Alex meets a group of foreign students

Alex: Excuse me, what country are you from?

Voitek: I am from Poland.

Alex: Do you live in Warsaw?

Voitek: No, I dont. I live in a small town in the North of Poland. Let me introduce you to my friend Lucy.

Alex: I am ever so glad to meet you.

Voitek: Lucy is from France, from Paris. She is French. By the way, do you speak French?

Alex: I am afraid I dont. I speak only two foreign languages, English and Spanish. And I prefer to speak Spanish, as I know it much better than English.

Voitek: Oh, thats fine! Lucy speaks Spanish rather well. Her mother is from South America. As for me I cant speak Spanish but I understand nearly everything. Lucy and I are pen friends.

Alex: Would you like to join me and my fellow-students? We can have a good time together.

Voitek: Thatd be lovely.

Alex: Come on, then.


Ex 5. Replace the part of the model in bold type by the following:

Model 1:Whats his (her, their) nationality?

He is (a)Russian.

Greek, American, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Italian, American, Afghan, Argentinean, Dane, Byelorussian, Bulgarian, Cuban, Czech, a Finn, German, Irishman, a Dutchwoman (man), Indian, Iranian, Iraqi, Kuwait, Lithuanian, Malay, Moldavian, New Zealander, Pakistani, Pole, Saudi, Scot, Slovak, Somali, Korean, Swede, Swiss, Turk, Ukrainian, Welshman, a Yugoslav

Model 2: The Russianslive in Russia.

Poland, England, Spain, France

Model 3:What country are you (she, they) from?

I come (am) fromEstonia.

Latvia, Spain, France

Ex 6. Read Grammar Revision C and fill in the definite or indefinite article if necessary:

1. Russia occupies eastern half of Europe and northern third of Asia. 2. climate of northern part of Russia is severe. 3. In European part of Russia summer is warm and sunny. 4. This winter is true Russian winter with hard frosts. 5.It is warm all year round in Crimea and Caucasus. 6. Commonwealth of Independent States is one of biggest countries of whole world. 7.Tbilisi is capital of Georgia. 8. I want to go to Alma-Ata some day. 9. best way to know and understand people of other countries is to meet them in their own homes. 10. Black sea is in South. 11. Is Australia island or continent? 12.There are six continents in world, arent there? 13.France is to northwest of Italy.

Ex 7. Fill in prepositions if necessary:

1. When we go foreign countries we see and learn a lot things. 2. She says she likes to go the Caucasus winter. 3.Japan is a country the western part the Pacific Ocean. It consists many islands, large and small. Some them are only a few miles long. 4.The Crimea is the South our country. 5. My sister lives the Far East. 6. The Baltic Sea is the West. 7. Show us the longest river Russia the map. 8. Slovakia is the center Europe. 9.St.Petersburg is the north-west Moscow. 10. Thousands students all nationalities study the universities our country. 11.One the students our group is Rumania. 12. Whats the capital Rumania? 13. What language do they speak Bulgaria?

Ex 8. Put the adjectives in brackets in the required degree of comparison:

1. Asia is (large) than Australia. 2.The Volga is (short) than the Mississippi. 3.Mary is a (good) student than Lucy. 4.There are (few) mistakes in my dictation than in yours. 5.This garden is the (beautiful) in our town. 6.The Artic Ocean is (cold) than the Indian Ocean. 7.Chinese is (difficult) than English. 8.Spanish is (easy) than German. 9.Lets go to the (far) corner of the park. That is the (quiet) place here.

Ex 9. Answer the following questions:

1.How many oceans can you see on the map? What are they? 2.Is the Pacific the largest ocean in the world? 3. Which is the largest ocean in the world? 4.Does the Pacific Ocean wash Western Europe? 5.Which ocean washes Western Europe? 6.Which ocean washes the northern part of Europe?7.Which ocean washes Eastern Asia? 8.What two American continents do you know? 9.What other continents do you know? 10.Is Australia a continent or an island? 11.Is Ireland an island or a continent? 12.The Alps are higher than the Urals, arent they? 13.What are the highest mountains in Europe? 14.The Mississippi is the longest river in the world, isnt it? 15.Is the Thames as long as the Mississippi? 16.Which is the longest river in the world? 17.Is the Black Sea in the South? 18.Is the Baltic Sea in the South too? Where is it? 19.Is the White Sea in the North or in the South? 20.Is the United States in North or in the South America? 21.Is Japan in the West or in the East? 22.Is Italy in the South or in the North of Europe? 23.What is the capital of Bulgaria (Japan, Germany, )? 24.What language do the Spaniards (the Japanese, ) speak?


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