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Match the words in the box with a suitable description (a-j)


Millions of consumers shop by mail. Mail-order shopping is convenient. Items may cost less, and some items may be available that are not available in local stores. However, mail-order shopping can also cause problems. Mail-order packages can arrive late, broken, or not at all.

According to federal law, you have a right to know when you can expect merchandise to be shipped. Sellers must comply with the promises in their ads (such as "will be rushed to you within a week"). If no ship-ping date is stated, the merchandise must be shipped within 30 days of the seller's receipt of your order. If the seller does not ship within 30 days, you have the right to cancel the order.

The Federal Trade Commission monitors compliance with the mail-order rule. This rule does not apply, however, to purchases made by telephone. With several cable television channels offering extensive opportunities for telephone shopping, some state legislatures are considering whether additional consumer protection laws are needed regarding home shop-ping.

Consumers should watch out for ads sent through the mail offering "free" items in exchange for subscriptions or memberships. Offers of free items almost always require a commitment to purchase other items in the future (for example, "four free books now if you purchase four more during the next year at the members' price"). Book and recording clubs often mail catalogs to members on a monthly basis.


• Be certain that the order form is filled out correctly and that all required information is provided.

• Pay by check or money order. Never send cash.

• Keep a copy of the order blank, the seller's name and address, and the date you sent in the order.

• Carefully read the product description. Note the promised delivery time.

• Carefully inspect all mail-order packages upon receipt to be sure that nothing is missing.

1. Find the equivalents of the following words and expressions in the text:

покупка товаров по почте; вызвать проблемы; доставить покупку; выполнить обещания; расторгнуть заказ; следить за выполнением правил торговли по почте; широкие возможности; быть осторожным; предлагать "бесплатные" товары; обязательство купить другие товары в будущем; бланк заказа; по получении

2. Answer the questions:

1. Why is mail-order shopping convenient? What problems can mail-order shopping cause?

2. What right do you have according to federal law?

3. How quickly must the merchandise be shipped if no shipping date is stated?

4. Who monitors compliance with the mail-order rule? Does this rule apply to purchases made by telephone?

5. Why should consumers watch out for ads sent through the mail offering "free" items in exchange for subscriptions or memberships? Have you ever received such ads?

6. Why is it not a good idea to send cash?

7. Why is it recommended to inspect carefully all mail-order packages upon receipt?

10. Have you ever bought anything by mail?

3. Read and discuss the following text:


One day, Barry received a package in the mail containing an electric knife from the Super-Knife Corporation. A letter was enclosed that said he was getting the knife for a free 10-day trial. Barry used it once and then forgot about it. Three weeks later, a bill came for $39.95. Must Barry pay?

Barry does not have to pay for the knife, nor does he have to return it. Under federal law, all unordered merchandise received by mail may be kept as a gift. Sending unordered merchandise is unlawful, and such activity should be reported to the U.S. Postal Service or the Federal Trade Commission. It is lawful to send free samples and to ask for charitable contributions, but the receiver of the goods cannot be forced to pay.


Shannon receives a mailing announcing a special introductory offer for persons who join a popular music club. As part of the promotion she can get six cassettes for only $1, plus shipping. In smaller print the offer says that she will also be required to purchase at least three cassettes per year for two years. The additional cassettes are sold at the club's regular members' price, plus shipping. The club publishes a catalogue of new releases every other month. The catalogue is mailed to each member with one cassette preselected. A member who does not want that cassette must return a card to the company within two weeks of receiving the catalogue. Otherwise the cassette will automatically be sent.

a. If Shannon takes advantage of this introductory offer, how many cassettes will she have to purchase?

b. What are the advantages and disadvantages of membership in this club?

4. Match the words on the left with the correct definition on the right:

convenient meet
ship an agreement to pay a sum of money
comply examine
monitor transport
subscription the state of belonging to a group
membership suitable
inspect observe


Match the words in the box with a suitable description (a-j).


a) You push this in the supermarket and fill it with food trolley

b) You are given this as proof of buying something

c) This tries to persuade you to buy something

d) You put money especially banknotes, in this

e) This person is in charge of a shop

f) You might make this before you go shopping

g) Leave this if you can't pay now but want to buy later

h) Do this if you want to get a better price

i) Coins are usually carried in this, especially by women

j) Read this to find descriptions of goods

5. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. Приобретение покупок по почте удобно, поэтому миллионы покупателей пользуются услугами фирм, торгующих по почте.

2. Но при приобретении покупок по почте могут возникнуть определенные проблемы.

3. Если покупка не доставлена в срок, покупатель имеет право расторгнуть сделку.

4. Есть законы, регулирующие совершение покупок по почте, однако это не относится к покупкам, совершенным по телефону.

5. Надо быть осторожным, если Вам предлагают какие-то "бесплатные" товары или услуги в обмен на обязательство купить другие товары в будущем.

6. При совершении покупки по почте необходимо внимательно прочитать описание товара, правильно заполнить бланк заказа и сохранить его, никогда не платить наличными, сразу же по получении товара тщательно проверить его.



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