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Earon [] verb form (wé, gé, híe) are; see sindon pres pl of wesan 2 часть

efengelic [] adj like, co-equal

efengelíca [] m (-n/-n) equal, fellow, a co-equal

efengemæcca [] m (-n/-n) companion, equal, fellow, consort, husband

efengemetgian [] wv/t2 to temper equally

efengemynd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) commemoration

efengemyndig [] adj commemorative

efengespittan [] wv/t1a to spit upon; Esp., to spit upon in contempt; Poet., in a harsh and undignified figure, = conspergere, to besprinkle, to cover over; Neutr., to spit out much, to spit [conspuere]

efengód [] adj equally good; cmp ~bettra; spl ~betst

efenháda [] m (-n/-n) an equal in rank, co-bishop

efenhádabiscop [] m (-es/-as) a co-bishop

efenhálig [] adj equally holy

efenhéafda [] m (-n/-n) fellow, comrade

efenheafodling [] m (-es/-as) an equal, mate, fellow, fellow-mate

efenhéah [] adj equally high; equally exalted; cmp ~híerra; spl ~híehst

efenhéap [] m (-es/-as) a fellow soldier, soldier of the same band; band of comrades

efenheort [] adj concordant, harmonious

efenheorte [] ? (-?/-?) concord, harmony [æfne-]

efenheortnes [] f (-se/-sa) harmony [æfne-]

efenherenes [] f (-se/-sa) praising together

efenherian [] wv/t1a to praise together

efenhléoðor [] n (-hléoðres/-) harmony, a sounding together, union of sounds or voices, concordance of voices or sounds, united voice

efenhléoðrian [] wv/t2 to sing together

efenhléoðrung [] f (-e/-a) harmony, union of sounds or voices, a singing together, concert

efenhléta [] m (-n/-n) sharer, partner, consort, companion, fellow

efenhlíte [] adj equal in rank, having like lot with another;

efenhlytta [] m (-n/-n) sharer, partner, consort, companion

efeníeðe [] adj just as easy

efenlang [] adj even-long, equally long; (1) of the same length, coextensive with, stretching all along; (2) as long (as broad); cmp ~lengra; spl ~lengest; ~e prep w.d. along

efenláste [] f (-an/-an) the herb mercury

efenlǽcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b to be equal, to be like; make like, match, imitate

efenlǽce [] adj imitative

efenlǽcend [] m (-es/-) imitator

efenlǽcere [] m (-es/-as) imitator

efenlǽcestre [] f (-an/-an) imitator

efenlǽcung1 [] f (-e/-a) copying, imitation, a matching or making like or equal

efenléof [] adj equally dear

efenleornere [] m (-es/-as) fellow-disciple

efenlic1 [] adj 1. equal in extent; 2. of equal degree, of like condition; 3. even, equal, comparable to, of like age

efenlíce1 [] adv 1. evenly, without inequalities of surface; 2. without disagreement, without discrepancy; 3. equally, on equal terms, as equals; 4. in like manner, in like degree, equally, alike; 5. with equanimity, calmly, patiently

efenlíca [] m (-n/-n) equal

efenlician1 [] wv/t2 to conform to

efenlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) evenness, equality

efenling [] m (-es/-as) consort, fellow

efenmǽre [] adj equally famous, equally great

efenmæssepréost [] m (-es/-as) fellow-priest

efenmedome [] adj equally worthy

efenmetan [] sv/t5 3rd pres efenmiteð past efenmæt/efenmǽton ptp efenmeten to assemble together; to make equal, compare

efenmicel [] adj equally great; just as much as; cmp ~mára; spl ~mǽst

efenmid [] adj middle

efenmihtig [] adj equally mighty

efenmódlíce [] adv with equanimity, calmly

efennéah [] adv equally near; cmp ~néar; spl ~níehst

efenneahtlic [] adj equinoctial

efennes [] f (-se/-sa) evenness, equity, justice; comparison

efenniht [] f (-e/-) equinox (23rd Sept), even-night; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

