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B) Now listen to the recording. Choose which of the following, A, B or C, is the best summary of the meeting


A The meeting agreed to locate a new plant in the Basque Country in Spain as infrastructure is very good.

BConcerning possible location of a plant in the Basque Country in Spain, infrastructure is good, but more work is required on financial implications of choosing a city or a small town location.

C Discussion of possible location of a plant in the Basque Country, good infrastructure, no decision yet on where to locate new plant.



3. Think about the recording you have just heard. Do you think this ending follows the rules suggested by Haynes above? Suggest ways that this ending could be.



Practice 3



In pairs use the outline below to create a chair's closing remarks for a meeting. To make this more realistic, add names and other details as required. Practice your closing remarks together.

Now listen to a recording of model closing remarks.

Practice 4


Work in groups of four. Each group should chose one of the following situations. Groups should prepare closing remarks, including a summary based on one of the sets of notes presented here. Be sure to mention any follow-up action that needs to be taken. After five minutes' preparation, form fresh groups so that everyone presents his/her closing remarks to students who have worked on a different set of notes.


The chairs of four different meetings made these notes during discussions:


  New training courses for telemarketingstaff Allow $40,000 budget Peter to identify three possible training companies Next meeting: March 14th 2 p.m.  
Merger of Atlas North with Dransfield No decision taken More financial info needed Depends on local markets Detroit subsidiary to present report in 3 months Meeting in L.A. December    
  Hospital Management Committee Purchase of new Ultrasound Scanner for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Commission report on alternatives Redirect fundsfrom Radiology Unit Decision by March at the latest Joan to find out views of affected staff No meeting set  
Lawsuit against company for wrongful dismissal of Jane Kee Accept blame Offer compensation of $50,000 Personnel Dept. lo produce confidential internal report on new guidelines for employees' contracts Three weeks to complete report    

Role play


This role play is an opportunity to cover work from the entire Meetings module, including this unit. During preparation, look again at the Skills and Language Checklists for all three Meetings units.



Work in groups of three or four. Read the flyer for Sola Holidays on page 33, then decide on your roles from the alternatives given. Study your File card information, the background information below and the agenda which follows. Spend ten minutes preparing for the meeting.

Decide who has which role:

Jan Lubitsch (Managing Director and Chair).

Sec File card 1 (p.52).


Fred / Freda Cavani (Director).

See File card 32(p.52).


Andrew / Andrea Eastman (Marketing Director).

Sec File card 2 (p.52).


Eric / Erica Whitehead (Director).

See File card 4. (p.52)


Sola Holidays is a resort company specializing in short domestic vacations (not abroad). The company owns a string of luxury hotels.

Sola ran a summer promotion in which any family booking a weekend vacation getaway in a Sola Hotel automatically qualified for a free balloon trip. (See the promotional brochure on page 32.) The balloon trips normally cost around $300 and Sola had an arrangement with a balloon company, Blue Balloon, to buy 1,000 trips at $125. Unfortunately, the promotion was incredibly successful and instead of the forecast 1,000 balloon trips, over 4,000 customers applied and qualified for their free trips.


Here is the agenda for the meeting:


Language Checklist   Ending the meeting Asking for clarification Could you be more specific? Can you explain that (in more detail)? What do you mean by...? Clarifying This means ... What I mean is ... What I want to say is ... To explain this in more detail ... Checking thatthe clarification is sufficient Is that okay? / Is that clearer now? Referring to other speakers As Peter has already told us ... I'm sure Mr. Kowski knows about this ... Later we'll hear a report from Neil on ... Professor Gilberto is certainly aware of ... Delaying decisions I think we need more time to consider this. I think we should postpone a decision ... Can we leave this until another date? It would be wrong to make a final decision ... Ending the meeting • Summarizing I think we should end there. Just to summarize ... We've covered everything, so I'd like to go over the decisions we've taken ... So, to conclude ... we've agreed ... • Confirming action We'll contact ... John will ... We've got to ... We need to look at ... • Referring to next contact We'll meet again next month ... We look forward to hearing from you ... It's been a pleasure to see you today and I look forward to our next meeting ... Skills Checklist   Ending meetings

Two general rules

Meeting should end on time!

Decision making meetings should end with decisions!


After the meeting

• A memorandum should be sent to all
participants summarizing the decisions
taken and the action required.

• The memorandum should be sent to any
interested individuals who were unable to

• The Chair should seek feedback on the
meetings to try to improve future meetings

Improving meetings


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