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The value of the English language to future profession

Foreign languages are absolutely necessary for geologist nowadays because of our growing international contacts with foreign countries.

There are many reasons why we study foreign languages. For example to be able to communicate with other people who speak this language, or for future career.

If we are planning an expedition to country were the language we can speak is spoken, we can communicate with people there and understand what they are saying to us. Also with language skills after graduation we will can work abroad.

If we will work in any branch of science, in laboratory we naturally will wish to read scientific books and magazines in other languages to raise our profession level.

Russia has relations with many countries. More and more direct are established with the countries of Europe, with United States, Great Britain, Canada and other English-speaking countries.

Taking into account the economic development in or country, hundreds of joint ventures, including geological, have appeared in every city and town of Russia recently. Besides, a lot of foreign delegations come to our country. Knowledge of English language will provide an opportunity to take part in geological conferences or international meetings. As I have already mentioned just English is the language of the international communication.

That is why it is very important to learn English.


My plans for the future

I want to tell you about my plans for the future. Now I am a student of Mining University on geological prospecting department at chair of geology and exploration.

I will graduate from Mining University as mining engineer, geologist, mineralogist etc. So, I’d like to tell, that all roads that all roads are open to the geologist.

It’s known that the profession of geologist will in great demand in five years. So, after successful graduating of our university I plan to get a high paying, interesting , not sitting, creative job. At work I’d like to spend time with friends outdoors.

My work may require moving to another city or country. I am always happy and ready for a change of residence. I will try to climb the corporate ladder and one day I will be the boss of the company where I work. Simultaneously with work I am going to educate by myself. I’m interest in art, foreign languages at English and Japanese, psychology, music, cooking and football.

Besides I’d like to visit and see different countries and continents, modern cities and ruins. I need it just to enjoy picturesque places or just for change of scene and to discover new things, different ways of life, to meet different people, to try different food, to listen to different musical rhythms.

I also plan to get a large and happy family. I will get a loving husband and two children. We will live in a big house.

I hope in future I am become a good specialist, because it is the most needed profession in a branch of industry and live interesting and amazing life.



While I studied in school I read a book about geologists and their adventures by Efremov U.A. It prompted me to choose a future profession. I wanted to work not into the office, work outside – in the field.

I am interested how our planet arranged, what processes are taking place in it, how and why form the mountains, plains, rocks and minerals. That’s why I decided to enter the Mining University.

All 10-th and 11-th forms I was engaged to training to pass the exams in physics, mathematics and Russian. Before entered the university I took part of the Olympics, and visited open days and the mining and the paleontological museums. And I decided what career to choose. I want to finish the Mining University and become a mining engineer. Besides I be able to realize myself at jewelry, mineralogy, prospecting of useful minerals and aver geological professions.

Now I am a student of the second course on geological prospecting department at chair of geology and exploration. I hope I wouldn’t disappoint in my decision of future profession. I hope in future I can become a good specialist because it is the most needed profession in a branch of industry.

My First Practical Training

I want to tell you about my first practical training. It was in July. We visited places like Vilpovitsy, Vyborg, Sablino, Mozhajsk surface mines and Siversk. To get to practice, we used the trains or buses. We left at 8 am and arrived at 6 or 7 pm. The goal of our practice was, reinforcement of knowledge and skills in geology; familiarization with the basics of field observation techniques; familiarization with the documentation of field observations.

On the first day of practice, we went to Sablino, where we few hours walking through the woods and describes the outcrop. Especially remember a place called "Swallow's Nest." It is so called because swallows living near the water, have built their nests in this outcrop. When we were in Vyborg, we visited a local park Monrepos. In the park we saw a outPUT of the Baltic Shield. This output was presented by granites rapokivi. In limestones of Mozhaisk surface mines we found trilobites and endotseratoideis. On Radon lake we found Echinosphaerites. With each point of observation, we collected samples and then describe them. Also we made stratigraphy different exposures and made a correlation of outcrop.

All routes that we had to pass were complicated. Particularly difficult to describe our own outcrop. It was located on the bank of the river Sablinka. Once, we missed the train and had to wait for his 3 hours. In order not to get bored, we started to play different games. It was funny.

We had a very solid team, which consisted of 6 people. Each had responsibilities and tasks. Through this practice, we have rallied even more. When was the protection of our practice, we helped each other. My responsibilities in practice included collecting samples and writing articles about the tectonics and magmatism.

I really liked my first geological practice. I learned a lot about the Leningrad region. Most of all I like to collect the remains of ancient organisms. I also loved to travel by train and look out the window. I hope that the next practice will be no worse than the first.


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