III. Appearances and Traits of Character


Vocabulary 1

mother mother-in-law niece

father father-in-law nephew

sister sister-in-law cousin

brother brother-in-law parents

grandmother stepmother aunt

grandfather stepfather uncle

granddaughter stepdaughter husband

grandson stepson wife



Note 1. , , ( ? (whose?) s .

E.g. Prime-ministers residence;

my mothers nephew.


, mother-in-law s

E.g. My brothers-in-law wife.

His mothers-in-law niece.


Note 2. s , :

e.g. My cousins father.

My sisters toys.

Notes: , , , .

e.g. This banks profit.

Last years events.

This countrys population.

Two days leave.

This months events.

Training exercises:

Ex. 1. Fill in the right words.


Ties of Relationships

1. Your relatives on your wifes side are: Your wifes sister is your , and her brother is your ... , your parents will refer to your wife as their while your brothers and sisters will refer to her as . Your wifes parents will speak of you as . Your wifes parents will speak of you as their .

2. Your brothers and sisters sons and daughters are your and .

3. Your mothers and fathers brothers and sisters are your . The children of your uncles and aunts are your and the children of your first cousins are your .

4. Your mothers and fathers parents are your and the latter will refer to you as their .


Ex. 2. Describe the relations of the members of your family. Use as many sentences as possible.

Model: My parents are husband and wife. My fathers and mothers brothers are my uncles. Their children are my cousins, etc.

Vocabulary 2

~ beautiful (for men and women);

~ good-looking (for men and women);

~ handsome (for men);

~ pretty (for women);

~ smart;

~ elegant;

~ well-dressed;

~ scruffy;

~ (un)tidy-looking;

~ tall, medium-sized, short;

~ slim, thin (slim is more positive);

~ skinny (very negative);

~ over-weight, fat (impolite);

~ stocky (broad and solid);

~ well-built, muscular;

~ pale, sun burnt, long, oval, round, clean-shaved face;

~ fleshy, wrinkled, thin, chubby face;

~ black, fair, straight, wavy, curly, grey, white, blond, dark, ginger, red hair;

~ bald, auburn (red-brown) hair;

~ beard and moustache;

~ hairy hands and chest;

~ regular features;

~ charming, ironical, winning, enigmatic smile;

~ snub nose;

~ full, thin lips;

~ dimples, freckles;

~ bushy, penciled eyebrows;

~ even teeth;

~ blue, brown, green, hazel, dark grey eyes;

~ curving, straight, thick eyelashes;

~ tattoo;

~ a crew-cut.

Training exercises:

Ex. 1. Answer the following questions:

- How tall are you? (m, sm, feet) ( )

- How would you describe your build?

- How much do you weight?

- What kind of hair have you got? What colour is it?

- Would you like to be different? If so what would you like?


Ex. 2. Choose the word which best complete the sentences:

- She sometimes wears her hair

A. tied

B. loose

C. free

D. fringe

- He has a complexion.

A. white

B. clear

C. spotted

D. brown

- He has a large on his left cheek after the accident.

A. mark

B. cut

C. scar

D. wound

- Mark is already , which isnt surprising as his father lost his hair at an early age.

A. retired

B. bald

C. parting

D. red

- People with red hair often come out in when they sunbathe.

A. stubbles

B. moles

C. freckles

D. blemishes

Ex. 3. Here are some advertisements for a marriage bureau. Look through these personal columns where people are seeking partners and match them.


  B Black D Divorced S Single F Female(=woman) W White WW Widowed A Asian M Male(=man)


Women Seeking Men Men Seeking Women
  1.1. BEAUTIFUL TO look at, even better to be with. Blonde beauty, 50-ish. Seeks romantic, caring Man under 55 for friendship. 2. 3.2. English rose, 24, seeks tall, dark and handsome SW/BM, 25-35, for sight-seeing, dining out, dancing. Needed for friendship. 4. 5.3. Catholic, political DWF, 46, tall, slim, long dark/green. Lives near ocean. Hikes, sails, enjoys music. Seeks same. 6. 7.4. WHEN A MAN loves a Woman, he would be: 38-45, attractive, honest, fond for this attractive WWWF, 42, blonde/green.     32, TALL, skin, highly intellectual Divorced Asian doctor seeks B/WF, 25-38, who could share love with him.   b. 36- YEAR-OLD, good looking SWM, balding, brown/brown, fit, energetic, loves film, nature.   c. YOUNG 55, SWM, handsome physically fit, huge heart, sensitive, many interests. Seeks slim, fit, pretty DWF, 50s, to share romance.   d. ARE YOU a pretty, long-hared brunette? Ever been in New Orleans or Texas? This attractive SNM, 49, would like to meet you.


