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Geological prospecting department

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The National mineral resources university

The National mineral resources university (The Mining university) was established on November 1773. It is one of the world's oldest institutions of higher technical learning and the first one in Russia. The university has played an important role in the development of geology, mining and metallurgy.


The Institute has produced a galaxy of brilliant scientists and engineers who have won world recognition. More than a hundred graduates of the Institute have been elected academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences.


The Institute has been instrumental in setting up a number of specialized research institutions and design organizations. The Institute graduates have actively participated in searching, prospecting and exploitation of mineral wealth in the Urals, the Donbas, Siberia, Central Asia.


The training of specialists in the field of geology, metallurgy and mining has been the main task of the Institute since the very moment of its foundation. The Mining Institute has become the main higher educational institution training engineers. Its graduates play an important role in the development of the country mining industry.


There are ten departments: geological – prospecting, oil and gas, economic, mining, energy, construction (building), mechanical, chemical – metallurgical, department of fundamental sciences and humanities, department of postal tuition, in the Mining University. The total number of students of an institute includes full-time students, part-time students and postgraduate students.


It has well-equipped labo­ratories, demonstration rooms and a library which has many volumes of Russian and foreign scientific books and journals.


The students go through practical training at mines, plants and other industrial enterprises. They become familiar with all stages of production and every job from worker to engineer. Here they get practical knowledge and experience necessary for their diploma papers. It has become a tradition for the university to keep in close touch with the coal and ore mining industries.


A lot of students belong to students' scientific groups. They take part in the research projects which their departments usually con­duct. Postgraduates carry out research in different fields of science and engineering.

Sport centers give the students the opportunity to play different sports such as tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming,skiing, water polo, boxing, wrestling and others.


Students graduate from the university as mining engineers, mining mechanical engineers, ecologists, mining electrical engineers, geologists, economists and managers for mining industry and so on.


Since 1946, the Institute has been training specialists not only for our country, but for a number of other countries as well'. Since then the Institute has trained more than 1000 engineers from more than 53 countries. Many foreign graduates have returned to their own countries as good specialists in mining practice. Since 1980, the Institute has hosted UN post graduate courses. Yearly some of the teachers are recruited to work at colleges of different countries.

Geological prospecting department.


Geological prospecting Department is one of the largest in the National Mineral Resources University (Mining University). It is a complex of educational, methodical and research units, that headed by the dean's office. Educational work is determined by the activities of five majors chairs: chair of historical and dynamic geology, chair of geology and prospecting of mineral deposits, chair of geophysical and geochemical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, chair of hydrogeology and engineering geology, chair of mineralogy, crystallography and petrology; 19 teaching and research laboratories and five computer halls that ensure solution of the educational tasks. The faculty also includes two research laboratories.


The Department has several polygons, which have the full range of equipment, classrooms and berthing spaces, where students go through geological, hydrogeological, engineering-geological, geophysical practical trainings.


Graduates of the department are in need for scientific and industrial organizations of nature management of different patterns of ownership and receive offers from companies all over Russia.


Quality of professional education at the Department ensured a high level of qualification of staff of lecturers, most of whom are doctors and candidates of sciences, with extensive experience in research and teaching work.


Graduates of the Department have geological job of the country. They are the first to search new mineral deposits, drill wells on different continents for deposits of underground water, oil and gas, they are first to appear at construction sites where new enterprises and cities, tunneling and piping lines will be built.


They make up geological maps, discover, study and prospect for mineral deposits, research ores, precious and semi-precious stones, solve environmental problems of the geological environment.


Solving scientific problems they explore minerals, rocks and ores in laboratories equipped with modern devices and equipment, study the bottom of the oceans using deep water instruments, and measure the physical fields of the planet in the underground environment, on the ground, in the air and in space.



My chair.


The name of my chair is geology and prospecting of mineral deposits. It is located on the fourth floor of the main building………………. Our chair is managed by A.V. Kozlov.


The chair has a computer class for twelve seats. It has a definite purpose, which helps solve major educational and scientific tasks of the Department.


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