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Many engineers are licensed PEs (Professional Engineers)



изучение лексического материала по теме “Many engineers are licensed PEs” p 64-65 (source 4);

Задание на занятие:

1.Introduction:In pairs, discuss the questions: What is licensure?

What sort of professions require licensure in your country?

2.Vocabulary: introduction Exercise b, p.64 (source 4).

licensing process, graduating, license, acquire, require, degree, successful competition, recognize, obtain, mandatory

3.Pre-reading vocabulary:Exercise h, p.65 (source 4).

define, protect distinguish, authority seal drawings, estimate, Perform, valid, grant, obtain a license, based on, fulfill, rigorous exam, law, permit, offer, responsibility, approve, ethical standards

4. Reading: Read the text and translate it.

Professional Engineer (PE) is the term for registered or licensed engineers in some countries who are permitted to offer their professional services directly to the public.

The term Professional Engineer and the actual practice of professional engineering is legally defined and protected by a government body. In some jurisdictions only registered or licensed Professional Engineers are permitted to use the title, or to practice Professional Engineering.

The earmark that distinguishes a licensed/registered Professional Engineer is the authority to sign and seal or "stamp" engineering documents (reports, drawings, and calculations) for a study, estimate, design or analysis, thus taking legal responsibility for it.

In the United States, registration or licensure of Professional Engineers is performed by the individual states. Each registration or license is valid only in the state in which it is granted. Many Professional Engineers maintain licenses in several states for this reason, and comity between states can make it easy to obtain a license in one state based on licensure in another state without going through the full application process.

Licensure and ethics. Professional engineers have fulfilled the education and experience requirements and passed the rigorous exams that, under state licensure laws, permit them to offer engineering services directly to the public. PEs take legal responsibility for their engineering designs and are bound by a code of ethics to protect the public health and safety.

Engineer Interns or Engineers in Training are graduates from an engineering program approved by a state's licensure board who have also successfully completed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Achieving EI or EIT status is the first step towards becoming a PE.

In addition to licensure, NSPE promotes ethical standards for engineers, across all disciplines, and has an established Code of Ethics for Engineers as well as resources such as articles, videos, case studies relating to ethical practice, and an ethics hotline for its members to call with questions.


5. Follow-up: Exercise h, p. 65 (source 4). Complete the text with the correct abstract noun from the box.

development, independence, knowledge, management, supervision

6.Grammar: Модальные глаголы Modal verbs: can, may, must


8.Communicative task (group-work or pair-work): In small groups, compare and discuss formal requirement of licensure procedures in your own professional fields and discuss how you would explain these to a layperson.

Рекомендации по выполнению заданий

Найдите информацию о лицензировании инженерных специальностей в России, выучить новые слова, повторить грамматику.

Отчетный материал Выполнение упражнений по грамматическому материалу, написание эссе о лицензировании в электроэнергетике, включая новые слова.


Applying for a job



изучение лексического материала по теме “Careers in engineering, applying for a job”p. 169-176 (source 1);

изучение грамматического материала по теме ”Герундий Gerund”http://www.alleng.ru/mybook/3gram/6verb_non-fin_ger1.htm

Задание на занятие:

1. Introduction What sort of engineering job do you do at present or would you like to do in the future? Compare your ideas with others in your group.

2. Vocabulary: Introduction position, short lost of applicants, apply for, application form, letter of application = covering letter, recruitment agency = search firm, curriculum vitae = US resume, experience.

3.Pre-reading vocabulary:Exercise 2,p.169 (source 1)

multi-skilled, expansion, plant, apprenticeship, experience, flexible attitude, a clean driving license, benefits, comprehensive, forward, advertising

4. Reading: Read text p. 169 (source 1). Read and translate the text.

5.Follow-up: Exercise 2, p. 169 (source 1). Read the text and answer the questions below about this job advertisement.

1 Which company is advertising?

2 Where are the job based?

3 At what professional level are the jobs available?

4 Applicants from which branch of engineering are eligible?

5 What qualifications are required?

6 In addition to qualifications, what must the applicants have completed?

7 List some of the areas in which experience is sought/

8 Might you be considered for the job without experience?

9 In addition to qualification and experience, what characteristics should applicants have?

10 Which non-professional qualification is essential?

11 What might benefits package include?

12 What are the PLC systems?

13 What does HVA mean?

14 What is a CV?

A clean driving license:

a) Your license isn’t dirty?


b) you haven’t done anything illegal in a car?

6.Grammar: Герундий Gerund http://www.alleng.ru/mybook/3gram/6verb_non-fin_ger1.htm

8.Communicative task (group-work or pair-work): In pairs, discuss the question: Act out the interview with one student being the applicant and other the personnel officer. Use an example of resume.

An example of resume

Angel Montgomery1352 Pacific St. Omaha, NE 68015(402) 541- 1088angel.elec@hotmail.comObjectiveTo achieve the position of Master Electrician in a construction company where I can use all my experience and knowledge in the field. EmploymentCummings & Sons Construction, Omaha, NEMaster Electrician2006 - PresentEstimate costs. Meet clients and sing contracts. Plan and schedule work. Make supplies and tools requirements. Assign projects to the employees. Supervise the work of the staff. Meet the construction team to develop the design of electrical wiring for new constructions. Jensen Service & Diagnostic, Lincoln, NEElectrician1999 - 2006Work in a number of projects and develop a variety of activities as: Install and repair of conduits, circuits, wiring, etc. Fix installations. Install temporal connections to provide the electronic tools with energy during the construction.Education and Certification• Licensed Electrician, State of Nebraska, 2001.• Apprenticeship programInternational Brotherhood of Electrical Workers2000• AAS in Electrician ConstructionSoutheast Community College, Omaha, NE1997Professional Affiliations• Member of the Associated Builders and Contractors Union, since 2005.• Member of the National Electrical Contractors Association, since 2001.


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