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The system of secondary education in Ukraine includes primary forms and junior and senior secondary forms. Children usually go to school at the age of 6 or 7. There are some preschool institutions, like nursery schools or kindergartens, but they are not obligatory. Primary forms comprise 1 to 4 forms. Junior secondary forms comprise 5 to 9 forms. After the 9th form children can enter technical schools of different types. Those who want to enter higher educational institutions should complete 10—11 forms. Students can also enter higher educational institutions after graduating from specialized colleges or lyceums.

Meals in Britain
In Britain breakfast is usually from seven to nine o’clock in the morning. For breakfast people prefer a bowl of corn flakes and a cup of tea or a piece of toast with marmalade or a yogurt and fresh fruit with coffee or tea.Tourists likes to order the traditional British breakfast. It starts with cereals with milk and fruit or fruit juice. Then they serve bacon, eggs, sausages, and some slices of tomato -all on one plane. After it there is a cup of tea or coffee with milk and toasts with butter and marmalade. Britons eat this big breakfast at weekends.Usually people have lunch from twelve and two o’clock. It lasts about 30-40 minutes.
For lunch many people eat a salads or a sandwich or a baked potato or beans on toast.Dinner is the main meal of the day. Usually people have it is the time between six and eight o’clock. Other dinner easiest of two courses-meat or fish and vegetables and then comes a desserts or pudding and, of course, tea.Besides, snacks and very popular. A snack in something you can eat quickly not to be hungry, for example, crisps, chocolate, biscuits and so on.




It allows people to works from home using their telephones, modems and computers and communicating with their employer and co-workers through the internet. Teleworking can make the way we work easier and less stressful, but at the sometime, it can course several problems. However, it allows employees to woks in the relaxed atmosphere of their homes. This means that they can plan their working day in a more productive and convenient way. Also, teleworking is less time-consuming. Finally, teleworking can have a positive effect on the environment. If people in large cities work from home be less traffic. But, some employees find it difficult to concentrate at home. This problem actually makes their work harder and more stressful. What is more, people who work at home may, feel lonely at times, because they are not involved in the everyday life of an office. This can lead to unhappihess and boredom.It may have a few disadvantages, but l believe it not only offers people the opportunity to work in a new and original way, but it benefits our environment too.



The environmental protection

People all over the world are worried about what is happening to the environment. Newspapers and magazines white about air pollution . They white than the Earth is our home and all people must take care of it. We must do everything possible to save the nature, to make our rivers and air clean. The importance of this task is pointed out by scientists. The branch out science that deals with the relation of living things the their environment is called ecology. From the point of view of ecology the mankind should first of all lessen pollution.Forest areas and nature parks are of great importance for people’s health it’s necessary to create nature perks. There are a lot of such barks in Ukraine. We have not only to protect them but to see that they multiply.

Considerable progress was made during the second half of the century: forest are as have been planted or replanted, millions of hectares of new forests are planted each year.The closed cycle use of water by industry was put into practice. Each factory purifies and reuses the some water, instead of taking more from river or lake. Most of the factories in the gas, iron, and steel industries now operate closed cycle water systems.Nature has its right, and it is the duty of man to respect and depend there rights.


Our life is impossible without travelling. Same people like to travel by train or by car, others prefer travel on business, other travel for pleasure/ Each way of travelling has its advantages and disadvantages.Of course, the fastest way of travelling is by comfortable and you can sit and read, look our of the window or sleep during the journey. True, it is very expensive to travel by plane and, besides, planes don’t fly in bed weather.Travelling by train is slower than by plane, but it also has its advantages. Modern trains have very comfortable seats in all passenger carriages. You can see of interesting things from carriage windows. Travelling by train doesn’t depend on weather at all. Ships are not so fast as plains are trains, but a sea voyage or a river trip is a very pleasant was of spending a holiday. On board the liner holiday ship or river boat you can visit different places in our country and abroad. In fine weather passengers can enjoy fresh air and the beauty of the sea. They can also swim in the pool and lie in the sun on the deck, some people don’t like this way of travelling because they feel sea-stick:No doubt when you travel by car, you have both speed and comfort. You need no tickets, you can go and stop wherever you wish. That in why, travelling by car is popular for pleasure trips.


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