Ex. 4. Read the dialogue, pay attention to the sounds and intonation. Make up your own dialogue in analogy, using as many words and expressions from the vocabulary list (Peoples appearance) as possible.





Alice: Hallo, Mike, have you been waiting long? Im so sorry Im late.

Mike: Now that you are here its all right.

Alice: I say, Mike, Ive just had a wire from Mary. She is coming by the 5.20 train. And I have a meeting at 5. Will you do me a favour and meet her at the station?

Mike: Certainly, but Ive never seen her. How could I possibly recognize her?

Alice: Oh, its quite easy. Shes just like her mother.

Mike: Most helpful Id say, but the trouble is Ive never seen her mother either.

Alice: No, you havent. And Im afraid I havent any photos of her.

Mike: At least try to describe her. What does she look like?

Alice: A tall slim girl of 18 with an oval face.

Mike: Complexion?

Alice: Rather pale.

Mike: Hair?

Alice: Fair and curly. Light grey eyes, a small snub nose, a big mouth with even teeth and pleasant smile.

Mike: Im sure therell be at least a dozen girls like that at the station.

Alice: Oh, Mike, weve been discussing it for the better part of an hour and I see no end to it.

Mike: But how am I to recognize her in the crowd?

Alice: Oh, I forgot. Theres a dimple in her left cheek. She is so lovely, youll fall in love with her at first sight.

Mike: Thatll help me, to be sure. Go to your meeting. I promise to be on the platform at 5 sharp looking for a tall slim fair-haired lovely girl with a dimple in her cheek.


Vocabulary 3

~ sociable;

~ warm and friendly;

~ warm, kind, unkind;

~ nice, pleasant, unpleasant;

~ generous (happy to give/share);

~ optimistic;

~ cheerful (happy and smiling);

~ relaxed and easy-going;

~ strong;

~ sensitive, insensitive;

~ honest, dishonest;

~ cold and unfriendly;

~ horrible;

~ mean (never gives to others);

~ pessimistic;

~ miserable (always seems unhappy);

~ tense (nervous, worries a lot);

~ weak;

~ easy-going;

~ hard-working;

~ punctual;

~ reliable (unreliable);

~ bright, clever, stupid;

~ ambitious, lazy;

~ inquisitive;

~ flexible (inflexible);

~ self-confident;

~ reserved;

~ emotional;

~ initiative;

~ sensible (has a lot of common sense);

~ obstinate;

~ cruel;

~ trustworthy;

~ ill-mannered;

~ jealous;

~ envious.

Training exercises:


Ex. 1. Answer the questions:

a.) What traits of character do you appreciate (value) most?

b.) What person can you see as your spouse? Describe him or her.

c.) What kind of person are you?

d.) What kind of person are you? Your best friend (mother, father, brother, etc.)?

e.) What might a good businessman look like?

f.) What traits of character should a salesperson (a taxi driver, water, etc) possess?


Ex. 2. Describe anybody you like best.

Ex. 3. Describe a person you might hate.

Ex. 4. Read and translate the text.


The Brothers

(abridgedfrom "A Woman of Substance" by Barbara T.Bradford)

"Come along, boys, this is Emma Harte. Mrs Harte" She led them to Emma, her face radiant. "This is David," she said, introducing the taller boy, "and this is Victor." The Kallinski boys shook hands with Emma, extended their greetings, and thanked her for coming to their father's aid. They crossed the room to the sofa and sat down together.

David and Victor Kallinski were as different in every way as two brothers could be. David, who was the elder at nineteen, was tall like his mother and well built. He had been blessed with her lovely blue eyes, and his face, handsome and open, had a suggestion of her Slavic bone structure. He had the same of black wavy hair his father's had once been and he had also inherited the older man's outward-going manner. David was a mover, a doer, ambitious, clever and driven. If there was a faint hint of cynicism in his alert blue eyes it was somewhat counteracted by generosity of his wide mouth and his friendly demeanour. David was intelligent, intuitive, and excessively motivated towards one goal: success. He lived by one rule and one rule alone - the survival of the fittest. He not only intended to survive, but to survive in style and with wealth.