efennihte? [] n (-es/-u) equinox (23rd Sept), even-night

efenréðe [] adj equally fierce; equally cruel [emn-]

efenríce [] adj equally powerful, of equal power, equally mighty

efensácerd [] m (-es/-as) fellow-priest

efensáre [] adv equally bitterly [emn-]

efensárgian [] wv/t2 to sorrow with, commiserate, compassionate, sympathize

efensárgung [] f (-e/-a) sympathy, compassion

efensárig [] adj w.d. even or equally sorry (with); compassionate; (1) feeling compassion or pity;

efenscearp [] adj equally sharp

efenscolere [] m (-es/-as) fellow-pupil [emn-]

efenscyldig [] adj equally guilty

efensorgian [] wv/t2 to be sorry for, compassionate [efn-]

efenspédiglic [] adj consubstantial, of the same substance

efensprǽc [] f (-e/-a) confabulation

efenstálian [] wv/t2 to prepare, make ready, execute

efenswíð [] adj equally strong; adv ~e just as much

efentéam [] m (-es/-as) a pulling together, conspiracy

efentówistlic [] adj consubstantial

efentwá [] adv on ~ into two parts

efenþegn [] m (-es/-as) fellow-servant

efenþéow [] m (-es/-as) fellow-servant

efenþéowa [] m (-n/-n) fellow-servant

efenþéowen [] f (-ne/-na) fellow-servant (female)

efenþrówian [] wv/t2 to compassionate, commiserate, sympathize, to suffer together

efenþrówung [] f (-e/-a) a suffering together, compassion

efenþwǽre [] adj agreeing

efenunwemme [] adj equally inviolate

efenwǽge [] f (-an/-an) even-weight, counterpoise, an equipoise

efenweaxan [] sv/i7 3rd pres efenwiexð past efenwéox/on ptp is efenweaxen to grow together

efenwel [] adv even, well, equally, as well; ~ and equally as well as [æmn-]

efenweorð [] adj of equal rank; of equal worth or dignity; of adequate worth, very worthy, even worth, equivalent

efenwerod [] n (-es/-, -u) a soldier of the same company, a fellow soldier, band of comrades

efenwesende [] adj contemporaneous, co-existent

efenwiht [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) equal, fellow, associate

efenwrítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres efenwríteð past efenwrát/efenwriton ptp efenwriten to write together in a roll or list, to enroll; very freq. as a milit. t. t., of the levying of troops; To put together in writing, to draw up, compose, write (+acc or rel. clause); Esp., of physicians, to prescribe; to write something all over, to fill with writing; [conscribere]

efenwyrcan [] irreg wv/t1b to cooperate

efenwyrcend [] m (-es/-) cooperator

efenwyrcung [] f (-e/-a) a cooperating

efenwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) fellow-worker

efenyrfeweard [] m (-es/-as) co-heir

efes [] f (-e/-a) eaves (of a house); brim, brink, edge, border (of a forest), side

efesc [] f (-e/-a) eaves (of a house); brim, brink, edge, border (of a forest), side

efesian1 [] wv/t2 (1) absolute, to cut hair; (2) w.a. of person, to cut the hair of a person; (2a) with head as object; (3) w.a. of hair

efestan1 [] 1. wv/i1b to hasten, hurry, make haste, be quick; (1) of movement; (2) referringto rapid passage oftime; þes middangeard tó ende efesteþ; (3) of prompt action, exertion; 2. wv/t1b w.g. to strive after, endeavor to do, undertake; [see ofestan]

efestlíce [] adv hurriedly, quickly, hastily, in haste

efestung [] f (-e/-a) haste, hastening

efesung [] f (-e/-a) hair-cutting, clipping, polling, shearing, shaving

efesungsceare [] f (-an/-an) a pair of scissors or shears

efeta [] m (-n/-n) eft, newt, lizard

efete [] f (-an/-an) eft, newt, lizard

Eficisc [] adj of Ephesus

efnan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to throw down, prostrate, level, lay low; level, bring to a level with; 2. to perform, execute, labor, acheive; 3. to make even, level; liken, compare; 4. see æfnan

