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Forget see forgiet pres 3rd sing of forgietan

forgief- see also forgif-

forgiefan [] sv/t5 to give, grant, allow; forgive, overlook; give up, leave off; give in marriage

forgiefedness [] f (-se/-sa) forgiveness

forgiefen [] adj indulgent; mild, tolerable

forgiefness [] f (-se/-sa) pardon, forgiveness, remission; indulgence, permission; gift?

forgieldan [] sv/t3 to pay for; require, reward; indemnify, make good; pay double (as penalty); give; give up, forfeit

forgielpan [] sv/t3 to boast in public, trumpet forth

forgíeman [] wv/t1b to neglect, pass by, transgress

forgíemeléasian [] wv/t2 to neglect, abandon, give up, omit

forgietan [] sv/t5 w.a. or g. to forget

forgif- see also forgief-

forgifendlic [] adj dative

forgifenlic [] adj excusable, tolerable

forgifestre [] f (-e/-a) female giver

forgifu [] f (-e/-a) favor, both that in which one stands with others and that which one shows to others; Favor which one finds with others, esteem, regard, liking, love, friendship; agreeableness, pleasantness, charm, beauty, loveliness, grace; Favor which one shows to another, mark of favor, kindness, courtesy, service, obligation; In partic., a mark of favor shown for a service rendered, thanks (by word or deed), thankfulness, gratitude; acknowledgment, return, requital [gratia]

forgifung [] f (-e/-a) gift; the nuptial gift before the morning gift

Forgildan see forgieldan

forgím- see forgíem-

forgit- see forgiet-, ofergit-, ofergiet-

forgitel [] adj forgetful

forgitelness [] f (-se/-sa) forgetfulness, oblivion

forgiten [] adj forgetting, forgetful; past part of forgietan

forgiting [] f (-e/-a) forgetfulness

forglendrian [] wv/t2 to devour, swallow up

forgnagan [] sv/t6 to eat up

forgnídan [] sv/t1 to grind together, dash down, crush, break

forgniden [] adj contrite

forgnidenness [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation

Forgnýdan see forgnídan

forgrindan [] sv/t3 1. to grind down, ruin, destroy, consume; 2. to send to the bottom, destroy; [grund]

forgrindet [] n (-es/-) grinding, pounding; pres 3rd sing of forgrindan

forgrípan [] sv/t1 to seize, assail, attack, overwhelm

forgríwan [] sv/t1 to sink (in vice)

forgrówen [] adj grown up?, overgrown?

Forgumian see forgíman

forgyf- see forgief-, forgif-

Forgyldan see forgieldan

forgylt [] adj condemned, guilty

forgyltan [] wv/t1b to sin, be or become guilty; forgylt condemned, guilty

forgým- see forgíem-

Forgyrd see forðgyrd

forgyrdan [] wv/t1b to enclose, encircle

forgyt- see forgiet-, forgit-

forhabban [] wv/t3 3rd pres forhæfð past forhæfde ptp forhæfd to hold in, restrain, retain, keep back; draw back, refrain from, avoid;

forhátan [] sv/t7 to renounce, forswear; se forhátena the devil

forhæfed continent, abstemious, celibate

forhæbbend [] m (-es/-) abstinent, continent person

Forhǽfd see forhéafod

forhæfed [] adj continent, abstemious, celibate

forhæfedness [] f (-se/-sa) temperance, continence, self-restraint, abstinence; parsimony

forhæfness [] f (-se/-sa) temperance, continence, self-restraint, abstinence; parsimony

forhæfendlíce [] adv continently

forhǽlan [] wv/t1b to injure?

forhǽtan [] wv/t1b to overheat

forhǽðed [] adj burnt up

Forheafdness see forhæfedness

forhéafod [] n (-héafdes/-u) forehead, brow, skull

forhealdan [] sv/t7 to forsake, fall away from, rebel against; let go; defile, pollute; withhold; misuse, abuse

forhealdness [] f (-se/-sa) unchastity

forheard [] adj very hard

forheardian [] wv/i2 to grow hard

forhéawan [] sv/t7 to hew in pieces, cut down, kill

Forhefedness see forhæfedness

Forhegan see forhogian

forhelan [] sv/t4 to cover over, conceal, hide, protect; sacne ~ conceal a guilty man

forhelian [] wv/t2 to hide; cover, clothe

forheregian [] wv/t2 to plunder, harry, ravage, devastate, destroy [Ger verheeren]

forhergend [] m (-es/-) ravager

forhergian [] wv/t2 to plunder, harry, ravage, devastate, destroy [Ger verheeren]

forherigean [] wv/t2 to plunder, harry, ravage, devastate, destroy [Ger verheeren]

Forhicgan see forhycgan

forhíenan [] wv/t1b to cast down, defeat, humiliate, outrage, oppress, waste [Ger verhöhnen]

Forhigan see forhycgan

forhogd- see forhogod-

forhoged- see forhogod-

forhogian [] wv/t2 to neglect, disregard, despise

forhogiend [] m (-es/-) despiser

forhogiendlic [] adj contemptible

forhogigendlic [] adj contemptible

Forhogod past part of forhycgan

forhogodlic [] adj contemptuous; adv ~líce

forhogodness [] f (-se/-sa) contempt

forhogung [] f (-e/-a) contempt

Forhohness see forhogodness

forhradian [] wv/t2 to hasten; prevent, anticipate, frustrate

forhraðe [] adv very speedily, quickly, soon

forhrædlíce [] adv too soon

forhréred [] adj annulled

forht [] adj afraid, timid, cowardly; frightful, terrible; adv ~e despairingly

forhtful [] adj fainthearted, timorous

forhtian1 [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to be afraid, surprised, fear, dread

forhtiendlic [] adj timorous; dreadful

forhtige [] adv humbly, submissively

forhtigende [] adj? timid; dreadful

forhtléasness [] f (-se/-sa) fearlessness

forhtlic [] adj fearful, afraid; dreadful; adv ~líce

forhtmód [] adj timorous, timid

forhtness [] f (-se/-sa) fear, terror

forhtu [] f (-e/-a) fear

forhtung [] f (-e/-a) fear

Forhugian see forhogian

Forhwan see forhwon

Forhwæn see forhwon

forhwega [] adv somewhere, somewhere about

forhweorfan [] sv/t3 to come to an end, be destroyed

forhwerf- see forhwierf-

forhwí see forhwý

forhwig see forhwý

forhwierfan [] wv/t1b to change, transform; remove, transfer; pervert

forhwierfedlic [] adj perverse

forhwierfedness [] f (-se/-sa) perversity

forhwon [] adv wherefore, why, for what reason

forhwý [] adv why, wherefore

forhwyrf- see forhwierf-

forhycgan [] wv/t3 3rd pres forhogað past forhogode ptp forhogod to disdain, despise, reject

forhýdan [] wv/t1b to hide

forhygdelic [] adj despised

forhylman [] wv/t1b to refuse obedience to

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