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Earon [] verb form (wé, gé, híe) are; see sindon pres pl of wesan 1 часть

earp [] adj dark, dusky, brown, swarthy [ON jarpr]

éarplætt [] m (-es/-as) box or blow on the ear

éarplættan [] wv/t1a to box the ears, buffet

éarplættigan [] wv/t2 to box the ears, buffet

éarpréon [] m (-es/-as) an ear-pin, ear-ring

ears [] m (-es/-as) fundament, the breech, the buttocks, the hind part

éarscripel [] m (-scriples/-scriplas) an ear-scraper, little finger

éarsealf [] f (-e/-a) ear-salve

earsende [aers·en·de] n (-es/-u) the breech, buttocks; pl buttocks

earsgang [] m (-es/-as) privy; excrement, fecal discharge; anus

éarslege [aer·sle·je] m (-es/-as) a blow that strikes off an ear

earsling [] adv on ~ backwards, on the back

earslýra [] m? (-n/-n) buttocks, breech, the breech-muscle [líra]

earsode [] ? tergosus

éarspinl [] f (-e/-a) earring

earsþerl [] n (-es/-) anus

eart [] verb form (þú +) art; 2nd pers sing of wesan

éarþyrel [] n (-þyrles/-) 1. the ear-passage; 2. In gen., a pipe, tube, e. g. a water-pipe; 3. A hollow reed-stalk, a reed, cane; A reed-pipe, shepherd's pipe, pipes of Pan (made of several reeds gradually decreasing in length and calibre), the Greek surinx, invented by Pan; A writing-reed; A sort of ulcer, a fistula; A catheter [fistula], the windpipe; an artery [arteria], ear-passage [or = earsþyrel, þerl?]

earu [] adj fast, quick

éarwærc [] n (-es/-) ear-ache, a pain in the air

éarwela [] m (-n/-n) watery realm

éarwicga [] m (-n/-n) an earwig or worm

earwunga [] adv gratuitously; without a cause

éarýð [] f (-e/-a) wave of the sea

éase [] ? (-?/-?) caucale (caucalia?), lipped vessel, beaker

éaspring [] m (-es/-as) a water-spring, fountain

éast [] 1. adj east, easterly; cmp ~ra, ~erra; spl ~mest, ~emest; 2. m (-es/-as) the east

éast [] adv eastwards, in an easterly direction, to the east, in or from the east; 1. markingdirection, (1) of movement; (2) of measurement (of a road, boundary, etc.); (3) oflooking; 2. of relative position, east, to the east, in the east;

éasta [] m (-n/-n) the east

éastán [] m (-es/-as) a river-stone?

éastan [] 1. adv from the east, easterly; marking direction of movement; marking direction of measurement, giving quarter from which measurement is made; 2. adj east

éastane [] adv from the east, easterly; marking direction of movement; marking direction of measurement;

éastannorðan [] adv from the north-east

éastannorðanwind [] m (-es/-as) north-east wind

éastansúðan [] adv from the south-east, southeastern

éastansúðanwind [] m (-es/-as) south-east wind

éastanwind [] m (-es/-as) east wind

éastæð [ae·stath] n (-es/-staðu) river-bank, sea-shore

Éast-Centingas [] m pl the East Kentians, men of East Kent

éastcyning [] m (-es/-as) eastern king

éastdǽl [] m (-es/-as) eastern quarter, the eastern part, the East

Éast-Dene [] m pl the East-Danes

éaste [] f (-an/-an) the East

éastende [] m (-es/-as) east-end, east quarter; the east part of a country, of the earth, the east

Éast-Engle [] m pl the East-Anglians; East Anglia

Éaster [] n (Éastres/Éastru) 1. of the Christian festival, Easter, the feast of Easter; 2. of the Jewish festival, the Passover, the paschal lamb; 3. of the season of the year, spring; [in W.S., the weak pl is almost always used; in the North, singular and plural, strong and weak forms occur]

éaster [] adj Easter

Éasterǽfen [] m (-ǽfnes/-ǽfnas) Easter-eve

Éasterdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) 1. of the Christian festival, (1) a day in easter week, Easter-day; (2) Easter Sunday;on óðran ~e on Easter Monday; 2. the day of the Passover;

Éasterfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) Easter-fast, Lent

Éasterfeorm [] f (-e/-a) feast of Easter, Easter fast or repast

Éasterfréolsdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) the feast day of the Passover

