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Translate the following words into Russian

employee, trainee, escapee, nominee, divorcee, appointee, addressee, detainee, deportee, licensee, interviewee.


1.40 Form new words using the suffix -ist. Translate into Russian.

Model: biology– биология – biologist– биолог

physics, psychology, science, technology, theory, piano, art, zoology, animal, public.

Answer the following questions.

1. What is a tourist?

2. What does an animalist draw?

3. What musical instrument does a violinist play?

4. Who are the well-known physicists of our days?

5. If something went wrong with your eyes. Which doctor would you go to?

6. What doctor treats teeth?

7. Can you define the word 'artist'?

8. Who writes plays?


1.42 Form nouns from the words by means of the suffixes -ian (-an,

-n). Translate into English.

Model: mathematics – математика – mathematician– математик

optics, library, practice, music, theoretic, tragedy, republic.


Complete the sentences.

1. A dietician is a doctor who ... .

2. A vegetarian is one who lives on ... .

3. A musician is one who ... .

4. A veterinarian is one who treats ... .

5. A magician is one who ... .

6. An academician is a member of ... .


1.44 Form nouns from the words by means of the suffixes -ant (-ent). Translate into English.

Model: inhabit – жить – inhabitant– житель

correspond, reside, depend, emigrate, protest, account, oppose.


1.45 Complete the sentences using the suffix -ant (-ent).

Model: One who expects something is an expectant

1. One who occupies something is ... .

2. One who consults anybody is ... .

3. One who informs anybody is ... .

4. One who registers something is ... .

5. One who enters some educational establishment is ... .

6. One who applies for something is ... .

7. One who takes part in a contest is ... .

8. One who complains against anything or anybody is ... .

1.46 Form nouns from the words by means of the suffixes -er, -ee,

-ist, -ess, -ian, -ant (-ent). Translate into English.

sympathize, reside, rescue, reform, academic, medal, conduct, break, canoe, instruct, claim, consult, export.



Cуществительные с уменьшительными суффиксами

-ie dog собака doggie собачка
-ette kitchen кухня kitchenette кухонька
-let book книга booklet брошюра

Translate into English.

girlie, auntie, kiddie, lassie, streamlet, townlet, ringlet, dinette, cloudlet.


Match column A with column B.


audibility cordiality recognition current dictionary core corpus course prediction education congratulation library recorder dominance prescription spectator fracture similarity pressure justice сердечность поток признание слышимость словарь свод законов предсказание ядро обучение течение регистратор поздравление господство библиотека рецепт трещина давление зритель справедливость сходство


1.49 Change each word in brackets to complete the sentence, for example:

I’ve got an invitation to a party tonight. (INVITE)

The words end in -er, -ing or -tion.

1. We have an electric … in our kitchen (COOK)

but my mother has gas.

2. My office is in a big … near the bus station. (BUILD)

3. Have you got any … about flights to Los Angeles? (INFORM)

4. What's the … of the word "exhausted"? (MEAN)

5. The … of the book is good but it gets boring. (BEGIN)

6. I'm going to town to do some … . (SHOP)

7. We went to an interesting … of old cars (EXHIBIT)

at a large house in the country.

8. Have you got a … I can put my jacket on? (HANG)

9. I'm afraid … is not permitted in this room. (SMOKE)

10. We made this ice-cream with our own (MAKE)

ice-cream … .


11. Stop! Come back! You're going in the wrong …! (DIRECT)

12. What time does the … start this evening? (MEET)

13. Juan bought a Spanish … of (TRANSLATE)

Animal Farm.

Read the international words and fill in the table.

Russian suffixes English words English suffixes



evolution, productivity, chronology, corrosion, history, artillery, temperature, antipathy, illustration, ceremony, elasticity, procedure, anarchy, culture, intensity, discussion, symphony, biography, exploitation, autonomy, dynasty, expropriation, symmetry, anthology, emancipation, accumulation, exposition, plasticity, radioactivity, mixture, commission, vibration, interpretation, procession, session.



Unit 2

Adjective Suffixes

суффиксы значение примеры
-less отсутствие качества use польза useless бесполезный
-ish качество, признак, страна, национальность child Poland ребёнок Польша childish Polish детский польский
-ible/able признак, причинность, соответствие to suit   to flex подходить   гнуть suitable   flexible подходящий гибкий
-ly наличие качества, свойства friend друг friendly дружествен-ный
-like качество, свойство dream мечта dreamlike фантастичес-кий
-ary (-ory) качество, свойство example образец exemplary образ-цовый
-ic наличие качества, свойства atom атом atomic атом-ный
-al (-ical) наличие качества, свойства centre центр central центральный
-ive наличие качества: decision решение decisive решающий
-ous обозначающие наличие качества, свойства number число nume-rous многочисленный
-en наличие качества, свойства gold золото golden золотой
-ian страна, национальность Canada Канада Canadian канадс-кий


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