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G. Read the dialogues and dramatize them


Dialogue 1.


Cl (clerk): Hello. Welcome to "Holiday Inn!" We're happy to have you stay with us. Please, fill out the registration forms. You all have single rooms...

H: Are we on the same floor?

Cl: No. Our vacant rooms are on the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth floors.

E: Oh, I never stay higher than the third floor. Normally I choose a room on the first or second.

Cl: All right. I'll see what I can do.

M: Did you say "single room"? I always make a reservation for a suite.

Cl: No problem, ma'am. Let me see what I can find for you.

H: Personally I don't like being on my own. Will anybody share a room with me?

Sc: I don't mind sharing. Do you snore?

H: No, I don't. But sometimes I talk in my sleep.

Sc: So much the better. I'll interview you. (To the clerk.) Do you have a double?

Cl: Let me see... Yes, we do.

H: Thank you.

L: I don't travel very often. I rarely reserve a hotel room. Anyway, we're only here for a couple of days. So I don't really care. Anything will do for me. If only there is a telephone, a television and a bathroom.

Cl: Naturally, each room has a bathroom, sir. Here are your keys. The elevators are over there.


Dialogue 2.


Sc: Uuhh...Where is Room 613, please?

Ma (maid): Come with me. Here's your room, sir.

The maid unlocks the door with the master key.

Ma: Here's the bathroom, the shower...

H: Oh, it's green! Good. Green is my favorite color. I like it when the walls match the floor, the bathtub, the sink and the towels.

Sc: Is there a mini bar?

Ma: Yes, there is. It's in the cabinet on the right by the window.

Sc: Yipee! It's big! There's no ice bucket.

Ma: I'll bring one right away. Would you like some extra pillows or blankets?

H: I wonder if there is room service.

Sc: Let’s look it up in the directory. Here . “Room Service-0015.” Why?

H: I’d like to have breakfast in the room.

Sc: Hm, breakfast in bed – not bad. How early?

H: At ten.

Sc: An early bird catches the worm, you know.


Dialogue 3.

A: Good morning. Midland Hotel.

B: Good morning. This is Gane Stevens from Daxia. I'm trying to arrange accommodation for a number of visiting businessmen from abroad, and I'd like to know a little about the facilities that your hotel has to offer.

A: Well, the Midland is a 3-star hotel and we are situated five minutes from centre of town.

B: Uh-huh. And are you on the main road?

A: No, we're on a side street, and all the rooms are very quiet.

B: And what about a restaurant?

A: Well, we find that most of our clients prefer to eat out, and as there are plenty of restaurants in the vicinity, we have only a small restaurant – but we do serve hot food in the evening.

B: I see.

A: Of course we do have a bar – the Cellar Bar – which has a very intimate atmosphere.

B: Well, thanks very much for the information. Bye.

A: Bye.


Dialogue 4.


Receptionist: Good afternoon, sir. What can I do for you?

Visitor: We are Russian businessmen. Reservations have been made to accommodate 16 people.

R: Oh, yes, sir. 8 double rooms, for a fortnight.

V: Sorry, but we now need 7 double rooms and 2 single rooms.

R: I’m sorry, sir, but we’re having a big international conference here this week,

and we are completely booked out. You should really have mentioned the change when you

confirmed your reservation.

V: Yes, I suppose I should have, but do you think you could do something now?

We need the single rooms for our top executives.

R: Top executives… Are they going to stay for a fortnight?

V: No, about a week.

R: Then you can have two single rooms on the first floor.

V: Thank you, you’ve been very helpful. I hope the rooms are not noisy.

R: They’re very quiet. They face the garden.

V: Good. Are all rooms with private baths?

R: All rooms are with private baths, telephones and background music.

V: What about television?

R: There is a television room on the ground floor, sir. By the way,you can have our central papers free every morning.

V: How much are the rooms?

R: Singles are $... and double: $... a day. Have you filled in your arrival card? Good. Then sign here, please. Here is your key. When you go out, please leave the key at the reception desk.

V: Sure, and what if we want to extend out stay?

R: You’ll have to contact the chief receptionist at least 24 hours before the original date of your departure.

V: Thank you.


Dialogue 5.

Visitor: May I have my key, please, room 325.

Receptionist: Here you are, sir. There's a message for you.

V: Thank you (reads the massage). It looks as if we'll have to leave tomorrow.

R: Shall we have your bills ready, for tomorrow?

V: No. We are leaving for a couple of days, but we are not checking out.

R: I can understand you not wanting to check out, accommodation is difficult to get.

V: We are leaving tomorrow, early in the morning. Could you wake me up at a quarter to six? I'm 'afraid I may oversleep, you know.

R: Don't worry, sir. I'll call you at a quarter to six.


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