Éastergewuna [] m (-n/-n) an Easter custom

Éasterlic [] adj belonging to Easter, Easter, paschal

Eastermónað [] m (-mónðes/mónðas) April, Easter-month

éasterne [] adj east, eastern, oriental; 1. marking position, (1) in the east; (2) of the east part of the world, eastern; (2a) used as a noun, an Eastern, an oriental; 2. markingdirection of the wind, east, from the east

Éasterniht [] f (-e/-) Easter-night, Easter-eve; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]

Éastersunnandæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Easter Sunday

Éastersymbel [] n (-symbles/-) Passover

Éastertíd [] f (-e/-e) Easter-tide, Paschal season

Éasterþénung [] f (-e/-a) Passover, the paschal feast, paschal lamb, the Passover

Éasterwucu [] f (-e/-a) Easter-week

éasteweard [] adj east, eastward, eastern part of the noun to which the word is applied

éastfolc [] n (-es/-) eastern nation, Eastern people

Éast-Francan [] m pl East Franks

éastgársecg [] m (-es/-as) the eastern ocean

éastgemǽre [] n (-es/-u) an eastern boundary, eastern confines

éasthealf [] f (-e/-a) east side

Éastland [] n (-es/-) 1. an eastern land, the East, eastern country; in pl eastern lands, the East; 2. Estonia (East land), the country of the Osti or Estas;

éastlang [] 1. adj to the east, eastwards, extending east, lying in an easterly direction; cmp éastlengra, spl éastlengest; 2. adv along the east; cmp éastleng/éastlenge, spl éastlengest

éastléode [] m pl Eastern people, Orientals

éastnorð [] adj north-easterly, north-east; cmp ~erra; spl ~mest

éastnorðerne [] adj north-east

éastnorðwind [] m (-es/-as) north-east wind

éastportic [] n (-es/-) eastern porch, east portico

Éastre [] f (-an/-an) Easter; Passover; spring [usu in pl Éastron, Éastran];~an wyrcan to keep Easter, eat the Passover

éastréam [] m (-es/-as) a water-stream, river

éastréamýþ [] f (-e/-a) a river-stream flood

éastríce [] n (-es/-u) 1. eastern kingdom, eastern country, eastern empire, eastern part of a country; 2. a kingdom that lies to the east of another; 3. the East; 4. East Anglia

éastrihte [] adv due east, eastwards, east-right, towards or in the east

éastrihtes [] adv due east

éastrodor[] m (-es/-roderas) eastern sky, the eastern part of heaven

éastsǽ [] f (-/-) east sea

Éast-Seaxan [] m pl East-Saxons, people of Essex; Essex

Éast-Seaxe [] m pl East-Saxons, people of Essex; Essex

éaststæð [] n (-es/-staðu) east bank of a stream

éastsúð [] adj south-eastwards; be ~an to the south-east; cmp ~erra; spl ~mest

éastsúðdǽl [] m (-es/-as) south-east part

éastsúðlang [] adj from east to south; cmp ~lengra; spl ~lengest

éastþéod [] f (-e/-a) an eastern people

Éast-Þyringas [] m pl the East Thuringians

éastweard [] 1. adj east, eastward; (1) defining direction of motion; (2) defining direction ofmeasurement; 2. ~es adv eastwards; (1) of direction; (2) of position;

éastweg2 [] m (-es/-as) east-way, path in or from the east, way to or in the east; in pl eastern parts, the east

Eatole [] f? (-an/-an) Italy

Eatolware [] m pl Italians

éaðbede [] adj easy to be entreated, exorable

éaðbéne [] adj easy to be entreated, exorable

éaðbegéate [] adj easy to get

éaðbegéte [] adj easy to get

éaðbelg [] m (-es/-as) irritability

éaðbylgnes [] f (-se/-sa) irritability, readiness to anger, irascibility

éaðbylige [] adj easily irritated

éaðcnǽwe [] adj easy to recognize

éaðdǽde [] adj easy to do

éaðe [] 1. adj easy; smooth, agreeable, kindly; easily moved; cmp éaðra; spl éaðost; 2a. of action, easily; (1) as being well within one’s power; (1a) as being withinproperlimits; (2) without discomfort or trouble, conveniently, readily, at ease; (3) without reluctance, willingly, readily; 2b. of event, easily, possibly, perhaps; ~ mæg (1) perhaps, may be; (2) lest;; 3. n (-es/-u) an easy thing, what is easy, the easy

éaðelic [] 1. adj easy, presenting little difficulty; easy, possible; 2. adj inconsiderable, insignificant, slight; (1) of livingthings, weak, tender; (2) of lifeless matter, mean, poor, scanty; (3) of an abstract object, slight, trifling, insignificant; 3. adv ~líce easily; fickly, weakly

