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Work in pairs to complete the following mini-dialogues


Extract 1

A: Brunei has a tropical climate.

B: Excuse me, _____ by "tropical"?

A: _____, it's hot almost all year, with heavy rainfall in the rainy season. _____?

B: _____, I understand.

Extract 2

A: Every new product needs a USP.

B: _____ USP?

A: Unique Selling Proposition.

B: Er, can you _____ what that is?

A: USP _____ the special characteristics of a product which make it different and desirable – so consumers will want it. Er,_____ that now?

B: Yes_____. Thanks.


Now listen toa recording of these dialogues.



Delaying decisions

Listen to another extract from the meeting about a possible site for locating a factory in the Basque Country. The speaker, Victoria Lenning, is giving more details about the infrastructure of the region.


Listen once. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given.

a) Infrastructure for the region is:

mostly good


not very good

b) The main improvements in infrastructure are in:

Vitoria in the south


San Sebastian

c) Between these cities there is:

a complex road system

a fast train link an airport

d) The airport in Bilbao has been:


closed down

made bigger


Below is part of the tapescript that you have heard. Use your own words to complete the phrases, all of which suggest that a decision needs to be delayed, or more time is needed.


victoria: (a)Well, let's not _____. I think it would be a bad idea to assume we're going to choose a city. It _____ to think about one of the smaller towns.

fred: (b) _____smaller places, yes. So, should we get details on these possible places?

victoria: (c) We could do that, but we _____, I think, _____ a few things. For example, tax benefits, grants and anything like that – for locating to a smaller place, not one of the main cities. Then we could make a better decision.

john: (d) Yes, I agree, but also, _____. (pause) Er ... you've talked about the improved transportation links, the trains, the airport, the port in Bilbao. What about the links, to these er ... the smaller towns? If it's a mountainous or hilly region, it could take an hour – or more – for a truck to reach a main road. So _____ at this stage, I think we need to look at the road and train links for smaller towns...

Now listen to the recording again and compare your answers.


Practice 2

You are at an internal meeting to discuss increases in the price of your products. With a partner, use these cues to make a dialogue. Try to use new language from this unit.


Now listen to the recording of a model dialogue.

Ending the meeting

1. Read the following text and identify:

a) three recommendations on how a meeting should end

b) what should happen after a meeting.


Regardless of the type of meeting (information or decision making), it is important to close with a restatement of objective, a summary of what was accomplished, and a list of agreed action that needs to be taken.

After the meeting, it is essential to follow up with action. A brief memorandum of conclusions should be written and distributed. Inform appropriate people who did not attend the meeting about essential decisions made.

Finally, each meeting should be viewed as a learning experience. Future meetings should be improved by soliciting evaluations and deciding what action is required to conduct better meetings.

from Marion Haynes, Effective Meeting Skills (London: Kogan Page Ltd., 1988).



A) You are going to hear a recording of the end of the meeting about a possible decision to locale a factory in the Basque Country. Before listening, briefly discuss what you have already heard from this meeting. Then suggest what the end of the meeting will include.

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