efne [] adv 1. even, evenly; (1) uniformly, regularly; (2) with equanimity; (3) equally, justly, fairly; (4) equally; quite, fully; equally, exactly, indeed, precisely, just, only, simply, merely; alike, likewise; just now; namely; 2. as intensive or emphatic particle; (1) exactly, just; (a) with anumeral; (b) ofmanner, degree; ~ gelíce just like; followed by swá, swilce; (c) of time, just now, directly; (2) just, only, no other than; (3) even; (4) lo, indeed, now; (4a) with nú; ~ swáeven so, even as, just as if, when; ~ swá þéaheven though; ~ tónext to; 2. interj lo!, behold!, truly!, indeed! [efen]; 3. n (-es/-u) material

efnenú [] interj behold now [same as L ecce]

efnes [] adv quite, just, exactly

efnettan1 [] wv/t1b to equal, emulate, imitate; make even, square, adjust; ge~ compare

efning [] m (-es/-as) consort, partner

eft [] adv 1. of repetition, again, anew, a second time; 1a. of replacement, restoration, renewal; 2. of return, reversal, back, again; (a) to a place; híe eft cómon; (b) to a condition; þu scealt tó eorþan eftgeweorðan; (c) of giving; (d) reversal of order; 3. afterwards, then, thereupon, (a) in reference to the past; híe þæt eft dydon they did that again; (b) in reference to the future, hereafter, thereafter; 3a. afterwards, in a later part of a book; 4. where there is a sequence of propositions, statements, again, likewise, moreover; gehíeran hwæt áwriten is…and eft gehíerað þone cwide; in northern texts, Latin re- is rendered by eft-, which is separable: eftcierran becomes eft tó cierrenne; ~ ágiefan to give back, return

eftácenned [] adj born again

eftácennednes [] f (-se/-sa) regeneration

eftácennes [] f (-se/-sa) regeneration

eftágiefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres eftgiefð past eftgeaf/eftgéafon ptp eftgiefen to give back

eftárísan [] sv/i1 3rd pres eftáríseð past eftárás/eftárison ptp is eftárisen to rise again

eftǽrist [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) resurrection

eftbetǽht [] adj reassigned, redelivered, given back [betǽcan]

eftbétung [] f (-e/-a) making whole, restoration to health;

eftboren [] adj born again, reborn

eftbót [] f (-e/-a) restoration to health

eftcennes [] f (-se/-sa) regeneration

eftcierran [] wv/t1a to turn back, return

eftcneoresu [] f (-e/-a) regeneration

eftcuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres eftcymð past eftcóm/on ptp is eftcumen to come back

eftcyme1 [] m (-es/-as) a coming again, return

eftdrægend [] m (-es/-) one who kicks back, one who denies access; one who is petulant, disobedient[recalcitrans]

eftéadig [] adj rich

eftedwítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres eftedwíteð past eftedwát/eftedwiton ptp eftedwiten to reprove

eftern? [] ? (-?/-?) evening

eftflówan [] sv/i7 3rd pres eftfléwð past eftfléow/on ptp is eftflówen to flow back

eftflówende [] adj redundant [redundans]

eftflówung [] f (-e/-a) redundance

eftforgiefnes [] f (-se/-sa) a sending back or away, releasing; A sending back, returning; of persons; Of things, a throwing back, reflecting; A letting down, lowering; A slackening, relaxing, abating, diminishing, remitting; remission, relaxation, abatement; Slackness, laxness, want of spirit; Relaxation, recreation; Mildness, gentleness, lenity; A remitting of a penalty, etc., a remission; In eccl. Lat., remission, forgiveness of sin; A repetition [remissio], a re-establishing, reinstatement, restoration, renewal [reconciliatio]

