the sentences. Change their forms if necessary:

internet access banqueting facility golf tournament intention to rate sick feeling in the stomach

1. As well as …………. (1) for over a thousand people, Disney is able to arrange special private events.

2. The Hilton Cancun………. (2) among three best hotels in Latin America.

3. Each suit has in-room laptop with …………. (3), TV set, a conditioner and a radio.

4. The worst thing at the conference is to get up in front of an audience with that ………….. (4).

5. The woman with short blonde hair had ……… (5) to come up to a man in the dark tie and ask about his health.

6. What should we do to take part in tomorrow …………. (6)?


5. Work with your partner and make a dialogue. Choose a situation:

a) Discuss a hotel you stay at;

b) Make contacts with important people.


Unit 3. Making calls.

1. Read and learn the following words and phrases:

to sound rude and unhelpful – говорить грубо и беспомощно

to put off a call – сбрасывать вызов

to lose track of the conversation – терять суть разговора

to avoid (doing) smth – избегать чего-либо

account department – расчетный отдел

an invoice – счет, фактура

to speak up – говорить громче

to hold on – оставаться на связи, на линии

to spell – писать по буквам

to get back to smb – вернуться, перезвонить

to dispatch – посылать

to estimate for a contract – оценивать контракт

feasibility study – выполнение исследования

to be in charge of – быть ответственным за

to be/keep in touch with smb – быть в контакте с кем-либо

to pretend - притворяться

2. Choose a noun that can follow the verb:

1. to lose

a) track b) a call c) department

2. to put off

a) invoice b) a call c) study

3. to estimate for

a)message b) the phone c) a contract

4. to keep in

a)within the hour b) again c) touch

3.Match up the words on the left with their definitions on the right:

1.to dispatch 2.to pretend 3.to estimate 4.an invoice 5.rude 6.to spell 1.violent, impolite 2.a bill of goods received 3.to name the letters in order to form a word 4.to calculate an amount, cost 5.to send off 6.to give an appearance of (smth that is not true), with the intention of deceiving


4. Write the antonyms to the words below:

to put off a call to speak up to lose track of the conversation to sound rude and unhelpful to dispatch

Choose one topic and make a dialogue. Work in pairs.

1. Phone each other in order to find out some information to help you

a) do business in a foreign city

b) give a presentation

c) attend a job interview

2. You’re making a telephone call, but hear the recorded message on the answerphone. So, you leave your message.


Unit 4. Keeping track.

1. Read and learn the following words and phrases:

to be more specific – быть более точным

to slow down – замедлять, говорить медленнее

to go over – обсуждать, рассматривать, перечитывать, изучать в деталях

to run through – бегло прочитывать, просматривать

discrepancy - несоответствие

brewery – пивоваренный завод

output – выработка, производительность, продукция

advertising slogan – рекламный лозунг

to confuse a consumer – смущать, приводить в замешательство потребителя

to gain control of smb/smth – завоевать контроль над чем-то/кем-то

summary of the sales figures – итог по продажам в цифрах

loan department – отдел займа

to sort out – рассортировать, выбирать, улаживать

to rush off to somewhere – спешить, торопиться куда-либо

to come up – возникать

to fill smb in on smth – давать кому-либо полную информацию о чем-либо

acquisition – приобретение

to add up – добавлять, складывать (ся)

to count on smb – рассчитывать на кого-либо

to let smb down – разочаровывать, подводить кого-либо


2. Complete the following sentences, using suitable forms of the verbs in the box below:

to slow down to sort out to add up to rush off to go over to run through

1. We hope to ………. (1) our production problems soon.

2. He ……….. (2), because I didn't understand what he said. His manner of speaking was very swift, about 250 syllables a minute.

3. Allis never reads books nor magazines, she only ………. them ……… (3).

4. Next year a professor will be glad to ………. (4) Shakespeare's biography with the students.

5. As a rule, all business people ………. (5) to some meeting, they are always busy.

6. Matt is a guy with the pocket calculator, he …………… (6) the figures.


3. Match up the words on the left with their definitions on the right:

1.discrepancy 2.acquisition 3.to confuse 4.brewery 5.output 6.to count on 1.production 2.to relay on, to expect 3.the act of acquiring 4.a place where beer is made 5.difference, lack of agreement 6.to mix up, to mislead  


4. Translate the sentences into English:

1. Я уверен в тебе и знаю, ты не подведешь меня, поэтому я на тебя рассчитываю.

2. Ежеквартально наша компания предоставляет бухгалтерии итог по продажам в цифрах.

3. Лучший способ привлечь покупателя - придумать рекламный лозунг.

4. К сведению, пивоваренному заводу "Будвайзер" более 700 лет.

5. Мисс Мюллер 2 года работает в нашей компании, точнее, в отделе займа.

6. Ежегодная производительность нашего завода на 40 % выше, чем у ближайших конкурентов.


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