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Make up your own dialogues. Before you do it study the following ways of expressing modality

1. Various ways of making a request & possible replies ranging from informal to very polite:

Can you wait a moment? OK.

Could you ..., please? Sure.

Do you think you could ...? Yes, all right.

I wonder if you could ...? Yes, of course.

Would you mind showing your passport? Certainly.

I wonder if you could possibly ...? By all means.

NOTES: 1. A useful negative reaction to a request is: I'm

sorry, I can't (followed by an explanation):

—Could you help me fill out this form, please?

—I'm sorry, I can't. I've lost my glasses.

2. By all means expresses emphatic agreement:

—Do you think you could help me?

—By all means.

It is not to be confused with by any means = in any way possible.


2. Ways of expressing an offer of help and suitable replies:


Can I help you?

May/Can/Could I help you with your coat?

Should I get tliis book for you?

Would you like me to type it for you?

Let me help you open the lock.

May/Can I help? Your bags look very heavy.

I'll find it for you.

Shall I close the window?


Oh, yes, please, it's getting cold.

Thank you, you're very kind. I'm a bad typist.

Don't bother, I'll get it.

No, it's all right. I can manage.

That's nice of you, thanks. I'm afraid it's broken.

No, thanks. I'll just leave it here.

Don't bother, I can find it myself.

Yes please. I need a ticket to Boston.

NOTE: Phrases with Shall I...? (Shall I close the window?) sound British rather than American.

3. Ways of expressing gratitude & suitable replies.

Gratitude: Replies:

I'm very grateful to you for That's all right.

your assistance/taking all this trouble.

Thanks (a lot) for your

patience/being so patient. You're welcome.

Thank you very much indeed for

the explanation/explaining it. Anytime.

I appreciate it/your

help/your coming. My pleasure.

It was very nice of you to help me. I'm glad I was able help.

NOTE: Use Thanks anyway to express your gratitude to someone who has tried to help you but failed:

—I am sorry, I did my best, but it was no use.

—Well, thanks anyway.


4. Phrases used to asked for information, ranging from less formal to more formal:


Do you nave any idea when our plane leaves?

Excuse me, do you know how to get to the airport?

Can/Could you tell me where the check-in counter is, please?

Do you happen to know if flight В А 7685 is on time?

I wonder if you could tell me TWA's phone number?

Sorry to trouble you, but do I have to confirm my flight?

I hope you don't mind my asking, but I'd like to know who will pay my travel expenses.


Now it’s your turn. Here are the situations to help you:

Situation 1.

You are planning a business trip and want your assistant to arrange all the formalities, concerning your visa, tickets, taxi, ets.

Situation 2.

It’s your first business trip abroad. Consult the people, who had the experience of flying abroad.

Situation 3.

You are on board the plane and have a talk with your neighbor about the flight.

Situation 4.

You have just landed in London. Go through all the landing formalities, reclaim your luggage.

Situation 5.

A talk at the register counter.


Vocabulary 3.

Staying at a hotel.

to stay at a hotel – остановиться в отеле

to reserve a room in advance (to make a reservation) – забронировать (заказать) номер заранее

accommodate – разместить, поселить(в гостинице, доме)

accommodation – размещение, предоставление места

suite [swi:f] – номер – люкс

single room – одноместный номер

double – room – двухместный номер (с одной кроватью)

twin – bedded room (twin room) – двухместный номер (с двумя кроватями)

a room with a private bus (a shower) – номер с ванной (душем)

to be completely booked out (we are completely booked out) – все номера забронированы

to confirm a reservation – подтвердить бронь

to face a garden (a packing lot) – выходит окнами на сад (на автостоянку)

the price per night – плата за сутки

to check in – зарегистрироваться в гостинице

to check out – выписаться из гостиницы

to extend one’s stay at a hotel – продлить проживание

reception, receptionist – стойка администрации, деж. администратор

room service – обслуживание в номере

continental breakfast – европейский завтрак

a hotel (quest) card – карта гостя

laundry service – услуги прачечной

drycleaner’s service – услуги химчистки

international calls service – услуги междунар. телефона

barbers’ & hairdressers’ – мужская и женская парикмахерская

to include into the hotel bill – включать в гостиничный счет

service charge – плата за услуги


Training exercises.

Ex. 1 Match the words in the left column to the explanations in the right one.

a. hotel 1. lodging & morning meal

b. motel 2. a small hotel in the country

c. guest house 3. commercial establishment, providing lodging & meals

d. boarding house 4. private house providing meals & accommodation for paying guests

e. inn 5. roadside hotel for motorists

f. Bed & Breakfast 6. boarding house


Ex. 2 If you have a reservation it is easy to check in at a hotel. You say: “Good morning! My name is Durand. I have a reservation in your hotel. It’s for three nights. A single room with shower and toilet… ”

Now it’s your turn.The following words will be helpful: a twin room, a private bath, PC, TV, a double room, early morning call, international call service, room service, breakfast at 8, paying by credit card, etc.


Ex.3 Sometimes you may have problems, staying at a hotel. Apply to the chambermaid to help you to solve the problem.

Here is an example:

- I want my trousers pressed (ironed)

- Put in on your laundry order.


These are different problems you might meet:

1. The air-conditioning/heating doesn’t work.

2. I want my shirts washed and pressed.

3. The sheets are dirty.

4. There isn’t any shampoo (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste)

5. The TV-set is out of order.

6. There is a stain on my trousers. I want to have it removed.

7. The telephone doesn’t work.

8. I want to reserve theatre tickets (train tickets)

9. I want to extend my stay at the hotel.

10. I want to make an international call to Moscow.


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