eftgán [] irreg v/i to go

eftgeafung [] f (-e/-a) remuneration

eftgecíegan [] wv/t1b to recall, call back

eftgeearnung [] f (-e/-a) remuneration

eftgemyndgian [] wv/t2 to remember

eftgemyndig [] adj remembering

eftgewæxen [] adj grown again

eftgian [] wv/t2 to repeat, iterate; ge~ restore, strengthen

efthweorfan [] sv/i3 3rd pres efthwierfð past efthwearf/efthwurfon ptp is efthworfen to turn back, return

efthwierfan [] wv/t1b to return; recur

eftléan [] n (-es/-) recompense

eftléaniend [] m (-es/-) rewarder, remunerator, recompenser

eftlísung [] f (-e/-a) redemption

eftlócung [] f (-e/-a) respectus, regard

eftmyndig [] adj remembering

eftníwung [] f (-e/-a) renewal, restoration

eftonfónd [] m (-es/-) receiver

eftongéanbíegan [] wv/t1b to untwist again, to unwreathe

eftryne [] m (-es/-as) a running back, return [occursus]

eftscéogian [] wv/t2 to put one’s shoes on again

eftselnes [] f (-se/-sa) requital, retribution, recompense

eftselenes [] f (-se/-sa) requital, retribution, recompense

eftsittan [] sv/i5 3rd pres eftsitteð past eftsæt/eftsǽton ptp is eftseten to sit again, sit back, remain sitting anywhere; remain behind, to remain, rest, linger, tarry, abide, reside; To sit up, assume a sitting posture; to sit inactive, to remain idle or listless (rare); to remain behind, remain, be left [residere]

eftsíð2 [] m (-es/-as) journey back, return

eftsíðgende [] adj turning back, retreating

eftsóna [] adv a second time; repeatedly; eftsoons, soon after, again, likewise

eftspellung [] f (-e/-a) recapitulation

eftþingung [] f (-e/-a) reconciliation

eftwyrd [] f (-e/-e) a becoming again, a renewal of existence, resurrection at doom’s day; future fate, day of judgement, judgment day, resurrection day?; or adj? future?

ege [] m (-es/-as) awe, fear, terror, dread; overawing influence; cause of fear; ~ witan to fear

egeful [] adj 1. fearful, inspiring, fear, terrible, awful, inspiring or feeling awe, wonderful; (1) of persons; (2) of things, terrible, tremendous; 2. fearful, timorous; (1) feeling fear; (2) expressing fear; (3) inspiring or feeling awe, awful; 3. adv ~líce fearfully, awfully, in a way that inspires awe

egehealdan [] sv/t7 3rd pres egehíelt past egehéold/on ptp egehealden to hold in fear, correct

egeláf? [] f (-e/-a) survivors of battle [or égorláf?]

egeléas [] adj fearless, without fear, without awe; adv ~líce fearlessly, without fear, inconcernedly

egeléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) boldness, confidence, presumption

egelic [] adj terrible

egenu [] f (-e/-a) chaff, husk, a little round heap

egesa [] m (-n/-n) awe, fear, terror, horror, dread, peril; what excites fear or horror, a terrible thing; monstrous thing, monster; horrible deed [ege]

egesfullic [] adj full of fear, fearful, awful, terrible; adv ~líce terribly

egesfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) fearfulness, fear, fullness of fear, formidableness

egesgríma [] m (-n/-n) terror-mask, a horrible mask, a creature that has assumed a horrible form, a specter, ghost

egesgríme [] f (-an/-an) a witch, sorceress

egesian1 [] wv/t2 1. to frighten, affright, terrify, inspire (with) fear or awe; the hero inspired (the men) with fear; (1) absolute; (2) w.a.; 2. to threaten

efesig [] adj terrible, horrible

efeslic [] adj awful, fearful, dreadful, terrible, horrible, threatening; adv ~líce sternly; fearfully

