Quick Communication Check Unit 2. Complete the following phrases

Stating opinion

Complete the following phrases.

1. It s_______ to me that the price is too high.

2. I t_______ the price is too high.

3. I b_______ the price is too high.

4. In my o_______, the price is too high.

5. In my v_______, the price is too high.

Asking for opinion

Complete these exchanges using the words from the box.

think interesting great agree hear information opinion(2) right

- Whats your (a)_______ on this?

- Its a (b)_______ idea.


- Do you have any particular (c)_______ on the subject?

- Its (d)_______, but I need more (e)_______.


- Mark, can we (f)_______ from you on this?

- I (g)_______ with Madeline, shes absolutely (h)_______.


- Lets hear what others (i)_______.

- Well, I think.


Underline the correct word to complete these sentences.

1. Can I say/tell/talk something here? I think

2. Excuse me, Mr. Chairman, I want to interrupt/disagree/not agree with what Mr. Andrews has said. Its not the case that

3. Im sorry, may I add/interrupt/opinion? It seems to me.

4. Thats not the truth/true/sure!

5. Im afraid/pardon/sorry but Id like to go/move to/continue another point.

6. If I may end/finish/move on this point

7. Id like to listen/hear/view from

8. There is no change/choose/alternative to this decision.

9. Sorry, please may/let/allow me to express my view. Yes, go forward/out/ahead.

10. How do you feel/think/believe about having a time-out?



Handling interruptions

Replace the underlined words in the exchanges below with the words or phrases from the box.


talk about cover a lot of ground stick to the point not talk about interrupt anything to do with waste of time finish return go ahead


- Can I come in here?

- Sure, say what you want to say.

- Jacques, one point

- Please, let me conclude what I was saying.

- But the agreement is for six months!

- Can we come back to this point later?

- Can I ask about the insurance?

- That doesnt have any relevance to the topic.

- We should discuss the contract.

- Can we leave that today? I think thats for another meeting.

- How was the meeting?

- It was useless.

- The meeting was very productive. We managed to get through a lot of things.

- But there were too many digressions. The Chairperson encouraged people to speak only about relevant topics.


Unit 3 What do you mean by...?


1 Asking for and giving clarification


1. Listen to part of a meeting in which Victoria Lenning, a director of an Anglo-American company, is talking to colleagues about a possible site for locating a factory in the Basque Country in northern Spain. She is explaining the historical background to industry in the region. Listen once and identify the following:

a) two historically important industries in the region

b) the status of these industries now.


Victoria is twice interrupted by requests for clarification. Listen to the extract again and follow the structure for the first part of the exchange. Then write in the phrases used for the same functions in the second part.




Practice 1


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