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III. Business Trip. Staying at a Hotel


Vocabulary 1.

At the Airport

to go on business – ездить в командировку

air travel – путешествие самолетом

international flights – международные рейсы

domestic flights – внутренние рейсы

to complete (to go through) the airport formalities – завершить формальности в аэропорту

to register tickets – зарегистрировать билет

to weigh and register the luggage (baggage) – взвесить, зарегистрировать багаж

a free luggage (baggage) allowance – допустимая норма багажа для бесплатного


excess luggage – «лишний вес» (багаж сверх нормы)

to carry free of charge – брать в самолете бесплатно

a boarding pass – посадочный талон

a luggage tag – багажная бирка

landing formalities – формальности в аэропорту назначения

to disembark – выходить из самолета

officials – служащие аэропорта

to check one’s passport & visa – проверить паспорт и визу

window seat – место у окна

aisle seat – место у прохода

gangway (central aisle) – проход в самолете

to fasten seat belts – привязать ремни безопасности

an airhostess (a stewardess) – стюардесса

a reclining seat – откидывающееся кресло

a folding table – откидывающийся столик

life - jacket – жилет безопасности

departure lounge – зал отправления

arrivals lounge – зал прибытия

departure gate (boarding) – выход на посадку

to cancel the flight – отметить рейс

the flight is delayed – рейс задерживается

to take off – взлетать

to land – приземляться

to feel airsick – чувствовать себя плохо в самолете

transfer passengers – транзитные пассажиры

a transfer/transmit lounge – зал для транзитных пассажиров

baggage claim area (baggage reclaim) – зал, выдача багажа

time difference (jetlag) – разница во времени

to put the watch … hours back (forward) – переведите часы на … часов назад (вперед)

information desk – справочное бюро


A. Read the text & do the given tasks after it. Make active use of the above given vocabulary.


Airport Formalities

Nowadays people who go on business mostly travel by air, as it is the fastest means of travelling.

Here are a few hints on air travel that may be helpful: Passengers are requested to arrive at the airport tо hours before departure time on international flights and an hour on domestic flights as there must be enough time to complete the necessary airport formalities.

Passengers must register their tickets weigh in and register the luggage. Most airlines have at least two classes of travel, first class and economy class, which is cheaper. Each passenger of more than two years of age has a free luggage allowance. Generally the limit is 20 kg for economy class passengers and 30 kg for first class passengers. Excess luggage must be paid for except for some articles that can be carried free of charge.

Each passenger is given a boarding pass to be shown at the departure gate and again to the stewardess when boarding the plane.

Watch the electric sign flashes when you are on board. When the “Fasten Seat Belts” sign goes on do it promptly and also obey the “No smoking” signal.

Don’t forget your personal effects when leaving the plane.

Landing formalities and customs regulations are more or less the same in all countries.

While still on board the plane the passenger is given an arrival card to fill in.

After the passenger has disembarked officials will check his passport and visa. In some countries they will check the passenger’s certificate of vaccination. The traveller is also requested to go through an AIDS check within ten or fourteen days of his/her arrival in the country: if the traveler fails to do some strict measures could be taken by the authorities including imprisonment (in some countries) or payment of a considerable penalty. When this formalities have been completed the passenger goes to the Customs for an examination of his luggage.


Tasks to the Text:

Task 1. You are going on business trip by air. Are you sure you know all the airport formalities before the flight? Say what is required of the passenger before the departure.

Task 2. Read the vocabulary & the text attentively once more & say what information you can get in the departure lounge, concerning the flights.

Task 3. Give some hints to you friend who is going to travel by air for the first time.


B. Read the text and do the tasks after it.

At the airport

New York is served by three major airports: John F. Kennedy International (JFK), La Guardia, mainly for domestic flights, and Newark International. The first two are located in the borough of Queens, the latter in New Jersey, across the Hudson.

These airports as other large airports of the USA are organized by airlines which have their own check-in desks, separate gates, lounges, and even terminals. The main airlines are American Air­lines, Continental, Delta, Eastern, United, to mention only a few. Pacific (West Coast), Republic (the South and Midwest), Texas, Valujet, and some others cover smaller areas of the country.

Let's imagine that you have just arrived at JFK. You've had your visa checked, the inspector has completed your 1-94 form and stapled it in your passport, you've collected the baggage at the baggage claim area and gone through Customs. Now your behavior is not directed by any regulations, you are on your own. What are you going to do next?

If you have to transfer to another flight, that is, you are taking a connecting flight, the first thing to do is to find out what air terminal your flight takes off from. At JFK there are 9 terminals. A shuttle bus runs between all the terminals and another shuttle will take you, if necessary, to La Guardia in 30-40 minutes. Remember also to inquire if your baggage will be automatically transferred or you must reclaim it and have it checked-in again.

While you are delayed at the airport waiting for the departure you can make use of some services. Go to the Information Desk if you have some questions or problems. If you happen to lose something, the Lost and Found Office may help you. You feel hungry? The quickest way to get a meal is to go to stands or shops that sell snacks (they are called snack bars). At a restroom (a toilet) you may wash your hands and put yourself in order. You may exchange your currency or break your large bills at the Currency Exchange.

Now the time of your departure has come, your flight has been announced, and you find yourself in the concourse of your airline. It is from this place that you go to the gate, the last door you pass through before you board the airplane.

If New York is your destination and you expect to be met, don't worry, you won’t be missed. Usually those meeting you know exactly where the passengers of the particular flight pass. Your journey is over. Welcome to New York.


Tasks to the text:

Task 1. Answer the following questions.

1. What can you say about New York airports? 2. What procedure do you go through on your arrival? 3. What should you remember to do if you have a connecting flight? Why is it important? 4. What is an airport shuttle bus? 5. Where should you go if you feel like having a cup of coffee, if you lost your umbrella, if you want to find out how you can get to the air terminal you need, how to get to Manhattan? 6. You hear the announcement about the departure of your flight. How do you get to your aircraft?


Task 2. Revise Text B, listen to some additional information in the Texts “Welcome to America”, “Making a phone call”, “Lost and found” and answer the following questions:

1. You have arrived at an airport. What will you do with your baggage before you board the plane? 2. You have boarded the plane. What sign will appear on the screen before the aircraft takes off? 3. What forms will you be asked to fill out on board if you are flying to a foreign country? 4. What will the passengers be asked to do when the aircraft is about to land? 5. What kind of control will you first go through after you have arrived at a foreign airport? 6. What will you do as soon as you have gone through the passport control? 7. You are to transfer to another flight and have to wait at the airport for some time. What services will you use until the time of your departure?


Task 3. Describe your own experience of traveling by air. The following questions may be helpful.

1. What big airports have you been to? What services did you use there? What do you think of them? 2. Have you had a connecting flight? Did you have any difficulties in changing planes? What were they, if any? 3. Have you ever had any un­pleasant experience during your flight (your baggage was lost or delayed, you were late for your flight, you lost your purse or wal­let, etc.)?


Vocabulary 2.

At the Customs

to go through the Customs – проходить таможню

to examine (to inspect, to check) the passenger’s luggage – досматривать багаж

to bring duty - free – провозить беспошлинно

to have smth to declare – вносить в декларацию

custom’s inspector (custom’s officer) – таможенник

to go through the green (red) section (corridor channel) – проходить по зеленому (красному) коридору

to go through the passenger’s luggage carefully – тщательно досматривать багаж

to prevent smuggling – предотвращать контрабанду

to fill in (out) a declaration form – заполнять декларацию

the expiry date of one visa – срок окончания действия визы

to extend visa – продлить визу


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