Mary has just arrived home from work. Neil is already there


MARY: Hi! Im back. Sorry Im late.

NEIL: Hello. What kept you?

MARY: I had to use the ring road and I (1) (stick) in a traffic jam for forty minutes.

NEIL: Why didnt you use the usual route?

MARY: Because the road (2) (close) until work on the access road to the new hospital (3) (complete).

NEIL: When is it due to (4) (finish)?

MARY: Well, the access road (5) (open) by the Mayor next week, according to the newspaper, and the Health Minister (6) (invite) to open the hospital on the same day, but they dont know yet whether shes definitely coming.

NEIL: A lot of money (7) (waste) if she doesnt come.

MARY: Whys that?

NEIL: Havent you seen all those rose bushes that (8) (plant) round the hospital?

MARY: So? Theyll be lovely for the patients.

NEIL: But the patients wont be able to see them, because theyre round the entrance, and the wards look out in the other direction. A lot of people protested about it, but all their complaints (9) (ignore) until it was too late.

MARY: If they had money to spare, it (10) .. (spend) on facilities for patients, not on making the front look pretty for the Minister.

NEIL: Absolutely. Its typical of this local council. They (11) .. (elect) to save money, but they do just the opposite.

MARY: Perhaps they (12) (throw) out at the next election.

NEIL: I hope so. Now, are you ready for supper?


Ex 7. Put all types of questions to the following statements.

1. Our students are offered a wide choice of work all over the country.

2. Listen! An article about American college graduates is being broadcast.

3. Since the Great October Socialist Revolution hundreds of thousands of college graduates have been given work (jobs) in their special fields.

4. Lectures on medical topics are always listened to with great attention.

5. Nowadays much attention is being paid to the problem of bringing science closer to life.

6. The use of the atom in medicine has been much spoken of lately.


Ex 8. You are interested in your groupmates interests, studies, their progress at the University, their life as a whole. Ask them 7-8 questions (The use of Passive is obligatory).


Note 4. to get to be . To get :

1. , - , , .

E.g. Our dog got run over by a car.

My friend got lost in the forest. There was a fight at the party, but nobody got hurt.

( to get , .)

!!! Jill is liked by everyone.



Training exercises.


Ex 1. Complete the sentences. If possible, use a tense of the verb to get, otherwise use the verb to be.

1. I never found that book we were looking for. It lost when we moved to a new flat.

2. After the way he behaved last time he went to their house its unlikely he asked there again.

3. Naturally this vase is expensive. After all, it believed to be over three hundred years old.

4. I phoned to explain what had happened but I cut off before I could finish.

5. There isnt any cheese left; Im afraid, it eaten by the children.

6. He was a well-known expert on animal diseases and his operations greatly respected.

7. The competition is stiff and shell be thrilled if her design chosen.

8. The book torn when the children started fighting over who should read it first.

9. Please dont touch anything on my desk. You employed to answer the telephone, not to tidy the office.

10. She was quite friendly at first, then she promoted and now she doesnt care about us any more.


Note 5. The use of the Passive Voice after modal verbs.

Passive Voice: to be + V3.

E.g. The situation is serious. Something must be done before its too late.

A mystery is something that cant be explained.

The music could be heard from a long way away.

I havent received the letter yet. It might have been sent to the wrong address.

The room should have been cleaned.

Training exercise.

Ex 1. Complete the sentences with one of the following verbs (in the correct form):


carry cause do make repair send spend wake up


Sometimes you need have (might have, could have etc.)


1. The situation is serious. Something must be done before its too late.

2. I havent received the letter. It might have been sent to the wrong address.

3. A decision will not until the next meeting.

4. I told the hotel receptionist that I wanted to at 6:30 the next morning.

5. Do you think that less money should on armaments?

6. This road is in very bad condition. It should a long time ago.

7. The injured man couldnt walk and had to .

8. Its not certain how the fire started but it might by an electric fault.



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