egesung [] f (-e/-a) a terrible act, frightening, threatening, terror, fear, dread

egeswín [] m (-es/-as) a kind of fish

egeðgetigu [] n pl harrowing implements

egewylm [] m (-es/-as) terrible wave, a terrible surge

Egipte [] m pl the Egyptians, the people of Egypt in a body, Egypt

Egiptisc [] adj Egyptian, belonging to Egypt

egl [] f (-e/-a), n? (-es/-) mote, beard; ail, awn, ear (of barley); claw, talon

eg-lá-eg [] interj euge!

eglan [] wv/t1b, impers wv/i1b w.d. person to trouble, plague, pain, molest, afflict, griev, ail

egle [] 1. adj hideous, loathsome, hateful, horrid, troublesome, grievous, painful; 2. see egl

égnes [] f (-se/-sa) fear

Egones hám [] m (-es/-as) Ensham or Eynsham

egor [] ? (-?/-?) nine ounces or inches, a span

égor [] n? (-es/-) flood, high tide; water, the sea

égorhere2 [] m (-es/-as) flood, deluge, the water-host

égorstréam2 [] m (-es/-as) a water-stream, water, sea, ocean

egðe [] f (-an/-an) harrow, rake, an instrument to beat out corn

egðere [] m (-es/-as) harrower

egþwirf [] n (-es/-) a young ass used for harrowing?

éht? [] f (-e/-a) pursuit [= óht]

éhtan1 [] wv/t1b 1. to follow after, chase, pursue an enemy, a criminal; 2. to chase an animal; 2a. ofanimals; 3. to assail, attack; persecute; harass, annoy, afflict, (1) with weapons; (1a) of an animal; (2) with words, abuse, reproaches; (3) of things; 4. to persecute, act with malevolence towards; 5. ge~ acquire, purchase [óht]; [originally: attack, persecute, pursue, harass]

éhtend [] m (-es/-) pursuer, assailant; persecutor

éhtere [] m (-es/-as) persecutor

éhtnes [] f (-se/-sa) persecution

éhtung [] f (-e/-a) persecution

el- [] prefix foreign, strange

el [] noun (pl elle) other

elcian [] wv/t2 to put off, delay, procrastinate; (1) absolute; (2) w.g.; (3) w.prep. ongéan w.a., tó w.d., etc.; (4) w.clause ;

elciend [] m (-es/-) procrastinator

elcor [] adv 1. besides, except; 2. otherwise, in another way; 3. as an alternative, as a substitute; 4. if not, under other conditions, on another supposition; 4a. after a negative clause, if so; 5. elsewhere

elcora [] adv else, otherwise; adj latter

elcra [] adv else, otherwise; adj latter

elcran [] adv else, otherwise

elcung [] f (-e/-a) delay

ele [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) oil [L]

ele- [] prefix foreign, strange

elebacen [] adj cooked in oil, oil-baked, baken in or with oil

elebéam [] m (-es/-as) olive-tree; elder?, privet?, elm-tree?

elebéamen [] adj of the olive-tree, belonging to the olive-tree

elebéamstybb [] m (-es/-as) stump of an elder

elebearu [] m (-wes/-was) olive-grove

eleberende [] adj containing oil

eleberge [] f (-an/-an) an olive, the fruit of an olive-tree

elebytt [] f (-e/-a) oil-vessel, oil-cruet, chrismatory

eledrósna [] pl dregs of oil, lees of oil

elefæt [] n (-es/-fatu) oil-vessel, ampulla, cruise or pot

elegréofa [] m (-n/-n) tinder from residue of pressed olives

elehorn [] m (-es/-as) oil-flask, horn for oil

elehtre [] f (-an/-an) the plant lupine [electrum]

eleland [] n (-es/-) a foreign country

elelænde [] adj strange, foreign

eleléaf [] n (-es/-) olive-leaf?