Victor, who was sixteen, was small, almost birdlike, and in this he resembled his father to some extent. He had his mother's straight shiny black hair, but otherwise he did not appear to physically favour either of them. His large eyes were soft and hazel in colour and his face was smooth and bland without any emphatic features, but he was pleasent-looking. His sober face mirrored his character, for Victor Kallinski was a gentle and reflective boy; and in one way his temperament was similar to his father's, he had a great forbearance and a deep understanding of human frailties, an understanding that was mature and remarkable in one so young. He was a thinker and a dreamer, and he had the soul of a poet. Victor was happiest when he was alone reading, or gazing at great paintings in the museum, or listening to the music of Mahler and Beethoven. He was reserved of nature to a point of shyness and not given to conversing easily with anyone, especially strangers. Victor was looking at Emma from under his long dark lashes, a quiet smile playing around his mouth, thinking what a compassionate girl she must be, and how her actions today only reinforced his inherent belief that essentially mankind was good. Like his father, Victor was utterly without bitterness.


Ex. 5. Watch the video film Family Album, USA (Episode 1-3). Follow the directions in the Appendix Traditions and Habits of American People. Describe the characters of the film. Use as many words as you can, from the lists, given above in this unit. Here is the text Meet the Stewarts to help you to describe the Stewarts family.


Meet the Stewarts


Meet the Stewart family, the main heroes of Family Album, USA, a wonderful book that gives a glimpse of the United States (its cities, its special places and its people) and makes it possible for us to better understand American ways.

Let us begin with Richard because it is he who introduces the Stewarts to us.

Richard is young man of 30. He is a photographer, he is married. His wifes name is Marilyn. Marilyn is Well, she is, say, 25 (we dont know for sure) which makes her 5 years Richards junior. She is a fashion-designer and a salesclerk in a boutique.

Next comes Susan, Richards sister who works for a toy company; actually, she is the companys vice-president. Susan isnt married yet but she has a friend, a Mr. Harry Bennett, a widowed father of a little girl named Michelle. Susan rents an apartment where she lives by herself. The rest of the family live together at 46 Linden Street. N.Y.

And this is Robbie, Susan and Richards younger brother. Robbie is his pet name, its short for Robert. Robbie Stewart is a teenager; he is 17 and goes to high school.

And what about their parents?

Their father is Philip Stewart, Dr. Philip Stewart. He is a pediatrician, a childrens doctor.

Their mother is Ellen Stewart. She is a home-maker. But if you think that Ellen is only busy with the household chores, you are very much wrong. She has responsibilities outside the house. She is a very energetic person who cant just sit around and do nothing. She believes that there are lots of places to go and lots of things to do. So, she attends school-board meetings and works on various committees. Its important to her.

There is also Malcolm Stewart, Philip Stewarts father which makes him a grand father to Richard, Susan and Robbie. (By the way, Susan is Malcolm Stewarts pet: she reminds him of his late wife, Mrs. Bernice Cassidy Stewart, and he keeps saying that Susan looks just like Grandma). He is a man well advanced in years; as a matter of fact, he is 72.

Malcolm Stewart is retired and lives in Florida. He comes to New York to stay with his sons family. They look forward to his coming and want him to live with them permanently. But Grandpa is not sure he would like it because he is pretty independent. All the Stewarts appreciate the importance of independence. At the same time he is not sure he would like to be alone. Some people dont mind being alone but he does. Will he make up his mind? Let us listen to what Philip Stewart has to say:

Malcolm Stewart would not be alone any more. Thats for sure. In fact, he would have his family around him every day of his life now. Finding some peace and quiet may be a little difficult. But my father would not be lonely any more. He would have me, Philip Stewart, nearby, and the rest of the family. He would have Ellen, his daughter-in-law. You know I met Ellen when I was a student of the University of Michigan. Later, she became my wife. We have three children now. Our oldest son Richard is very talented, like his grandfather. Marilyn is talented too. She designs clothing. Marilyn is Richards wife and she is also a sister-in-law to my daughter Susan. Susan reminds us of her grandmother, Bernice Cassidy Stewart, my mother. She was kind, intelligent and loveable, like Susan. Our younger son Robbie is the pet of the family. Well, thats our family, the Stewarts. Thats our family tree.


Ex. 6. Describe the members of your family (appearances and traits of character). Use the text Meet the Stewarts as an example.


Unit 3

Family Life and Relations

I. Phonetic Training

1. Listen to the rhyme and repeat after the speaker, learn the rhyme by heart:


I have a 'jolly 'jumping Jack. I scream, 'you scream

'See how 'well he jumps! We 'all scream

'Up and down. For ice-scream.

From 'right to left,

He 'jumps and 'jumps and jumps.


Oh, no! Dont go home alone.

No, I dont.


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