éaðelicnes [] f (-se/-sa) easiness

éaðfére [] adj easy for traveling over, easily trod, easy

éaðfynde2 [] adj easy to find, easy to be found

éaðgeorn [] adj easily pleased

éaðgesíene2 [] adj easily seen, visible

éaðgéte [] adj easy to obtain, easily gotten, prepared, ready, gotten ready

éaðgéate [] adj easy to obtain, easily gotten, prepared, ready, gotten ready

éaðhylde [] adj contented, satisfied, easily held, easy to hold, content; of a person, easily moved to anything, compliant

éaðlǽce [] adj easy to cure

éaðlǽcne [] adj easy to cure

éaðlǽre [] adj capable of being taught, instructed, teachable; easily taught

éaðmédan1 [] wv/t1b to humble, humble oneself, prostrate oneself, adore; lower (1)

éaðméde [] adj humble-minded, humble, of an easy mind, meek, mild, lowly, gentle; submissive, obedient; benevolent, friendly, affectionate; gracious, gentle, condescending (2)

éaðmédian1 [] wv/t2 to humble, humble oneself, prostrate oneself, adore; lower (3)

éaðmédlic [] adj humble, respectful; adv ~líce humbly

éaðmédu [] f (-e/-a) gentleness, humility, lowliness; obedience, submission, reverence; graciousness, gentleness, condescension; god-will, kindness, affability

éaðmédum [] adv humbly, kindly

éaðméttan1 [] wv/t1a to humble, humble oneself, prostrate oneself, adore; lower (2)

éaðméttu [] n pl humility, weakness, impotency

éaðmód [] adj humble-minded, humble, of an easy mind, meek, mild, lowly, gentle; submissive, obedient; benevolent, friendly, affectionate; gracious, gentle, condescending (1)

éaðmódheort [] adj humble-minded

éaðmódian1 [] wv/t2 to humble or submit oneself, make humble, obey; to be humble, obey; ge~ condescend; ge~ adore, worship

éaðmódlic [] adj humble, respectful; adv ~líce humbly, meekly; kindly

éaðmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) humility, humbleness, meekness, humanity; gentleness, graciousness, kindness, condescension

éaðmylte [] adj easily digested

éaðnes [] f (-se/-sa) 1. easiness, lightness, facility, ease; 2. ease, freedom from trouble, suffering, etc.; 3. ease, freedom from difficulty; 4. gentleness

éaðrǽde [] adj easy to guess

éaðwylte [] adj easily turned, that may be easily turned

éawdnes [] f (-se/-sa) a showing, exhibiting, manifestation [ostensio], disclosure

éawisclic [] adj manifest, open, displayed; adv ~líce openly

éawunga [] adv openly, plainly, publicly [íewan]

éawunge [] adv openly, plainly, publicly [íewan]

éawyrt [] f (-e/-e) river-wort, burdock

eax [] 1. f (-e/-a) axis, axle, axle-tree; 2. see æcs

Eaxan ceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Exeter, Devon

Eaxan mynster [] n (-minstres/-) the minster on the river Ex, Axminster, Devon

Eaxan múða [] m (-n/-n) the mouth of the river Ex, Exmouth, Devon

eaxelgespann [] n (-es/-) place where the two beams of a cross intersect

eaxl [] f (-e/-a) shoulder

eaxel [] f (-e/-a) shoulder

eaxlcláð [] m (-es/-as) a shoulder-cloth, scapular

eaxlgespan [] n (-nes/-nu) the shoulder-span; the beam of a cross which passes behind the shoulders

eaxlgestealla2 [] m (-n/-n) shoulder-companion, comrade, nearest friend, bosom friend, counselor; competitor?

ebba [] m (-n/-n) ebb, low tide, a receding of water

ebbian1 [] wv/t2 to ebb

Ebréas [] m pl the Hebrews

Ebréisc [] adj Hebrew, belonging to Jews; adv ~líce in Hebrew

ece [] m (-es/-as) ache, pain [acan]

éce [] adj perpetual, eternal, everlasting, to all time; durable; adv eternally, ever, evermore, perpetually

eced [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) acid, vinegar [L acetum]

eceddrenc [] m (-es/-as) acid drink, vinegar, a potion in which vinegar is an ingredient

ecedfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) vinegar-vessel, an acid-vat

ecedwín [] n (-es/-) wine mingled with myrrh

écelic [] adj eternal, perpetual, everlasting; adv ~líce eternally, ever, to eternity; to all time, perpetually

ecg [] f (-e/-a) edge, point, a sharpness; 2 weapon, sword, blade, battle-axe; an edge, virge, brink of high ground;

ecgan1 [] wv/t1b to sharpen, give an edge; harrow

ecgbana2 [] m (-n/-n) slayer with the sword, sword-killer, murderer

Ecgbryht [] m (-es/-as) Egbert; [ecg edge, sword; bryht bright, excellent]