eleléast [] f (-e/-a) lack of oil

elelendisc [] adj strange, foreign; noun stranger, exile [ellende]

Elene [] f (-an/-an) Helena; the wife of the Roman Emperor Constantius, and mother of Constantine the Great

elesealf [] f (-e/-a) oil-salve, sweet balm, nard

eleseocche [] f (-an/-an) oil-strainer, a vessel for straining oil

eletredde [] f (-an/-an) oil-press, press in which olives are crushed

eletréow [] n (-es/-) olive-tree, an oil tree

eletréowen [] adj of olive-trees

eletwig [] n (-es/-twiogu) an olive-twig, a small branch of olive, oleaster

éleð [] m (-es/-as) allodium, freehold [= éðel]

elewana [] m (-n/-n) lack of oil

elhygd [] f (-e/-a) strange thought, distraction, ecstasy, alienation of mind

Élig [] f (-e/-a) the isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire

Éligburg [] f (-byrg/-byrg) the city of Ely, Cambridgeshire

Éligmynster [] n (-mynstres/-) the monastery of Ely

ell [] m (-es/-as) the letter l

elland2 [] n (-es/-) foreign country

elle [] 1. pl of el the others; [var of elra]; 2. see ealle; 3. see ellen 2

elleahtor [] m (-leahtres/-leahtras) misuse of the letter l

ellen [] 1. n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) zeal, strength, power, vigor, valor, courage, fortitude; strife, contention; on ~ boldly; (always neuter in poetry); 2. n (-es/-) elder-tree; (a small tree whose branches are filled with a light spongy pith. The fruit is a globular, purplish-black berry, of which wine is often made, called elder-berry wine. It is quite distinct from alor the alder-tree); 3. adj of elder-wood, of elder, elder-

ellenahse [] f (-an/-an) elder ash [=asce]

ellenasce [] f (-an/-an) elder ash

ellencampian [] wv/t2 to contend vigorously

ellencræft [] m (-es/-as) might, strength, power

ellendǽd2 [] f (-e/-e) heroic deed, a deed of valor, bold or valiant deed

ellende [] 1. adj foreign, stange, exiled; 2. n (-es/-u) foreign parts

Ellendún [] f (-e/-a) Allington, near Amesbury, Wilts

ellengǽst [] m (-es/-as) a bold or powerful demon

ellengráfa [] m (-n/-n) elder-grove

ellenheard2 [] adj mighty, brave, bold, hard of courage, courageous

ellenhete [] m (-es/-as) jealousy

ellenlǽca [] m (-n/-n) champion, combatant

ellenléaf [] n (-es/-) elder-leaf

ellenléas [] adj wanting in courage, lacking in courage

ellenlic [] adj brave, courageous, valiant; adv ~líce boldly, daringly

ellenmǽrðu2 [] f (-e/-a) fame of courage, glory of valor or courage

ellenrind [] f (-e/-a) elder-bark, elder-rind

ellenróf2 [] adj remarkably strong, powerful, daring, brave, courageous

ellenséoc [] adj mortally wounded, infirm or languid from want of strength

ellensprǽc [] f (-e/-a) strong speech, powerful speech

ellenstubb [] m (-es/-as) elder-stump

ellenstybb [] m (-es/-as) elder-stump

ellentán [] m (-es/-as) elder-twig

ellentréow [] n (-es/-) elder-tree

ellenþríste [] adj heroically bold, bold in courage, bold

ellenweorc2 [] n (-es/-) heroic deed, a work of valor, valiant or powerful act; good work

ellenwód [] 1. f (-e/-a) zeal; 2. adj raging, furious; zealous, earnest

ellenwódian [] wv/t2 to strive with zeal, emulate

ellenwódnes [] f (-se/-sa) zeal, envy, emulation, ardor

ellenwyrt [] f (-e/-e) elderwort, dwarf-elder

ellenwyrttruma [] m (-n/-n) root of elder

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