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Contactless optical spray quality control

The SprayMaster inspex is a cost effective way of quantitatively measu-ring the spray pattern in very short measurement times with high repro-ducibility. It is the ideal testing tool for personal care, beauty & fragrance products, home care and similar sprays.


The number of tested samples per day can be significantly increased by a highly integrated measurement and data generation procedure.


The prealigned setup for a widely adjustable measurement plane reduces setup and product change time to a minimum.


All types of aerosol, non-aerosol and powder sprays, generated from spray pumps or pressurized containers are tested by a contactless optical me-thod simply using a sheet of light.



State of the art objective testing method

The optical spray patternation method is independent of the spray formulation: water, alcohol or oil based liquids, low- and high-viscosity, transparent and opaque, powders, all will be measured with the identical system. Computer based processing of spray images captured by the integrated camera removes any subjectivity arising from a human tester. This guarantees repeatable, operator independent results in a fraction of the time needed by manual or semi-automated testing methods.


The flexible design of the SprayMaster inspex system makes it ideally suited for routine spray characterization, from R&D applications through to product quality control and batch testing.



Quality Control



SprayMaster inspex components


The SprayMaster inspex system makes use of flexible optical light guides. The light source is located outside the spray region or testing compart-ment. This removes any electrical parts of the illumination from the spray.

4eye-safe illuminationfrom flash or LED lamps


4unique light sheet generation from fiber optics


4versatile setup


Compact cameras


A choice of compact cameras and lenses provides a small size and fixed setup. Watertight enclosures and protective air purge reduce contamination from the spray product to a minimum.


Optical spray plume analysis


In contrast to paper testing methods, optical spray analysis can take place in the direction of the spray propagation as well.


Either a light sheet will be projected coplanar to the spray plume, or a full field backlight illuminates the projection of the spray plume onto the camera.


Both configurations capture a direct image of the spray cone and measure the cone angle and its main axis direction.


Time resolved spray evolution


Using fast framing cameras, the SprayMaster inspex can record the spray stroke in slow motion. This allows a detailed time resolved analysis of every stage of the spray. The very first breakup and the spray end can show a behavior different from the average spray plume, with impact to the overall spray quality.



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