Ecgbryhtes stán [] m (-es/-as) Brixton Deverill, Wilts?

ecgclif [] n (-es/-u, -cliofu) steep shore, a sea cliff or shore

ecgheard [] adj hard of edge

ecghete2 [] m (-es/-as) sword-hatred, hostile hate, war

ecghwæs? [] adj keen-edged

ecglást [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) sword’s edge

ecglinga [] adv on the edge, edgeling

ecgplega [] m (-n/-n) battle, a play of swords, sword-fight

ecgþracu [] f (-e/-a) hot contest, sword strength, war or savage courage

ecgung [] f (-e/-a) harrowing

ecgwæl [] n (-es/-walu) sword-slaughter, sword’s wail

eclypsis [] m (-es/-as) eclipse

écnes [] f (-se/-sa) eternity, everlasting; all time; á on ~se for ever and ever

écsóð [] adv verily, but truly, but also

écsóðlíce [] adv verily, but truly

ed- [] prefix, denotes repetition, turning, means anew, again, as in the Latin re-

edcélnes [] f (-se/-sa) refreshment, a recooling, pleasant coolness [oe]

edcennung [] f (-e/-a) regeneration

edcierr [] m (-es/-as) return

edcwic [] adj regenerate, restored to life

edcwician1 [] wv/t2 to re-quicken, revive

edcwide [] m (-es/-as) a relation, retelling, narrative

edgeong2 [] adj becoming or being young again, growing young again; cmp ~giengra; spl ~giengest

edgiefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres edgiefð past edgeaf/edgéafon ptp edgiefen to give again, restore

edgieldan [] sv/t3 3rd pres edgieldeð past edgeald/edguldon ptp edgolden to requite, remunerate

edgieldend [] m (-es/-) remunerator, a rewarder, one who requites

edgift [] f (-e/-a) restitution, a re-giving

edginnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres edginð past edgann/edgunnon ptp edgunnen to begin again

edgrówung [] f (-e/-a) a re-growing, growing again

edhwierfan [] wv/t1b to return, retrace one’s steps

edhwierft2 [] m (-es/-as) 1. return to a place; 2. a returning, return, change, going back (to a former state of things), reverse, recovery from a condition; 3. return to a condition;

edisc [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) 1. an edish or aftermath; pasture; 2. enclosed pasture, park

edischenn [] f (-e/-a) quail, an edish-hen

ediscweard [] m (-es/-as) park-keeper, the keeper of edish, warren, gardener

edlǽcan1 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres edlǽceð past edlǽhte ptp edlǽht to repeat, renew

edlǽcung [] f (-e/-a) a repetition

edléan [] n (-es/-) reward, retribution, recompense, requital

edléanian [] wv/t2 to reward, recompense, renew, remit

edléanend [] m (-es/-) one who rewards, recompenses, remunerates

edléanung1 [] f (-e/-a) a rewarding, proper recompense, remuneration, retribution

edlesende1 [] adj relative, reciprocal

edlesendlic [] adj relative, reciprocal; adv ~líce

edlesung [] f (-e/-a) a relation, relating

edmǽle [] n (-es/-u) religious festival, a season which recurs

edmǽltíd [] f (-e/-e) festival time

edníwan [] adv anew, again

edníwe [] 1. adj new, renewed, again new; 2. adv anew, again

edníwian1 [] wv/t2 to renew, make new, restore, reform

edníwigend [] m (-es/-) restorer, repairer, renewer

edníwinga [] adv anew, again

edníwung1 [] f (-e/-a) a renewing, renewal, reparation, renovation

edreccan [] irreg wv/t1b to chew, ruminate

edrecedrocc [] m (-es/-as) the belching thing

edring [] f (-e/-a) refuge, return?

