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Below are four offers or requests. Reject each one, using the information in the cues

Situation 1

Let me make a suggestion. If you agree to buy 100 units every month for the next twelve months, we'll agree to a 10% discount.


You don't know how many units you will need in six and twelve months. It might be more or less.

Situation 2

The price we are offering excludes installation costs but does include a twelve month guarantee.


Other suppliers offer free installation and atwo year parts and labor warranty.



Situation 3

I think the absolute minimum investment in advertising must be $40,000, otherwise we cannot reach enough of our market. It's not much to ask for.

You cannot spend more than your budget.



Situation 4

Now, some excellent news: we'd like to increase our order. Right now you are sending us 350 boxes a month. We need at least 500, demand is very high ...


Your order books are full the plant is working at capacity.

Now listen to a recording of model answers.

Practice 3

Abacus Inc. is an automobile parts distributor. They want to buy exhaust pipes from a manufacturer, Kroll.


Now listen to a recording of a model dialogue.

Ending the negotiation


The words below offer a clear indication of the result of a negotiation. Work with a partner and decide which of these words would indicate a positive outcome and which a negative outcome.

tin fortunately another time no agreement

not ready fruitful partnership problems

very good satisfactory sorry useful

Now listen to the recording to check youranswers.



2 Listen again to the five extracts from the end of negotiations.Complete the grid below.


Extract Agreement reached? Next step?



Practice 4

Suggest what you could say in the following situations.

Situation 1

After a long negotiation, you have reached agreement and now plan a meal in a local restaurant with the other party in the negotiation.

Situation 2

Your efforts to reach agreement have been unsuccessful. It is late. End the negotiation but offer some hope that in the future you might manage some cooperation with the other side.



Situation 3

A colleague has asked you to cooperate on a project, but after long discussion you feel you cannot participate because of fundamental disagreement. It is important that you continue to work together in other areas.

Situation 4

You want to repeat an order with a supplier but they are trying to increase prices by 20%. You cannot agree to this. End your discussions.

Situation 5

A customer is asking you to supply goods in a month. This is physically impossible. End the discussion.

Now listen to a recording of model answers.

Role play


Work in pairs, A and B. A should turn to File card 20A (p. 95), B should turn to 20B (p. 98). Each File card contains three different negotiating situations. Negotiate each of them. Let each negotiation follow its course and see if they are successful or not. Use some of the language you have heard for ending negotiations.

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