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Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word or phrase. 1.Pillars on each side of the automobile body

1.Pillars on each side of the automobile body … . 2. are generally formed out of … . 3.It is impracticable for manufacturers to produce totally new designs every year because … . 4. New manufacturing techniques are now widely used … .


Answer the following questions.

1. What does the category of an automotive body design depend on? Describe some of the main structural elements of body. 2. What prevents manufacturers from producing totally new designs every year? What is needed for a completely new design? 3. What materials were usually automotive body formed out of in recent times? 4. What reasons make the manufacturers of automobile search after and use new materials in motor-car industry?


MINI TEST 8 (Unit 8)

1. Translate the words given below.

1. arrangement of seats. 2. roof structure. 3. conventionally supported. 4. convertible model. 5. improved visibility. 6. high cost. 7. new factory tools. 8. make it impractical. 9. completely new design. 10. without wrinkling in manufacturing presses


Give the definitions to the words.

1. Arrangement. 2.Visibility. 3. Property. 4. Model. 5. Wrinkling

A. Small fold or line on the surface of body. B. Putting in order.

C. Design or structure of which copies can be made.

D. Speciality that belongs to smth. E. Field of view.

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate word.

1. Automobile roofs are usually … by pillars. 2. Some models with … rely on pillars. 3. The high cost of new tools makes it impractical to produce totally … every year. 4. … may be used to reduce time requirements. 5. Automotive bodies are generally … of sheet steel.

A. computer aided design. B. retractable fabric top. C. supported.

D. new design. E. formed out.

Match the synonyms.

1. Conventionally. 2. Frequently. 3. Form. 4. Application. 5. Windshield. 6. Pillar.

A. Make. B. Windscreen. C. Use. D. Supporter. E. Usually. F. Often.


Find the antonyms.

1. Retractable. 2. Increase. 3. High cost. 4. Conventional. 5. Minor.

A. Major. B. Alternative. C. Stationary. D. Low cost. E. Decrease.


Name the component parts of a vehicle.

1. Main part of a vehicle. 2. Top covering of a car, bus. 3. Place in passenger vehicle in which one has a right to sit. 4. Top made of textile material that can be moved back or in. 5. Screen of glass in front of a motor vehicle.


7. Translate the 2nd , 3d paragraphs of the text.



Translate the words and learn them.

chassis combine
frame absorb
axle brace
steering mechanism apply
brake flexible
suspension achieve
mount characteristics
acceleration noise-isolation
force gauge
accident trend



Read and translate the text.


The chassis of the modern automobile is the main structure of the vehicle. In most designs a pressed steel frame forms a skeleton on which the engine, wheels, axle assemblies, transmission, steering mechanism, brakes, and suspension members are mounted. The body is flexibly bolted to the chassis during the manufacturing process. The combination of body and frame absorbs the reactions from the movement of the engine and axle, receives the reaction forces of the wheels in acceleration and braking, absorbing aerodynamic wind forces and road shocks through the suspension, and absorbs the major energy of impact in the event of an accident.

In modern small car designs there has been a trend toward combining the chassis frame and the body into a single structural element. In this arrangement the steel body shell is reinforced with braces that makes it rigid enough to resist the forces that are applied to it. Separate frames are used for other cars to achieve better noise isolation characteristics. The presence of heavier gauge steel components in modern separate frame designs also tends to limit intrusion in accidents.


3. Are the following statements true or false? Explain your answers.

1.The chassis of the main modern automobile is the accessory structure of the vehicle. 2. The body is rigidly bolted to the chassis. 3. All working parts of the vehicle are mounted on the chassis. 4. To achieve a better-noise-isolation characteristics separate frames are used.


Answer the following questions.

1. Why is chassis an important part of a vehicle? 2. What is its arrangement? 3. What tendency has been observed in modern small car designs? 4. What additional parts are used to improve vehicle’s characteristics?


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