edroc [] m (-es/-as) gullet; rumination, ruminating, a chewing again, chewing the cud, consideration

edryne [] m (-es/-as) return, meeting

edsceaft [] f (-e/-a) new creation, new birth, regeneration; new creature

edsihð [] f (-e/-a) looking again, respect

edspellung [] f (-e/-a) recapitulation

edstaðelian1 [] wv/t2 to establish again, re-establish, restore

edstaðelig [] adj firm, strong

edstaðeligend1 [] m (-es/-) restorer

edstaðelung1 [] f (-e/-a) re-establishment, restoration, renewal, renewing, an establishing again

edþingung [] f (-e/-a) reconciliation

edwendan [] wv/t1b to return, desist from, cease, cease to affect, turn back

edwend2 [] f (-e/-a) a reverse, alteration, change, reversal, end

edwenden2 [] f (-e/-a) a reverse, alteration, change, reversal, end

edwendu [] f (-e/-a) a reverse, alteration, change, reversal, end

edwielle [] f (-an/-an) eddy, vortex, whirlpool; dizziness

edwihte? [] pron? something, anything

edwinde [] f (-an/-an) vortex, whirlpool, abyss, a winding again

edwind [] f (-e/-a) vortex, whirlpool, a winding again

edwist [] f (-e/-e) being, substance, existance; sustenance, food

edwistfull [] adj existing, substantial, substantive

edwistlic [] adj existing, subsisting, substantial, substantive

edwít [] n (-es/-) 1. a source or cause of disgrace; 2. disgrace, shame, blame incurred by a person; 3. blame directed against a person; (1) expressing disapproval; (2) expressingscorn, contempt; 4. an expression (1) of disapproval; (2) of scorn, contempt, approprious term; 5. an object of scorn; [original: reproach, shame, disgrace, scorn, abuse, blame, contumely]

edwítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres edwíteð past edwát/edwiton ptp edwiten to reproach, blame, upbraid

edwítful [] adj shameful, disgraceful, ignominious; adv ~líce disgracefully

edwítfullic [] adj disgraceful; adv ~líce disgracefully

edwítlíf [] n (-es/-) life of dishonor, a disgraceful life

edwítscipe [] m (-es/-as) disgrace, shame; cowardice

edwítsprǽc2 [] f (-e/-a) contemptuous speech, scorn

edwítspreca [] m (-n/-n) a blame-speaker, scoffer, coviller

edwítstæf2 [] m (-es/-stafas) a disgraceful letter, reproach, scandal, disgrace, dishonor

edwylm [] m (-es/-as) whirlpool of fire, heat of fire, burning heat

edwyrpan1 [] wv/t1b to amend, recover, revive, become better

edwyrpung [] f (-e/-a) recovery, a growing better, recovering

Éfe [] f (-an/-an) Eve

efen [] adj 1. even, equal, like; level; 1a. of sounds, harmonious, not discordant; calm, harmonious, equable; 2. unruffled, undisturbed; 3. equal, just, impartial; just, true; 4. equal, of like condition; 5. adv evenly; equally; exactly, just as, just so; quite, fully; namely; (1) with an adverb; ~ swá fela just as much; (2) with a numeral; ~ 60 just 60;

efen- [] same as Latin con-

efenámeten [] adj compared; past participle of efenmetan

efenapostol [] m (-es/-as) fellow-apostle

efenæðele [] adj equally noble

efenbehéfe [] adj equally useful or needful

efenbeorht2 [] adj equally bright

efenbisceop [] m (-es/-as) co-bishop

efenblissian [] wv/t2 to rejoice with, to rejoice equally

efenblíðe [] adj rejoicing with another

efenboren [] adj of equal birth

efenbrád [] adj equally broad, as broad as long; cmp ~brǽdra; spl ~brǽdost, ~brádost

efenbyrde [] adj of equal birth

efenceasterwaran [] m pl fellow-citizens

efencempa [] m (-n/-n) fellow-soldier

efencrísten [] adj fellow-Christian

efencuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres efencymð past efencóm/on ptp is efencumen to come together, convene, assemble together, agree

efendýre [] adj equally dear

efenéadig [] adj equally blessed

efeneald [] adj contemporary, coeval, of the same age; cmp ~ieldra; spl ~ieldest

efeneardigende [] adj dwelling together

efenéaðe [] adj equally easy

efenéce2 [] adj co-eternal

efenedwistlic [] adj consubstantial, of the same substance

efenéhð [] f (-e/-a) a plain, neighborhood?, neighboring district?

efenesne [] m (-es/-as) fellow-servant

efenetan [] sv/t5 3rd pres efeniteð past efenǽt/efenǽton ptp efeneten to eat as much as anyone

efenéðe [] adj just as easy

efenfela [] num adj just so many, so many, as many; (1) noun w.g. ; (2) as adj;

efenfréfran [] wv/t2 consolari

efenfréfrian [] wv/t2 consolari

efengedǽlan [] wv/t2 to share alike

efengeféon [] sv/t5 3rd pres efengefíehð past efengefeah/efengefǽgon ptp efengefegen to rejoice together, sympathize

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