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A) I went to the theater with my sister

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D) goes, walks, shares, shines

e) go, went, going, gone, goes

2. Choose the lexeme

a) watches, has watched, has been watching, will watch

b) length, long, lengthen

c) cover, discover, recover

d) cruel, cruelty

e) goes, walks, shares, shines

3. The smallest naming unit is a

a) phoneme

b) morpheme

C) word

d) sentence

e) text

4. The smallest distinctive unit is a

a) phoneme

b) morpheme

c) word

d) sentence

e) text

5. The smallest communication unit is a

a) phoneme

b) morpheme

c) word

D) sentence

e) text

6. Find the morphemes

a) [Λ], [i], [m]

b) [au], [ou]

C) re-, -full, -less

d) ruined, crying, goes

e) go away, feel good, throw away

7. Choose the lexeme

a) go, will go, is going, has gone, went

b) goes, cries, walks, gives

c) has seen, has found, has built

d) time, timeless

e) give, give up, give away

8. Choose the grammeme

a) see, seen, saw

b) ship, friendship, citizenship

c) statement, agreement

d) has found, will find, had found

E) will see, will find, will do

9. A means of forming and storing ideas as reflections of realty and exchanging them in the process of human intercourse is

a) word

b) sentence

c) grammar

D) language

e) text

10. Choose the phonemes

a) [Λ], [i], [m]

b) b, c, l, p

c) de, -ment, -ship

d) sky, here, find

e) take after, fly away


1. Find a word which is not the stem

a) You are behaving in a childish way

b) I’ve decided to retry

c) We have just moved to a new house

d) After five hours of work the workers were really famished

e) The factories produce harmful gases

2. Find stem among underlined words

a) I washed the floor yesterday

B) You should reread this article

c) He is having his dinner

d) I will have finished till two o’clock

e) We will be dancing tomorrow evening

3. Find the derivative stem

a) Length

b) Go away

c) Colour

d) Forget-me-not

e) Toolbox

4. Find the composite stem

a) Look

B) See off

c) Baby-sitter

d) Recall

e) Background

5. Compound stem

a) Look after

b) Redirect

c) Illegal

d) Instead of

E) Narrow-minded

6. Word(s) where “out-“ serves as a prefix

a) Go out

b) Time-out, knock-out

c) Outing

D) Outline, outlook

e) Out

7. Lexico-grammar word morphemes

a) Il-, im-

b) -ish, -hood

c) -less, -full

D) -ing, -ed

e) Away, down, up

8. The morphemes which are opposed to each other

a) Overt-replacive

b) Additive-empty

C) Free-bound

d) Additive-free

e) Covert-continuous

9. A word with an overt morpheme

a) River

b) Tooth

C) Skirts

d) Deer

e) Sheep

10. Zero morpheme

a) Free

b) Bound

c) Overt

D) Covert

e) Empty


1. Analytical grammatical forms

a) Help-helps

b) See-saw

c) Arm-arms

D) Show-will show

e) Tooth-teeth

2. Inner inflexion

a) Help-helps

b) Learn-learned

c) Arm-arms

d) Show-will show

E) Tooth-teeth

3. Outer inflexion

a) Goose-geese

B) Call-called

c) Catch-caught

d) Go-gone

e) Foot-feet

4. “Go-went” is a(n)

a) Inner inflexion

B) Suppletion

c) Outer inflexion

d) Suffixation

e) Analytical means of form-building

5. Syntactical grammatical forms

A) Bed-beds

b) Has come-come

c) Show-will show

d) Go-have gone

e) Scream-was screaming

6. Find suppletion

A) Good-better

b) Foot-feet

c) Shoot-shoots

d) Shine-was shining

e) Ox-oxen

7. Two basic types of means with the help of which grammatical forms are built:

a) neutralization and transposition

b) common features and differential features

c) oppositional reduction and oppositional substitution

D) synthetical and analytical

e) outer inflexion and inner inflexion

8. Two types of oppositional reduction

a) oppositional reduction and oppositional substitution

b) synthetical and analytical

C) neutralization and transposition

d) common features and differential features

e) outer inflexion and inner inflexion

9. Find suppletion

a) Tooth-teeth

b) Child-children

c) Woman-women

D) Go-went

e) Call-called

10. Choose the gradual opposition

a) See-saw-seen

b) Find-will find

c) Book-books

D) Good-better-the best

e) Foot-feet

11. Among the underlined words choose the strong member of the opposition

a) Numbers-number

b) Follow-follows

c) Letter-letters

d) Care-cares

E) Big-bigger-the biggest

12. Identify nomination paradigms with verbal derivational perspectives

A) to suppose —supposition — supposed — supposedly

b) clear — clarity — to clarify — clearly

c) out — outing — to out — outer

d) small - smaller – the smallest

e) power — to empower — powerful — powerfully

13. Suffixation is a(n)

A) Outer inflexion

b) Inner inflexion

c) Suppletion

d) Analytical means of from-building

e) Sound interchabnge


1. Find the functional part of speech

a) Noun

b) Adjective

c) Pronoun

D) Preposition

e) Adverb

2. Functional part of speech

a) Merely

b) Bigger

C) Into

d) Fall

e) Fly

3. Notional part of speech

a) The

b) But

c) Perhaps

d) Hurrah

E) Almost

4. Notional part of speech

a) Interjection

b) Preposition

c) Conjunction

D) Pronoun

e) Article

5. A word expressing the connection of phenomena

a) Interjection

b) Preposition

C) Conjunction

d) Pronoun

e) Article

6. A word, expressing emotion, belonging to the functional part of speech

a) Of

b) The

c) Instead of

D) Hurrah

e) But

7. Find the ordinal number

a) Four fifth

b) Five hundred

c) Four

D) Fifteenth

e) Twenty

8. Find a naming word

A) A blanket

b) To feel

c) In the course of

d) But

e) Wow

9. A word expressing an action

A) To dance

b) Honestly

c) Well

d) They

e) Who

10. A word, replacing a noun

a) Change

b) Feeling

c) Often

D) She

e) Instead of


1. Find a sentence with a verb in indicative mood

a) I went to the theater with my sister.

b) Go to the doctor!

c) I would come if I had a wish.

d) Find the key

e) Try to understand me

2. Choose a sentence with a verb in the 3d person singular form

a) We spent three hours in the swimming pool

b) You need this book

C) She comes here every day

d) They gave us this map

e) I see my friends very often

3. The verb in active voice form

a) The car was washed yesterday

b) The car will be bought soon

c) The car is being repaired

d) The car is driven by my brother

E) The goes very fast

4. The verb in passive voice form

a) I used to meet him very often

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