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Presenting yourself and your company

Цель: изучение лексического материала по теме “Presenting yourself and your company” p.58-59 (source 3);

1.Introduction: In pairs, discuss: What your title is in English? How do people address you at work – by your first name or second name?

2.Vocabulary: Introduction: Presenting yourself and your company p.59 (source 3).

This is my card, let me give you my card, this is my full job title and contact details

My name is, I work for …, the company, the company is divided, I am in charge, I have been, my job involves

3.Pre-reading vocabulary:p.59(sourse3).

4. Reading: Read this first meeting between representatives of two energy firms and answer the questions.

DaveHello, it’s Ute, isn’t it?

UteYes, that’s right.

Dave Hi, I’m Dave Redman, the Sustainable development Officer. We are spoken on the phone. I think, it’s nice to meet you properly.

Ute I’m very pleased to meet you too. Thank you for seeing me today. I know you

Re very busy.

Dave Not at all. It’s always very useful to hear about the experience of other companies in this area. Would you like some coffee?

Ute No I won’t, thank you. I just had breakfast at the hotel/

DaveOK. Well, let’s get started, then. I think we have shared interest here- in exchanging experience of renewable energy projects. But perhaps you could tell me a little, first of all, about your company…

Ute Yes, of course…

Dave …and particularly what you company are doing in the area of reducing CO2 emission. Then I’ll explain something about our latest initiatives in this area.

Ute OK. I have a small brochure for you which describes the history of the company and also a copy of our environmental report, but I will just explain a little about our current situation and also about my job as Renewable Energy Advisor. As you know, we’re an independent energy supplier in the north of Germany. We generate about 50% of the energy we sell and the other 50% of the energy we source externally. We are very interested in installing more local generation capacity close to our dependence on outside companies.

Answer the questions:

1 What is the subject of the meeting?

2 What are the jobs of the two speakers?

3 What is Ute’s company’s current objective?

5.Follow-up: Exercise 5, p.59 (source 3).Listening. You have just given a brief presentation of your company at an international energy conference. At coffee afterwards a man approaches you and starts a conversation. Listen and respond in a natural way when you hear the cue. After you response you will hear a suggested response. Before you listen, complete the table below.

your job title

your main responsibilities

length of time in the company

your company’s main business

your current project

Suggested answer in italic

A Hello, my name is Said Ali. I was just listening to your presentation.

B Pleased to meet you. Said. I hope you found it interesting.

A I am afraid I arrive a little late. Could I just ask you a couple of questions about it?

BYes, of course.

A I missed your introduction. What is your job exactly? Do you work in Finance?

B Actually, I work in the Audit department. I’m responsible for financial control.

A And what does that involve exactly?

B Well, it’s my job to collect the financial results of the different business units.

A Oh. I see. That explains why you were talking about reporting. And have you been working for this company for a long time?

B No I joined only two years ago.

A And what are you working on at the moment ?

B We are doing an audit of the Swedish subsidiary.

6.Grammar: Герундий GerundThe choice between the Infinitive and the Gerund


8.Communicative task (group-work or pair-work): present yourself and your company.

Рекомендации по выполнению заданий

Соберите информацию о своей компании и распечатайте свое резюме.

Отчетный материал Выполнение упражнений по грамматическому материалу, написание эссе о своей компан

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